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Tags : | Cinematic | 7.55 MB

Description : Updated /18/12/2014 :fix someting, I added few brass, updated the "guitar riff" and change some transition.Hope this is better.A another epic cinematic track.There are a lot of hardcore work behind that tune. To celebrate the progression I do this years this track combine most of the elements of my previous prototypes : a epic drum beat (tournament),some panning effect (unstable waves)and more. Also in this tune there are 2 loops from here so thanks for 40A for the 1:58 choirs and jaceziii for the "brass french horn". I hope the title fit very well with this music!! btw tune are always better when you fully lisent it. like tournament I have some kind of surprise at 2:16 min. Just for fun I want to know which movie genre this tune can fit. like tournament comments I was able to make a little story and I enjoyed that :D

Tags : | Trap | 882.52 KB | Has Lyrics

Description : ENJOY

Tags : | Rap | 3.89 MB | Adult Content

Description : Have a listen,hear a drum beat I did with a synth from Noizecollector. I added voice effects from jjweekz and a verse from MistaMista and Steelcityred. Thanks to them.

Tags : | Pop | 2.73 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : My first collaboration...A laid back type of piece...

Second POP track for this year gang, A VERY SPECIAL piece...

A collaboration with 2 of my very fav artist and friends here on Looperman, Shortbusmusic and Spivkurl...

Had track nearly done but was missing what I wanted to finish the track and keep feel I wanted for the piece, so contacted the 2 talented guys mention above, A nice guitar vocal based track, easy listening with a touch of toe tapping lol...

BIG shout out to Barry for the guitar he did for the track, BIG shout out to Pat for the bass line and arpeggio he did for the track, both guys made each part especially for the track, MASSIVE thank you guys, Mix and mastering was done by myself, drum beat used is from Alen9r profile...

Hope you enjoyed this one, please comment/review and the fav will be returned...

Please enjoy my first collaboration with 2 of the most talented guys here on Looperman...

Peace Love Respect...

Description : I made an easy drum beat, then i played each track live (one take each) into the mixer. The acapella was just to see how it would sound like. If someone likes the beat i can make it again but with the intruments and samples more on time and polish it a bit. I like the hard sound it gives to the beat. mail me at Cheers, buda

Tags : | Pop | 2.86 MB | Featured

Description : A work in progress using a very cool looperman drum beat. From Swoone, Gary Bruce and Siobhan Demare.

Tags : | Rock | 3.25 MB

Description : 4 guitar with a heavy real drum beat

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.41 MB

Description : Used a synth loop from cynical1 and found another synth but cant remember who. Sorry but if you recognize thank you for it. put some of my sounds and a drum beat check it out

Tags : | Jazz | 3.38 MB

Description : Funky mellow jazz looping tune I put together after a friend of mine told me he had been laid off. Used driving Drum Beat(the grandma)who never gives up- the Bass (grandpa)who adds some advice one in a while and the other instruments reflect a family's pain in discussing what just happened. Hope you enjoy the tune and that no has to experience being Laid Off.

Tags : | Rock | 3.19 MB | Featured

Description : Sinthetic's drum beat with my guitar riff

Description : Just a three part mix using a Drum Beat from Looperman. All melodys and synths done by myself using a Korg Triton. The first part is a more dubstep trancy melody, the middle section is a more brassy hip hop melody, and the third section is a more simple base underground melody, using the same drum beat throughout. Enjoy

Tags : | House | 6.01 MB

Description : Another progressive house track from me!
Still a few things has to be done, and um I am thinking of a different drum beat. But we will see.

Tags : | House | 4.44 MB

Description : This could be describe as house/electro house/trance.

A nice sweet pluck with some nice pads and a fast paced drum beat combined to make a nice track!

The aah vocals are by someone on looperman, I can't remember who they are so if these are your vocals then please comment your name and I will add credits to you! (:
And the sex on the dancefloor vocal is by Minor2Go (:

Give me some feedback!

Tags : | Trance | 3.61 MB

Description : Uplifting Pads, a beautiful melody and a simple drum beat make this song come together to form a nice trance/house track, give me some feedback! (:

Tags : | Weird | 1.91 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I changed the drum beat tone generators to
various instruments and vice-versa.
Then sampled my friend from a 1983 cassette.
All with one hand.

Description : Songs at 174 bpm with 2 step drum beat, so either drum and bass or drumstep but please give it a listen and any constructive feedback/criticism is appreciated cheers :)

Description : This is a collab I recently finished. It features piano and orchestra from Nitzan Sagie, and a wicked drum beat from Casanovaa. I mixed the beat around, put fx on beats, play some synth, and added samples.

Tags : | Rock | 6.71 MB

Description : Hello Everyone, here is my latest track. It's a mix of different guitars with a cool drum beat. If you like It please make a comment. Enjoy! DJ FRED

Tags : | Rock | 2.76 MB | Featured

Description : I said I'd do something after I'd got 200 SoundCloud plays and I have so here's some of it. The rest will come shortly.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.23 MB

Description : An unfinished track my buddy Cole and I are working on. He played bass and I played guitar. The drum beat is a loop titled "Whacked Drums" by ChrisNeal. Some beats were silenced for effect. The sound effects were created and recorded live in Cole's garage by us. Mixed with Audacity and recorded with a Blue Yeti USB condenser microphone.

Tags : | Electronic | 2.60 MB

Description : A second re-done upload of my previous track of the same title. If anyone could come up with a drum beat that would suit the song I would be gratefully. And feedback is always appreciated

Tags : | Ambient | 6.31 MB | Featured

Description : variant pad illusion,drum beat fire ,violino orchestral ,ping pong effect

Tags : | Cinematic | 794.00 KB

Description : (Rough Draft)

Workin on with choir from shortbusmusic.

Base keynote are Am-F-G. String on A-F-G. And put 2 drum beat. 120 Bpm.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.69 MB

Description : I made this sometime back and thought I should re-edit this was started of with the drum loops i added quite a few til i got a whacky drum beat i then bult the story around the drums not often I do that

Description : I'll be honest, I just did this up quickly to get back into using loops again. I've been doing a lot of midi work (I think I should be good for creating loops now) over the past month or so. I heard a lot of great new loops as soon as I logged back on here for the first time, so I compiled four of them and added a small midi piece to match with a Celeste Loop and just provide a short but pleasant melody. This isn't a long track nor is it my best. This was just a simple effort to say that I missed this place and am glad to be back.

The loops used were created by ShortBusMusic (Guitar), DjGadget (Celeste & Modoka Loop, and Viola loop), and ST3RL1NG (Drum Beat).

Program used was Acoustica Mixcraft.


Tracks 26 - 50 of 157
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