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Description : wheres the change in my life and when is it coming.

Description : This is from a speech.
What is your purpose in life? Always examine yourself and keep joy in your heart. You have what it takes to live your destiny.

Motivational speaker Kamal Imani

Description : a short vocal sketch ..wet

Description : This acapella is inspired by "Fuck Love" Song from Xxxtentacion. It's in B-min key. That song was in C min. So...

Description : First part wet layered second part dry split

Description : Life is bigger than ..


Description : C# Maj Key

When something's happening in your life , but you feel that exact same thing has happened before?
Deja Vu!
May be in your dream, may be not!

Description : a different spin on the same chorus of my original acapella. all wet.

Description : Fmaj in 90 BPM
Reverbs and Delay

Description : Sad Vibe

Description : (This was a spontaneous song. Not sure if you can do anything with the piano in the background.. but thought I'd offer it!)

Hello and thank you for listening!


Please send me a link to hear your project, but /don't/ put my name in the title. Contact me if you have questions. Thanks!

I love ambient, cinematic, and chill genres. And melodic, uplifting trance - the kind that almost feels like the ocean.

Description : If you use this acap, please call it "Ksufus & MXZT- Life is Fluky (yourname Remix)", mention in the description my SC\Ig (@ksufus) and share the link here in the comments.
Check out the original song on my SoundCloud=)

To release these vocals or use some other way commercially, please contact me to discuss details.

Description : Wet and dry

Description : Closest Key C# min, Can be linked with E Maj Key as well. BPM-170 or 85.
Talks about the unpredictable nature of the world, How one thinks that he got the world figured out and then "LIFE" happens. And that is the true reality.

Description : Something semi-new to bring some life back to my account. It's a little dark but has enough parts to use for electronic or EDM.

It's set up with:
Ghosted Intro Chorus/Verse/Chorus (regular)/Verse/Chorus (empty)

Chords I think I used are G Bb F C for chorus and G Bb C for the verses.

Description : Wet and dry

Description : For inquiries & custom verses email me. Email on profile page. BPM is 86.50

Original track - youtube/MCNorad

Description : BUY A COMMERCIAL LICENSE for this acapella or any one of my vocals by visiting the website found on my profile! View the link for an example:

Description : Sync with my beat same name

Description : Just email me or comment below if you would like to use for profitable use.

Description : I got caught sellin back in the day. Figured I'd make a track talkin about all of the BS ya gotta deal wit when you're in that life. Let me know what you think of it, and what ya do wit it!

Description : D# Minor Key.
Game of Thrones Finale Season 8 was disappointing but Arya Stark's character was always strong. She even killed the Night King. So I had to say a verse about her.

Description : New song

Description : F# minor
Sung in higher octave than usual.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 207
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