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29th Apr 2009 06:23 -  15 years ago
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Description : Hubris played out once if I remember correctly. Of course, I'm in AZ at this hot moment so a reunion is possible. Except that Cynda's dead.
28th Apr 2009 21:00 -  15 years ago
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Description : Suggestion for new genre: ethnotronic. I ain't no tsingh but I do like Crystal. And multimeter.
28th Apr 2009 20:54 -  15 years ago
Description : Pardon the artifacts. Maybe I could dull 'em with eq but I can't really fix 'em since the original's on the other side of the planet. Don't listen with headphones and you'll never know.
21st Jul 2008 09:52 -  15 years ago
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Description : Entirely made of GarbageBand loops. I done found a bug! The aleatoric bassline that comes in after that second industrial madness which I copied to the very end (for your pleasure) was created by the Mac, don't blame me...
10th Jul 2008 08:57 -  15 years ago
Description : Drums Yust, TravisHuckins, Dj_fred_val
Keys TravisHuckins, Psychotropic_Circle, MrRobot, drofon, delaloop, Beastly
Vocals Stock, InsaneSmilie
10th May 2008 01:31 -  16 years ago
Description : Never did have the discipline for jazz. As a result I've forced many a punk band to play in odd meters. Rarely have I even bothered to try and explain this chorus. Teaching it to a sequencer was enlightening. Man, do I love musicians!
10th May 2008 01:26 -  16 years ago
Description : I prefer to axe second fiddle and add da bass mon.
10th May 2008 01:24 -  16 years ago
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Description : Featuring Dead Cousin Lars on bass.
10th May 2008 00:52 -  16 years ago
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Description : O the things we lose. Title track of my 'Divorce Album' ('93) redone divorcing the human element for my 'Expatriating Album' ('07). Does it hurt less?
9th May 2008 23:28 -  16 years ago
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Description : This is probably how I broke the Squier 7's whammy bar.
9th May 2008 02:27 -  16 years ago
Description : I think breakerboy89 says it best:
-ewww dude no good
8th May 2008 09:44 -  16 years ago
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Description : Credit is due djPuzzle, Gangsta_Zero, all, heyrob, TravisHuckins, TheReference, DJ_Ikanobori, DonnieVyros and mrRobot. Man, I gotta get the hang of this asking for permission thing. Wait, isn't forgiveness better?
Regardless, y'all make me miss my turntables. But you moot 'em too. I intend to break the beat irreperably shortly so enjoy this straightforwardish version while it lasts... I sure do.
8th May 2008 09:06 -  16 years ago
Description : My Latin sux. Pretty sure the second verb SHOULD be cogitum or sumfin like dat. Regardless I have come to dislike Descartes' statement in extremis and if ya wanna split hares make sumfin o' DAT!
8th May 2008 03:49 -  16 years ago
Description : I have always loved that joke 'what goes hahaha thump?'
8th May 2008 03:25 -  16 years ago
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Description : Here's an example of the mK and the 32 whispering their little secrets through the MIDI cable. Of course it needs a beat to really be trance. So whadaya waitin fer?
8th May 2008 01:56 -  16 years ago
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Description : Pretty standard upbeat until everything gets sucked into the wormhole.
8th May 2008 00:07 -  16 years ago
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Description : Life's little ironies. This piece features the microKorg. Which I smoked. Literally. This tune precedes that event by about five years. Beware of 110V wall bugs in 220V outlets my friends, beware! I miss that synth alot. The way she and the SH-32 twiddled each other's knobs and punched one another's buttons was almost completely unpredictable. I lika the soft synth but I have yet to master it to the point that it can surprise me.
7th May 2008 22:04 -  16 years ago
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Description : As below...
7th May 2008 21:59 -  16 years ago
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Description : A whole lotta my work's gonna wind up in 'Weird' 'cuz I dunno what else to call it. A capella? Erm...
7th May 2008 20:57 -  16 years ago
Description : LC w/ dvyros. Pronounced correctly it's Japanese for snow. Other options include how one might feel the morning after. He explains how he created 'Beatbox 1 (Cyberdyne_s Agenda)' and 'YaPSR S3a' over at his stomping ground. I added a piece called 'Hewl' offa my Moments of Mayhem CD, If memory serves it's an SH-32 solo. They fit together without TOO much hammering.
7th May 2008 20:49 -  16 years ago
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Description : An important part of mixing aleotoric philosophy with an 'anything goes' laissez faire production laziness is accepting what happens. When the wrong message goes out the wrong synth, well, it's right now.
5th May 2008 08:48 -  16 years ago
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Description : Hey look ma, I made Jack clip on -6dB! Or produced some weird interference. It's still a good demo of AntiLoop.
4th May 2008 04:59 -  16 years ago
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Description : Oi, should I mention 'parental advisory?'

Another one scraped off 'Master #8'. Apropos this venue due to the rhythm loop, whatevahthehellitis. If anyone's interested it can be extracted...
4th May 2008 03:53 -  16 years ago
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Description : This is what I did with 'Impossipiano'. Yes, there's some stock-ish GB percussion in there. Best review my EULA...
1st May 2008 01:43 -  16 years ago
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Description : Inspired by a line in The Monkees Head. Iterated through several bands. Rediscovered on 'Master #8'. Redone for a bearable sound quality (and a better solo, believe it or not).
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