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Tags : | Dance | 6.06 MB | Featured
Description : Melbourne Bounce Track With a trumpet lead and strong bass. Hope you Enjoy!:)
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.99 MB
Description : Chill Instrumental HipHop Track with Strings and Trumpet. (PS: Trumpet recorded myself and pitched it then up) Hope you like it ;)
Tags : | Pop | 6.32 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : It’s been a while, Hurricane Matthew decided to play games with my carport and a sizable chunk of my roof but was lucky in that my house is still livable and I didn’t really lose anything. It sidelined me for a while but I finally started this Christmas song my brother Chris wrote a while back. Chris makes his singing debut in this one and he sounds kinda like me singing, sorry folks, ha! Trumpet, trombone and English horn accompany the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, tubular bells and sleigh bells. Update 12/1: fine tuned the mix. Enjoy!
Tags : | Dubstep | 6.57 MB
Description : Wormwood is mentioned seven times in the Hebrew Bible, always with the implication of bitterness. Although the word wormwood appears several times in the Old Testament, translated from the Hebrew term ???? (la'anah, which means "curse" in Arabic and Hebrew), its only mention in the New Testament is in the Book of Revelation: "The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter."
Description : A Nice Trumpet bounce song! Really enjoy it!
Description : Love trumpets and thought it would be cool in a song, Pleas leave feedback and enjoy
Tags : | Electronic | 8.29 MB
Description : This is my entry to the November competition on the Audio Sparks for Art site. The song represents an enhanced workflow for me, considering the changes in my studio which had barely been accessed until now. No software instruments or loops/samples were used in composing this piece. On the contrary, each instrument represents an individual piece of hardware gear, including my DIY modular synth, my latest circuit bent drum module (the 2XKawa), Yamaha YS200, Microkorg, Casio CZ-101, Dual Zoom drum machines, and the Gibson organ played through my Kustom amp. This is also the first time I've used Expert Sleepers Silent Way in a completed track... this allowed me to clock the 2xKawa from my DAW using the DC coupled outputs of my audio interface. Almost every track contained here had live manipulation of some sort while recording, including amplitude modulation, filter modulation, control of delay parameters, spontaneous drum rolls, trumpet wow accents, as well as volume and sustain pedal work. It was a rewarding musical endeavor. If you enjoy this song, please go view the art piece which inspired it, and show your support with a fav on the page! Thank you for listening!
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. All in all, not a masterpiece but maybe tolerable. :) Any idea for genre? Applied loops (fully or partially): THEHUMPS: 0308224-0052400 (Hill Acoustic Strum Chorus - 100 bpm), 0308224-0072666 (Harmonica Run Away 1 - 130 bpm), 0308224-0065305 (Harmonica in C 1 C), 0308224-0052415 (Sad D minor 1 Chorus- 150 bpm), SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0009039 (Seed 0810 - funky clarinet 06), 0067443-0009042 (Seed 0810 - funky clarinet 03), 0067443-0009041 (Seed 0810 - funky clarinet 03), 0067443-0010074 (Zighn sax loop 04), TUMBLEWEED: 0498019-0061374 (Guitar Loop 1 110bpm Am Am F G), 0498019-0067006 (Rhythm Gtr Chop 2 100 Em Am G D), ALEN9R: 0379853-0048782 (Coconut), 0379853-0033294 (Hot Summer On Looperman Trumpet 2), RICARDOMINEIRO: 1300801-0076505 (Reggae Drums), DARIUS: 0071369-0008329 (075 Jah Set Us Free 1), RICKMASSACRE: 0853544-0069166 (Reggae Drum Loop 1), STERIXX: 0243518-0022469 (Riddim B 01)
Tags : | Jazz | 8.64 MB
Description : This is a blend of traditional and acid jazz including some trumpet rides reminiscent to later Miles Davis styles. I'd like to welcome a good friend and GREAT pianist, Damian Volstock, who I did studio work with in Alabama, many moons ago. If you're a jazz fan, give this one a spin.
Tags : | Cinematic | 8.81 MB
Description : This is not a epic track with epic drum and dark Egyptian themed masterpiece. There are no strings or sounds effects on that track. Also there are no choirs, brass, organ, cello, trumpet,tuba, harp, violins and Archeopterix (its a common instrument). You may hate that pretty low quality and short track with no epic sounds or even tempo.Do not write any comment or feedback. I hope I didn't describe this weak track. Please don't play it over and over again because you hate it. You can download this track for free. Finally I do not try to do reverse psychology to gain more fame or fav or plays!
Tags : | Rock | 4.40 MB
Description : slow alternative rock/r&b track recorded with all live instruments, including trumpet and trombone.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.53 MB
Description : Old school yet new school type feel. Bass driven with an assortment of strings including a synth string so it sounds a little unauthentic (but that is intentional) and a trumpet. I made this track a while back but I finally got around to mixing it.
Tags : | Pop | 7.36 MB
Description : The start... I bought myself an electric guitar and that was the initial start for this song. After some chords i thought it would be nice with a vocal track and one of the best sources for that is just looperman. So i found EpicRecord and Yeah. Then i needed background vocals and turned to one of my previous songs and found Charlene's voice. After a while i found Janis71 and her work and it was merged into the song. But I must say what I'm most proud of in this song is the trumpet and saxophone work . I really wish I could play that instrument for real and not just on the keyboard. Resources: Janis EpicRecord Charlene
Tags : | House | 5.48 MB | Colab Request
Description : A song I made when I had a bad day. I tried a trumpet in this track, I hope you like it. I also want to know your opinion. Please, write in the comments. Thank you.
Tags : | Pop | 3.09 MB | Featured
Description : A sassy song about feeling confident. Bass Synth: @Aereas Drums: @WeazelBeats @PianoSounds Trumpet Synth: @Lionel422 Build & Crash FX: @Lionel422 @digitalSKYY Vocals & Lyrics: @sengalounh
Tags : | Orchestral | 7.33 MB
Description : This track is the first two sections of what will (hopefully) be a three-part piece — essentially a suite. I am posting parts 1 and 2 because I think they are ready for feedback from Looperman members. Part 3 isn’t done yet because it requires Human League style vocals from a singer with a distinct British accent. I have the melody and lyrics worked out. I sent a private message a while ago to a Looperman member who I think has the right voice for the job. But, haven’t had a response. Until I find a vocalist for it, I can’t finish the piece. In any case, the total file size of the complete piece would be greater than the Looperman limit, so it will have to be split into parts anyway. Parts 1 and 2, in fact the whole thing, were inspired by acapellas posted here on Looperman by Jacques Demers: If you haven’t checked out Jacques’ tracks yet, you really should. He doesn’t set them up as “featured” so it might be easy to miss them. The harmony in Jacques’ acapellas sounded very “Beatle-ish” to me, and that made me want to try my hand at doing a George Martin style treatment. I remembered that ScottsCovers here on Looperman had mentioned an instrument called a Mellotron, which was used by the Beatles, the Moody Blues, Genesis, along with other groups of that era, so I decided to use a VST mellotron as the primary instrument for Parts 1 and 2. The acapella in Part 2 was in a different key than the one used for Part 1, so I needed to find a chord progression in Part 1 that would modulate the key. Jacques gave me some advice on that, which you can see in the comments on his first acapella. Part 1 has harp, mellotron flutes, clarinet, french horns, and my attempt at a Penny Lane type trumpet solo (but much simpler). Part 2 has a string ensemble, solo oboe and trumpet in unison, and some Daniel Langois type processed guitars. Both parts were recorded at 60 bpm, largely because that’s where the acapellas seemed to sync best. However, I played the instrument tracks freestyle (rubato), so the tempo actually varies somewhat. Definitely not quantized! There is a storyline behind this track. Part 1 is the blooming stage of a relationship. Part 2 is about the relationship in decline. Part 3, with vocals, will be about ending it. I’ve included the transition to Part 3 (which will be a more traditional synth pop section) and just a bit of the first verse backing instrumental so you can get an idea of how things are headed in the final part.
Tags : | Classical | 6.52 MB
Description : This is a unique arrangement of the classical Canon by Pachelbel (key of Eb), arranged and recorded by SS Phillips. Orchestrated by instruments from Ableton Live. Originally written for violins, this includes a solo violin, violin section, trumpet section, and cello.
Description : A pleasant but sharp taste... . Rich, full feeling at the back of the palate with a fresh aroma that can wake the dead. Something about the trumpet is this track reminds me of drinking my sunday coffee. Enjoy!
Tags : | Rap | 3.32 MB
Description : this is my latest song with kamoflage acapella, enjoy!
Tags : | Ambient | 1,002.76 KB
Description : trumpet surrounds different metals
Tags : | Jazz | 8.27 MB
Description : High energy Jazz feel, with thanks to my muted trumpet friend and flute player.
Description : the body is heavy upon webbed feet but the head bobs up and down on long extended neck as the goose forages in the snow. old school trombone and trumpet samples mixed in FL Studio. pentatonic starting on c. would like to develop a perc groove and a string break section. for a photo by Robin Lusk
Description : This track contains only free loops from, and several loops from Looperman artists (listed below). UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps! Applied loops: SLAPJOHNSON : 0067443-0010451 (Sexy Baracasa Alto 15), 0067443-0010450 (Sexy Baracasa Alto 16), DEXTDEE : 0116269-0023019 (Melodious Trumpet), 0116269-0023023 (Trumpet 1), JOEFUNKTASTIC : 0630386-0055338 (MrF Electric House Funk Bass 128C), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE : 0071878-0001725 (Trip Hop 100 Cm), ECKSJOE : 0148594-0013730 (Slightly distorted drums), THEMIGHTYXARUMNEBULA : 0182096-0009547 (Slow Drum 1), SPIVKURL : 0186161-0050711 (Counter Baldwin Fanfare Harpsichord), DJMFL : 0757586-0068390 (Whoo Synth), LJSHADOW : 0144345-0014306 (Hitter)
Tags : | Jazz | 9.87 MB
Description : Do not freak out just because this is jazz! There's also blues, rock, funk and a little hip hop in it to break up the deep, chillout jazz sections - gets particularly rocking then funky at the end. Main bassline (the track's foundation) is recycled leftover slide resonator guitar parts detuned one octave to make a slide bass sound. Also features: piano, violin, hammered dulcimer, organ, ethereal pad guitar, bass guitar, jazz/blues/rock electric guitar and multiple programmed acoustic drumkits. This was difficult to make at times as I thought I needed more leads parts eg from sax or trumpet. But I'm happyish with the end result. I expect very little interest in this as it's both jazz and long jazz. But it's also an unusual type of genre-mixing jazz. So, leave your thoughts, good or bad, if you like...
Tags : | Chill Out | 8.02 MB
Description : Lounge tune made in the middle of november when the temperature dropped quickly :-) Trumpet is (as always) the Yamaha EX5 VL-instrument ;-)
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