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Description : need female vocals - let me know if you're interested

Description : I realize I don't have the best singing voice and I tried to tune it I think its in C# im not sure though but you can do anything you want to my vocals if you want to but if your using as your own song please put FEAT. Alecc Horizons I recently changed my name

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.91 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Really nice vocals from Ashesndreams. Amazing talent! Just trying out some different chords on it, that was fun.

Description : Special thanks to LMs talented Holly for sharing this acapella. 2nd half of track with male vocals that i cant remember name or the source i got it from. I will post as soon as it comes to me or i find it. ENjoy

Tags : | Trap | 2.06 MB | Has Lyrics | Reason

Description : singers artist get at me if you want to callaborate. need vocals asap

Description : Hey guys!

I have brought a new microphone so my vocals sound alot more clearer and better!

This is my new song I produced and rapped over!

Hope you all like it!

Description : happy for comment or tips on the sound - i haven't tried much live recording of accoustic and vocals before.

Description : Breezy, soulful, instrumental, film soundtrack

looking for a collaboration lyrics vocals and remix

Description : Mobb Deep sample vocals. ENjoy

Description : loved the tone on the vocals just had to put some music to them credit to KMRS
thank to all enjoy

Tags : | Pop | 4.50 MB | Reaper

Description : Really nice vocals from an acapella from naajka. I turned it down to 92 bpm and tried to stay true.


Description : Beat = StrikingDaggers (Looperman Profile = 227480)

Vocals = Chocolate Shatner


Description : Big Room Banger With vocals that may or may not fit properly. You decide!

Description : Jhene Aiko sample vocals. Hard pounding audio journey! ENjoy

Description : Dj4Real, Soaren, Fyetjie (looperman samples) - (AplusProDrumkit,Ultimate Boom Bap Drumkit, beatbox_samples_pack) - AIM3 Downtempo Vocals

Tags : | Ambient | 6.68 MB | FL Studio

Description : Description : This is my softer more ambient cover vocals for a 3 song mashup over a Utube Ambient piano Instrumental by DreamUnionBeats
1. Let me down Slowly - Alec Benjamin
2. Arcade - Duncan Laurence
3. Without Me - Halsey
Acapella up here;

Description : My first attempt at melodic bass/melodic dubstep.

The vocals were provided by Kizzy Lotus from Soundcloud.

Tags : | EDM | 7.91 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : My take on imOdarka's superb vocals. Let me know if this is a hit or miss lol.

Tags : | Boom Bap | 6.74 MB | Cubase

Description : The song is still free from vocals

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 5.76 MB | FL Studio

Description : Equinox ft Jaboy87 - Forgot Me

Found a lofi sample and thought I'd give it a go. Thanks to Jaboy87 for the vocals. Let me know what you think if you have a minute. Cheers!

Tags : | Rock | 9.38 MB | Sonar

Description : Kristin Hersh's vocals over some rock music.

Description : Hyperpop Vocals fused with Drum and Bass and a heavy buildup.
Searching for Hyperpop Vocalists.

Tags : | House | 8.79 MB | Samplitude

Description : My CROSSOVER track. I have gone Dutch in an effort to take a break from Punk. Female Vocals provided by Vandalism. No Loops used except the vocals.

Tags : | EDM | 8.88 MB | Featured | Ableton Live

Description : Downloaded, Farisha's great vocals sometime back, a house move and other distractions but I never forgot I had it on my hard drive... somewhere! lol. Now my version is probably one of 80+ versions such is the talent of Farishamusic, top class vocals in everyway. There is a music video and more at Soundgrounder Music on you tube and can be found on audius.

Description : a CinCoCent, bringerofDOOM production

featuring vocals by Simple Steven.


Tracks 1 - 25 of 7499
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