• From : Champaign, United States
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About Me

Born in Bostonia, moved to Arizona...

More details available at Specific to these environs: not to be obstreperous Mr. little yellow message man, (or no more than usual) but I don't copyright any sounds (I occasionally copyright sheet music but you doan want none o' dat anyway, do ya?). I useta copyleft. Now that CCommons is gettin all sophisticated and shiznit I can probably pick one of their licenses that's better. But I'm busy making a horrible racket ATM.

Instruments I play

Bass family, Drumsticks and their infinite victims, Guitarish things, Keyboards, Low Brass, Single reed woodwinds, Turntables, Vocals

Software I Use

AntiLoop, Audacity (+LADSPA, +++...), Finale, Jack, GB, Mixxx, Plogue, Reason, any free (preferably open source) AU or VST plugin

Hardware I Use

Whatever's in range

Listening To Right Now

Computer Fans
Das Denizens Der LooperMan
One-Sided 90% Incomprehensible Telephone Conversations
The Voices in My Head

10 Favourite Albums

RWaters Amused to Death
JCale and BNeuwirth Last Day on Earth
DGalas and JPJones The Sporting Life
Praxis Profanation
PEnemy It Takes a Nation of Millions
BFlag Everything Went Black
BBartok Concerto for Orchestra
KCrimson Discipline
PFloyd DSotM
TWaites The Black Rider

My Influences / Fav Artists

Things I hear

My Music Sounds Like

Everything, mixed with equal parts of incompetence and impatience

In My Other Life I ...

I've been a very minor rockstar, a systems security consultant and a teacher so far. No idea what I'm doing tomorrow.