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Tags : | RnB | 5.98 MB | Studio One

Description : From an AAP pella

Tags : | Rap | 6.11 MB | Studio One

Description : Vocals-Across-by-officialkmsr
Drums-808s dreams by-RandomAccessData
Guitar-Afrobeat guitar loop-benin-demo by-Negusfirst
Mixed and produced by Gadgetland Music Factory
Thank you for providing the talent to this mix !

Description : put together the beat then found the treat with VashElite catchy little number hope you like it !

Tags : | Rap | 6.59 MB | Studio One

Description : several looperman loops

Tags : | RnB | 8.09 MB | Featured | Studio One

Description : thank you Ali Amelia,your vocals dropped in perfect with the beat i made

Description : Public service announcement !

comedy rendition of a fake commercial of a fake company
called the I.T.C.H. institute !
the institute for treatment of chlamydia and herpes!

back in the day my old roommate had a nightmare that his
lower region was green ! and he found a magic lamp, wishes.
genie , the whole bit ! made a wish to have the green removed,
and poof everything vanished !
waking up instantly and after some searching, relieved that it was just a dream, he had told me about the dream, and i suggested that we make a public service announcement!

"Be careful where you play my friends'

Johnny Gadget
Gadgetland Music Factory

Tags : | Rock | 3.03 MB | Adult Content

Description : (LYRICS)

Train track Sally was a helluva girl
she lived up on the mountain
In her own little world
She'd come into town every month or so
Straight to the depot she would go
She'd get up on the tracks
Looking far and wide
bearing her soul
you could see inside
She lost her man
and he's been gone for a spell
The towns folk gathered and said what the hell

Train Track Sally Your looking for your man
and that's alright
Train Track Sally When you find him
It'll feel Just Right

Well it's not like nothing
That they haven't tried
They got up on the tracks
and they took a ride
She stood up tall and was understood
It might have been kinky
but it was good

Train Track Sally Your looking for your man
and that's alright
Train Track Sally When you find him
It'll feel Just Right

She staggered up the hill
With her supplies
knowing damn well she had been baptized
So if your in town
and there's a crowd on the track
Join right in
but watch your back

Train Track Sally Your looking for your man
and thats alright
Train Track Sally When you find him
It'll feel Just Right

Tags : | Blues | 3.48 MB

Description : Here is another Love song for My Little Rita Hottie !

Tags : | Rock | 3.15 MB | Adult Content

Description : this was a song I wrote about ten years ago or more? I had this up in a different version, then pulled it because I uploaded it on in a contest to win $5,000 well the competition was intense! I really didn't have the time to produce a full blown music video! just me on my cam singing it, almost everybody else had a professionally done video, I didn't make it to the top ten! "Bummer" but that is OK! it is funny as hell, and all my friends and family request it at the cook outs and campfires!

Tags : | Blues | 4.82 MB

Description : Barry morgan blue tooth comp with a little gadget thrown in ! and a special cameo from my girlfriend Rita in her looperman debut as ...
(Kimmie) the pissed off girlfriend in this saga of regret! thanks Barry ! We both had fun with this one!
Johnny G. and Rita Hotttie

Tags : | Ambient | 2.32 MB

Description : Some people believe in UFOS and believe that alien abduction is possible is this song a true story? "I will let you decide" (Enjoy!)

Tags : | Glitch | 1.69 MB

Description : Travishuckins glitch comp entry called aphexuation! never knew this genre existed till now really different ! had a blast creating this one all Travishuckins loops

Tags : | Blues | 1.79 MB

Description : all done in house,wanted to fabricate a multi piece band playing outdoors live for aprox. 2000 to 3000 people. the only instrument i
played was the lead guitar track everything else is fabricated !


Tags : | Jazz | 3.78 MB

Description : instrumental jazzy thingy, i played lead guitar,and harmonica solo
well actually it's one big harmonica solo! the harp portion was done in ONE take. "one of my all time favorites !"
head phones on and turn it up !!

Tags : | Weird | 1.45 MB

Description : some old samples,a few loopermans,3ft. graphics,1/2 doz. capt. +
cokes,mix well and serve !

Tags : | Blues | 5.46 MB

Description : old school mix, using band in a box. lead guitar,vocals,harps,all
mine. we all remember our 1st vehicle, the one that our parents
said we couldn't have! the one they were sure we were not ready for. kinda like kelso's van on that 70,s show.
(Dude is that freedom rock?, Turn it up man!)

Tags : | Blues | 5.78 MB

Description : This one I did many years ago,old school (band in a box) yea I
know more midi (~chimp~) .dedicated to a good friend of mine, Mr.B.Ricci Jr., who's keyboard talent left me scratching my head and picking my jaw off of the floor.The spoken word vocals, harmonica are me, the rest is band in a box, the keyboard synth lead was already in the mix, too cool to take out! The non dominate piano leads were actually done on the computer keyboard by me (a setting that actually let you play along )

Tags : | Rock | 1.59 MB

Description : took a few minutes and threw this together ! would appreciate some feed back from the loopsters

Tags : | Funk | 2.00 MB

Description : Assasyn17 wanted to collaborate! any one else wanna get in on the band wagon come and get it ! splice and dice, cut and slice,mix down,mix up, add some, take some away? no rules, just keep some of the original to be somewhat recognized. and lets see where it goes. just title it collaboration: i.e. (next number)

Tags : | Weird | 2.49 MB

Description : Thanks Eshar had fun with this one! a little over the top but,
that's how i roll. more clips than a Jewish circumcision clinic! just a
little kosher humor, no offense

Tags : | Funk | 1.75 MB

Description : I noticed a bunch of funk getting uploaded, thought I would jump on the funk bus and take a ride! A few loopermans, the rest straight out of the warehouse; a deep cavernous pit where lays a monsterous cache of sounds and samples; Gadgetland Music Factory!

Tags : | Dub | 1.59 MB

Description : chimpyguy collab. not sure if this will post under your deadline
but had fun with this one thanks nice challenge!
Gadgetland Music Factory,
Johnny Gadget

Tags : | Ethnic | 1.68 MB

Description : this number was compiled for a woman in Florida, she is a belly dancer and was competing in the Florida state championship, and she needed a song trimmed. I trimmed the song for her, and also sent her this song, she decided to use it for her competition and placed second, winning a silver medal ! Here is the link to the you tube performance if you would like to see it.

Tags : | Funk | 2.38 MB

Description : I'll tell ya what fellow loopermen; everyone here is settting the bar with an amazing conglomeration of talent and ability ! Although after
staring at the looperman avatar I had a dream that fuel prices fell to an all time low and I unveiled my '67 Cuda fastback with the hemi of course ! and i took a long cruise into my mind scape on a highway straight to Gadgetland !

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.23 MB

Description : This song done entirely with loops and samples, sang by me.
The lyrics composed by a friend Chad Cerreto. (also known as "Train wreck chad' @ a heartfelt rendition of a guitarist standing at the pearly gates and getting a second chance on life to right some wrongs and getting to live another day .

Tracks 1 - 25 of 48