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Description : Just me doing that creepy vocal drone thing through some effects.

Description : A nice 90's down tempo groove just add moody vocals.

Description : A solid Drum and Bass groove.

Description : This was built with Spark. I added a little swing for flavor.

Description : A Hammer Dulcimer Loop. The instrument was played through dub delays to build the wonderful full loop you hear.

Description : A trance synth pad, great for a breakdown.

Description : A twisted throat chant vocal ready for dubstepness

Description : So this falls into that enigmatic category of drum/groove loop as I ran Battery through Reaktor to influence both pitch and filtering to achieve the desired's kind of an all or nothing live dj type thing.

Description : This was made with FM8 run through nXtasy to add the wonderful grit. Just a creepy electro sound.

Description : Just an Ethereal Sounding background thingy. Good if you want to just space out man. (also sounds cool under the influence of gates or sidechain compressors.)

Description : A Jean Michel Jarre style synth pad made with the super cool Polaris FM Synth from Stephan V (on the NI Reaktor synth community)

Description : This is a Massive Attack style trip hop loop. If you put it to a heavy Rap/Trip Hop beat and you will have something pretty evil sounding.

Description : This melody reminds me of those old B&W films where the villain tied the damsel to the's ok she always got out all right, some dudley-do-right looking dude would save her.

Description : Just messing around with some Roland Super JX type sounds and came up with this fun little riff.

Description : A bit of a mish-mosh of sounds from a reaktor step seq.

Description : Could be used for a breakdown or massive backing. I used the Avatar synth for this

Description : This may seem off sync until you drop it next to a trance beat and then the fun begins.

Description : Space, Space, Wanna go to Seriously folks this one is super cool on D&B or trance...anytime you need that huge breakdown with enough space to hold billions and billions of stars.

Description : This may sound odd at first but put it against a drum and bass beat and it creates a sweet backdrop.

Description : Attack of the wobblers...Lazer Bass VS Dusk VST

Description : A glitch bass with some vowel animations

Description : This was made with Massive and a talk-box via Guitar Rig.

Description : Just an odd percussive voice clip that's been all mangled, twisted, stepped on a few times..left outside the igloo....ya know.

Description : In the style of "Pretty Lights" a degraded brass part with a vinyl feel, the track however is original.

Description : A retro sounding bass-line with some intentional grit

Loops 1 - 25 of 72
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