19th Apr 2015 20:16 - 9 years ago
Tags :
Description : A blend of funk, jazz and a little rock thrown in for good measure. Lots of drums and guitar. Named after my dog, Fannie Mae. Hope you like and feel free to download.

Comments (6)

If you have time take a listen and give ScottB55 some feedback.

Tumbleweed 25th Apr 2015 02:47 - 9 years ago
very cool...the very up-front guitar bit caught me a bit by surprise to start with...great job on the production...placement/panning...and putting the band all together in the same place left to right & front to always the drums are notably good, as is the musicianship,...its some easy none shaking goodness Scott...enjoyed the listen big time....fav.....Ed
ScottB55 replied 14th May 2015 - 9 years ago
Always a pleasure to get your comments, Ed. Thanks so much for taking the time and leaving your kind words.

mrwolf14 24th Apr 2015 16:12 - 9 years ago
Funky pleasant track.
Good bass riff.
Guitars are really on spot: probably they are the main-actor here.
Impeccable drum work, as usual ... may I add ;-)
Ciao, Domenico
ScottB55 replied 14th May 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks so much, Domenico. Always a pleasure to hear your thought. I appreciate your kind words.

Danke 24th Apr 2015 14:17 - 9 years ago
Hello Scott!

Very tasty track to get us moving and headbanging slowly...guitar from 0.18 reminds me Lenny Kravitz...guitar solo from 2.20 is outstanding and the whole track pulsates incredibly...
Live number surely...

Respect and handshake, Danke
ScottB55 replied 14th May 2015 - 9 years ago
Hi Danke,

Thanks so much for taking to time out of your day to hit me up with your kind words. It's much appreciated.

soundhound 20th Apr 2015 18:43 - 9 years ago
Cool track....Man..

Back in the day, this was the way you got that down for sure...
Great feel very real real nice mix of it all, done with flavour
the whole track...
Well done...

ScottB55 replied 23rd Apr 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks allot, TG. I appreciate your time and kind words.

centralsdev 19th Apr 2015 21:15 - 9 years ago
i get the felling of midnight dance but that only in the last part the first seems great as well.
ScottB55 replied 23rd Apr 2015 - 9 years ago
Although not familiar with Midnight Dance, I appreciate your time and comment.

promenade2239 19th Apr 2015 20:41 - 9 years ago

very quality loops in here - hopefully lm members will be able to perform guitars and synths (and trumpets!) like this some day as well.

Where these loops are from, if I may ask?

Good funky number with nice guitar lines.

ScottB55 replied 23rd Apr 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks allot, Alex. I appreciate your comment.

Ya know, I have been browsing for loops and samples for years. I get them from friends or on different sites, including this one. When I hear something I can possibly use, I just file it, so I never really know where I get any given file. If you ever hear anything you like and can use, lmk and I'll toss it your way.


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Description : Everything is recorded live, so you probably hear that. It's also all me :$

Thanks to everyone who contributed in explaining what I did wrong in the engineering, mixing and mastering, especially Ben (bringerofDOOM). Looperman is truly an awesome community and thank you all. Did I say you guys are awesome?
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Description : special thanks to REMCO for this fantastic bass part on the track!
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Tags :
Description : Funk - like thing. I used the following loops~
minor2go /Rap (Fireangel - drums) 120bpm
z3r0regrets /Dubstep (Just do it filtered) 120bpm
rtrjamz /Breakbeat (Party people voco vox) 128bpm
kristijann /Crunk (simple crunk drum loop) 70bpm
rasputin1963 /Funk (1960s Funk Horns Riff) 111bpm
morgothbeatz /Heavy Metal (2 step mosh drums)
145bpm Thanx guys ! ! Needs higher production
16th Dec 2018 17:44 - 5 years ago
Description : Copyright 1974 Jerry Goldstein
A classic funk track from the 70's, featured in Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke".
I have always loved this song and also love to perform it. It's a fun one with a really tight groove.

I am performing vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, harmonica and the casaba. MIDI instruments used are drums, timbales, cowbell, shaker, horns and tenor sax.