Tags : | House | 4.22 MB

Description : Unofficial preview* of my upcoming first produced track named Therapy. Litterly a cut out of the track. Uploaded with first thought of letting it hear to a fellow Looperman member for a possible collab later on.

Comments are welcome tho!

About the preview, after the drop will start to another semi drop and with an harder more rawish main chorus part behind. Everything is as good as done now and being checked by demo listeners for response and feedback before getting a last hand at mixing&mastering.

* It may be changed/further defined etc.

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  1. Djsquezze
    Djsquezze on Thu 11th Jun 2020 - 3 years ago

    Nice vibe

  2. starpyro
    starpyro on Thu 15th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    this is good , cant wait for the full

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks :D
    (Sorry for my late reply)

  3. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Wed 14th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    I understand that you are previewin' it and I comment accordingly. it is awesome stuff. I can't wait to hear the full blown final master. great work. all the best. Dan (midisparks)

    Reply by Wobbin

    thanks man!

  4. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Sun 11th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    good work man!

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thank you :)

  5. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Sat 10th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    This is a pretty cool take on modern house/dance styles. You definitely have your own style, which is cool. I have to be honest, I wasn't paying enough attention, due to text messaging and this being a demo, but I liked what I heard! I noticed that you are working with FL 10... Is there something specific about that version (such as pattern blocks) that is keeping you from upgrading to v12? There is even a beta for v12.3.1 which was just released. There have been some decent additions and fixes made, but initially a lot of people were very resistant to the change. v12 has really influenced how I work though, and I learned things about FL that I didn't realize in the fifteen years of using it. May be worth considering. Thanks for sharing your progress with us!

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks man. Appreciate that!

    The only reason I work with FL 10 is because its the latest version that can be obtained as a ..... version. I'd love to have FL 12 and my plugins legitimately, they are 100% worth it. And I encourage people to take the normal road in that.

    Problem is, my health collapsed extremely 13 months ago and still has a huge effect on me to this day. Long story short, my finances also hit the bottom with that and I simply can not afford much. That's generally the short version.

  6. srob1234
    srob1234 on Fri 9th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    I am very impressed! Had me boppin around!!! Can't wait to hear the whole thing! :)

    Reply by Wobbin

    Haha thanks! I am really astonished by all these replies and encouragings on this. Track is done for a while but waiting on a pro for mastering and checking up my mixing also. Can't wait to put it out for listens and feedbacks! And free DL's.
    Taking way to long already lol

    So far the end product gets me boppin' like a happy parrot often seen in those funny home vids. Hope it has the same effect on others ;)
    - Wobbin

  7. NateJMusic
    NateJMusic on Fri 9th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Man I can't wait to hear this once its done!

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks for your comment! :D
    I hope to upload it asap but I'm relying on someone for it who doesn't have much time atm.

  8. swindla007
    swindla007 on Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Good groove straight from a warehouse party...i cant say more than everyone else...i liked it alot.
    Dj Swindla

    Reply by Wobbin

    Haha old school rave party!
    Thanks for your comment mate

  9. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Hi Mate

    Nice quiet intro then the beat kicks in, very nice heavy beat, great synths...very nice work in deed matey, love everything about this one, to me sounds maybe little more dance then house, maybe a deep house feel, whatever this is it is an excellent listen, look forward to checking out more of your tunes over the next few weeks...big time fav this one, love it...Peace n Respect... mosaic...

    Reply by Wobbin

    Hey bro,

    Thanks :D! I got 3 solo's, 2 remixes and 1 collab going on and coming soon. So enough to check!

    This preview indeed might be rather labeled Dance then House. Altho the track which is nearly done went into a difference road then initially was the raw idea.

    To be continued ^^
    - Wobbin

  10. bitronix
    bitronix on Thu 8th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    I like the detail of the track. The pingpong effect on the start captivated and hookes me up to the song, which is very nice! The beat and the chords are so good, it gives me positive vibes. Anyone can jump into this. The rise gives very good transition also. I'm guessing this will be a rave track? I was hoping for the drop xD

    Your track deserves to be published with a label, so nice track and keep on mixing!

    Reply by Wobbin

    thank you very much! It will be a club banger incl. drop lol. I've changed some things, imo it sounds a little t friendly here. The track will come out very soon. Finishing touches on mixing/mastering.
    - Wobbin

  11. Ernestking78
    Ernestking78 on Wed 7th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Nice beat

  12. Ernestking78
    Ernestking78 on Tue 6th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago


    Reply by Wobbin

    Thank you :D

    MISTASBEATZ on Mon 5th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    This sounds really good. It kinda gives me the 90's feeling :)

    Reply by Wobbin

    Haha, now you say so, it does indeed for a bit!
    Thanks for your response :)

  14. sheensheep
    sheensheep on Sun 4th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    This is very impressive. You said you've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and it really shows. The track is very well mixed and has very interesting elements throughout. Amazing work here. Looking forward to the final track.


    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks man :)

    This track is about finished. (revised some things once more). I gave another direction in it kind of, for the drops. It will be released when it received final mix & master.

  15. YertBimberg
    YertBimberg on Fri 2nd Sep 2016 - 7 years ago

    Tight. Nicely mixed. On the money.

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thank you :)

  16. aelmen
    aelmen on Wed 31st Aug 2016 - 7 years ago


    Nice one. If you ever feel like there is a saw solo missing in this track, just let me know.


  17. Fl4zh
    Fl4zh on Wed 31st Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    Nice beat, but i would like to see this as a full song.

    Is this a demo ?

    Reply by Wobbin


    Yes it is. This is only part of the intro. See the description ;)
    The full track is done and only needs a final mix and a master treatment. Will be uploaded ASAP.

  18. jimmycat117
    jimmycat117 on Tue 30th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    cool bro

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks :D

  19. Amixx
    Amixx on Sat 27th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    nicely done ...

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thank you sir!

  20. Rhodesy
    Rhodesy on Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    Wonderful energy on this demo Amaranthion!House is not my genre when it comes to music making but i love a good four to the flour banger,and this delivers.The rhythm's used are tried and tested but your choice of sounds drives the track forwards. Nice work.

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a like Rhodesy!
    Very much appreciated. :)

    Enjoy your weekend

  21. DoctorPyro
    DoctorPyro on Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    Dudeeee! Love the melodic touch to this... I can see it being an electro house track. Maybe I can remix it when its done? Great fucking job for a first track my dude.

    Reply by Wobbin

    Spank you, spank you! (thank you in my way of saying it)

    I might considder that indeed. But first finishing this badboy up. ^^

  22. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    Impressive! Do you plan on adding any vocals to this? It's quite good, and a solid singer could take it up from great to even greater! Whether you decide to or not, it's a solid song and very, very impressive. Cheers,


    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks a lot! It does encourage me.

    *gniffles* Does my own voice, run through FL's vocodex counts? lol..

    That does sound kind of cliche but with the proper use will work out as a nice extra touch. I've already done those part actually.

    I just started producing for fun and love for music so i'll keep it at solo producing for now. Adding good vocals is again a whole other lvl for me.

  23. milesatdenver
    milesatdenver on Thu 25th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    wrong track sorry

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks for replying and the compliment! Currently I already have a colab starting soon and besides that I need to fully focus on myself now.

    I've listend and gave a lil feedback to your track. :)

  24. milesatdenver
    milesatdenver on Thu 25th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    hey i really like the buildup on this one, i make house too and if you wanted to collaborate id be down. if you want to check out my latest track and let me know if you are interested

  25. Dennel
    Dennel on Thu 25th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    Hey Amaranthion very nice track, the mixing is superb and it's a great all around production. I like that keykeyboard texture
    after the first break. Congrats on great track

    All The Best


    Reply by Wobbin


    Take care

  26. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Thu 25th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    What are you using for software? The beat is catchy and I'm going to assume you're using automated appregiators - impressive mixing of them for your first track. The song itself is a little hard-pressed in the limiter though I can't say this is a bad thing for this genre. You have a bright future ahead of you if this is your first-ever track. Kudos to you!


    Reply by Wobbin

    Thank you for your reply and kind words!! No automatic appregiators here. Only things i've used 'ready to go' in the entire track is 3 different drum loops, adjusted with extra claps/hihat/kick etc. So I could focus on all the rest which is more important to me then creating my own drum lines at this moment.

    I've been working on the track (and so on this part has again changed for the better) day after day and it should be finished towards Monday. Then gets a hand at mixing and mastering from a professional who looks how I attempted those 2 proccesses and makes it all smoothened out. Then it will be uploaded again.

    Just to give an idea, this short piece took me well over 70 hours since its not just producing i'm learning but understanding the software takes up a lot of time. The creation of this was easier then how to create the sound/effect etc of my imagination actually inside the software.

    I use FL 10.0 or 10.2 or something.

  27. EricMilligan
    EricMilligan on Thu 25th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    I like it, Amaranthion! You've got a good track in the making here. I'm very impressed that it is your first track ever. Nothing I did sounded even close to this when I started out. Still doesn't. :)

    I don't know that Phr34kness meant when he said you should go for a progressive baseline on your first breakdown. If you understood that, please let me know in another comment. And Phr34kness, if you read this it would be great to have an explanation and perhaps you could point me to an example so I can hear what a progressive baseline is. Learn something new every day. :)

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks! Highly appreciated. :D Working hard to get this exactly as I want it to be before getting it out. Patience is key haha.

    I've made some changes in the sounds you hear above. Shall be continued^^

  28. Phr34kness
    Phr34kness on Mon 22nd Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    So, your transitions are great. I've noticed how the sounds you're using go along pretty well, and I like your first bassdrop / breakdown; sounds pretty clean cut.

    I'm more than interested in working with you.

    PS: Go for a progressive bassline on your first breakdown. I think it'll sound better.

    Best regards,

    Reply by Wobbin

    Thanks! I'm really hyped about it so far, knowing its litterly my first track ever. Thank you for the bassline tip, I might change it indeed. Depends on how the 2nd drop into the mostly more raw/harder main chorus is comming together. For now, its maybe more a Trancy/progressive kind of track but lets see when its done. I don't like to limit myself in thinking it has to be X genre. As agreed on your forum reply, I (so we) produce as I feel it fits best :)

  29. Phr34kness
    Phr34kness on Mon 22nd Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    When do we start!

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