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Tags : | Trance | 9.27 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This track has a little bit of many styles; Trance, Dub and Reggaeton all blended together.

The two Dubstep beats were built on looperman beats "Sudden Death 3" & "Introduccckkt"

The main synths used were the NI Razor, Alchemy and Genesis

I decided to post it up here as I know there are a lot of great vocalists on here and I am considering doing another couple vocal tracks in the upcoming months; if your interested feel free to drop me a note.

Anyway thanks for checking it out. I hope to add some beats to the library's once it's allowed again like the old site...I have lots.

Tags : | Cinematic | 6.52 MB

Description : A "Mass Effect" inspired piece of music that was released in April of 2011. I did have some ties to "Mass Effect 2" as the piece of club music playing in the lower club "afterlife" is a track I composed named Lo-Fi epic.

Since I had a contact at Bioware I had even submitted the track to be considered for a place Mass Effect 3; the director liked the track but it never showed up in ME3; Too bad to since there was a great moment at the end of the "Geth" war for the character Tali'Zorah that this would have fit well in. So the track remains nothing more than another piece of fan art.

From a musical standpoint "Zorah's Fire" really is not that complex but from a sound design standpoint creating the sound scape of this track with a huge arry of VST synths was quite the challenge. I used a number of synthesizers from HG Fortune on this namely "Avatar" and "Protoplasm TSM" , I tried to stay in that same tonal sound-scape as the Jack Wall score but still add a little signature style.

Tags : | Cinematic | 5.48 MB

Description : The best way to describe this track is classical meets modern electronica.

I am very excited about this piece as I really went deep into the cinematic side of things.

As for the title and cover...well I have always been fascinated with Angels and Samandiriel is the angel of imagination.

Special thanks to:
Kenny Lee & LoopsLab

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.92 MB

Description : My track "Breaking Pandora" was featured on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 video game soundtrack (Wii/360/PS3).

I was asked a couple times what the title meant when I turned over the score for integration; prior to the project I hadn't written much music and spent weeks listening to specific styles of music on Pandora Radio to get an idea of what to write for this game. The title was in reference to breaking free of just listening and finally writing a piece of music.

Perhaps the greatest inspiration for this score was Kate Bush's "Running Up that Hill" that gave me the idea for the heavy cadence rhythm track (created with Reaktor's Limelight).

The prominent synth used in this cue was one called Zeta that is a VST for Sonar. This synthesizer offered up some beautiful pads and running arpeggios. The string section was created with the Miroslav sample library. The main piano was from NI Kontakt.

Of all the tracks I wrote for the Tiger game, this one I feel was the most haunting; it's melody and soundscape remind me of old school Tangerine Dream tracks.

Tags : | Electronic | 8.57 MB

Description : My original intent was to make this a complextro track, however after building the intro I really got into the melodic side of things and decided to try something radically different. The final piece is not based on any game theme per say but rather is a strong nod toward traditional game composition in terms of melody and tonal nature.

Tags : | Dance | 8.19 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured

Description : A vocal trance project with some very cool sounds and beats. This one took a while to put together check it out.

Vocals by: Bernice Chaberier

Tags : | Techno | 7.06 MB

Description : This evil little trance track made an appearance on the NASCAR KART Racing soundtrack for the Nintendo Wii in 2009.

This was put together primarily with sounds created from Native Instruments Reaktor 5, and Kontakt 2.

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.27 MB

Description : This is for the open "Dishonored" video game remix competition that I posted about in the Competition Forums. Bethesda provided the stems to everyone (there still on the page if you're interested )

I learned about the contest really late so this was one of those "be creative Now!" one night remixes.

I did use one loop from our community:

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 6.64 MB

Description : First off credit to HMNN for this awesome loop that kickstarted this whole track:

The style of this was inspired by Amon Tobin as I have been listening to a lot of his stuff lately.

This is my demo track for the 8DIO Sample Library "Free Radicals" . The majority of the ambient, bass and sound effect elements in this track are sounds from that library.

I was one of the sound designers who contributed to the "Free Radicals" crowd sourcing project.

The sounds I made for the instrument :

Parasitical Risers - Long - Key F1 (sounds like a Tibetan Chant)

Bacterial Hits - Shot - Bank 1 - D2 (The fan hit)

Rhythmic - E0 (A gated metal loop sound)

Parasitical Risers - Short - D#1 (sounds like mystic bells)

I was a great project, quite different than my normal video game sound design work.

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.51 MB

Description : Just a balled I played on a K2500 a while back. It has a guitar like quality but it was just part of the delay effect.

Tags : | Ethnic | 5.37 MB

Description : This one is a little different than some of my other tracks as it almost has a retro 70 rock vibe about it near the end.

What makes this one interesting is the complete core of this track aside from the drums and Indian voice samples is that it was all made with the HG Fortune "Fortune Cookie" VST. The synth was recently released for free at: and is a lot of fun to mess with so I highly recommend giving it a try.

The sounds used from the synth:
Fortune Cookie - Lead: Patch 62 – Modified
Fortune Cookie - 28 Little Ghost
Fortune Cookie - 61 Red Devil
Fortune Cookie - 48 Ensemble Soleil Levant
Fortune Cookie - 47 Jazz Rock Bass DS
Fortune Cookie - 69 Voxy Satlead (run through guitar amp/distortion)
Fortune Cookie - 84 Trancy Pad 2
Fortune Cookie - 90 Hunter of Darkness
Fortune Cookie - 12 Spoon Lead

Tags : | Dance | 8.91 MB | Colab Request

Description : This is my first collaboration offering, this track seriously needs vocals. I wrote this early last year and had envisioned a freestyle rap style over the TB303 parts with a female singing a hook in the dubstep part. I think the track is has too much potential to gather dust on my HD so here you all go. Let me know if you come up with anything.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.13 MB

Description : Let me kick this off by saying this composition is “Fan Art” for Mass Effect, in the realm of Overclocked Remix; It’s not like an actual part of any project. I did a previous version of this track in a one synth challenge a while back; I loved the end theme of that so much I decided to rebuild the track with a fuller sound.

I just got done playing the Citadel DLC in ME3 and remembered why I liked Bioware games so much. I decided to go all out on this one and put a few nods to the composers of the trilogy; also a nod to one of the composers that long ago inspired me to get into electronic music…Jean Michel Jarre.

If this does get heard by the peeps at Bioware…consider this a gift to you, it’s yours if you want it because the game has been a big inspiration to me.

To all the other fans of the Mass Effect series…cheers!

Synths used:
HG Fortune Astral Dreamer x 2
Ummet Ozcan Genesis
IK Miroslav
East West Symphonic Choir
NI Absynth 5
Camel Audio – Alchemy x 2
NI Massive
NI Reaktor 5

Composed in (ironically)
Cockos Reaper 4.5

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.89 MB

Description : Thanks to MINOR2GO for the guitar loop, obviously a major influence to this. I created this track for a video I was working on for a group that supports adopted children from China.

I love working with choir sounds as that was one of my favorite part of musical studies.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.39 MB

Description : The keep is a soundtrack to a 3d walk-through I did of Fort Clinch State Park near Amelia Island Florida. There's some pretty interesting movements in this piece that broken out into about three major parts . Unlike the other two fort soundtracks this one is way more theme based and less pure sound design.

Synthesizers used on this score:
HG Fortune STS 24
HG Fortune Scrapes Wizard 2 Pro
Native Instruments Reaktor
Native Instruments Battery 3
Native Instruments AbSynth 5
Native Instruments Kontack 4 -Sound Iron Olympus
Tube Ohm - Pure P
Camel Audio Alchemy
U-HE Zebralette

Tags : | Ambient | 8.05 MB

Description : Barrancas was used as a soundtrack to a 3D YouTube video I shot of the same name exploring the Historic Fort Barrancas. This is the second piece that I have created of this nature; both have been quite interesting to work on. These compositions are certainly more about the textures of sounds more than anything else, I consider it more sound sculpting than traditional composing.

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