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Woman Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : Inspirational and motivational spoken word lyrics about and for the African/Black Woman

check the tempo

contact me at facebook kamalsupreme

Description : its free dont ask me do what you want im just a great great artist that is beyond dong this to try and survive or even get paid I know im respected as an artist you could just say im part of the artist guild but no mix this in deep house or somethin man or woman

Tags : 100 bpm | Funk | 2.16 MB | Male | Singing

Description : I sang two different styles of the same verses..
From my ditty shallow woman

Description : Hot Techno-House Dance Song with tight metaphorical lyrics comparing heaven to a beautiful woman that the rapper wants to visit!
By Kamal Supreme

Check the tempo

contact me on facebook kamalsupreme

rezawrectaz music ascap

Tags : 104 bpm | Soul | 669.49 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Bad Woman by Shamoozey. BPM 104. Get in touch to use commercially.

Description : American Woman. 115 BPM. Chords: E, A, ?
Please (Ft. Shamoozey) in your TITLE remix and get in touch for commercial use. Cheers!

Tags : 95 bpm | Blues | 1.50 MB | Male | Singing

Description : A Shamoozey original 'Lay My Woman Down'. 95 BPM.
Suit blues, slow rock or gospel genres. Please Ft. Shamoozey in your 'title' remix.
Get in touch for commercial release of this a capella.

Tags : 115 bpm | Pop | 1.20 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Keeping the upbeat flow going here at 115 BPM 'Pretty Woman'
is another original acapella/jingle by Shamoozey and would make a good
'engagement' song with the right kind of music.
Please Ft. Shamoozey in your 'title' remix.
Get in touch for commercial release of this a capella.

Tags : 100 bpm | Blues | 1.74 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'Honey I Got You'. 100bpm.. Original deep voice acapella by Shamoozey.
Nice mush mush sentiment on this pellar, in a bluesy upbeat tempo kinda way!.
Please (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title remix. Please also,,
get in touch for purchase of this acapella or any Shamoozey vocals..........
NEWS FLASHER: If there are any female acapella singers would like to join me/collab on this track, be my guest and post your addition here on Looperman. It was really written for a woman! Really! I'm sure some producers will pick it up and turn it into a hit song with a music label.

Description : Asta Manana is another Shamoozey original acapella. BPM 100. Key?
Its a sad story about a man leaving a woman with ups and downs. Boy meets girl, girl is crazy, boy leaves! Whats new, right?

Not sure what genre? Maybe trip-hop or something Mexican. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released"
for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.

Tags : 90 bpm | Blues | 2.19 MB | Male | Singing | Key : E

Description : Just an idea. Please credit me if you use.

Tags : 71 bpm | Hip Hop | 2.12 MB | Male | Rapping

Description : all genre are allowed
song about a woman and Music

Tags : 120 bpm | Rock | 2.41 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'This mighty fine woman is fine' and mine at 120BPM, don't know key!
Could be rock, blues, jazz, or whatever. A contract must be signed before any and all Shamoozey Acapellas/Vocals are "officially released"
for public consumption or monetary gain by DJs/Producers/Labels etc.

Tags : 100 bpm | Pop | 50.61 KB | Female | Rapping

Description : French woman voice, in english lyrics: My name is Marion, I hope we will meet soon

Description : a woman that can roll a blunt im singing i do this allday
a mans dream lady all genre allowed

Description : This funky song by Shamoozey could be about a guy that murders his woman on a snowy mountain, but its not!. BPM 120. Key Am. Chords Am, G, D

Description : A deep love song by Shamoozey called "comin out of my head". Did your woman ever tell you that you were not paying enough attention to her? That's what this song is about! Not sure if they have a "crazy" genre on LM but....... anyway the BPM 120. Key of "C"

Description : This song about the mythical woman who attracts with its beauty and charming voice travelers, knocking them out of the way.

Description : Spoken Word and Hip Hop Fusion talking spitting and transmitten the truth about the state of the black man, woman and child with a cold freestyle by no other than the premier spoken word poet Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme Amen

Description : Here's a new original i just wrote. Its called "if i" Its about a man waiting for his woman to be released from prison. I know you will let me know if you use it in your project. Thanks!

Description : A song about a woman being raped and her punishment in Medieval times.

Description : How did I get here? Life is a mystery, not a consequence of some master equation. Or maybe, not . Might suit a few genres. If you can use just credit me in the title track.

Description : Man meets woman, woman meets man, first man bye bye.
Snake in grass tempting, M and Eve. Need an apple, I've lost it. Praise the Lord!

Description : A Funny acapella about a woman trying to kill her husband.

Description : an impro on impro keys (wurly F#m-G-bridgeA) singing and playing at the same time. no justification, but this could explain why the voice is not always perfecty in-tone. the story in short is about a separation between a man and a woman. (medium qwality)

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