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Tags : | Acoustic | 9.59 MB | Featured | Reason

Description : My take on a couple of classic Beatles tunes with a short introduction composed by myself to complement them.

Description : Gentle Ripples of Cool Classic R&B Flowing Down Stream to an infinity Pool

Tags : | Hardstyle | 8.41 MB | FL Studio

Description : A pure classic Hardstyle track.

Tags : | Trance | 6.05 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Artist: DJ Alvin
Track: DJ Alvin - Classic Trance
ISRC: ITSY42100033

Description : Surpriseeee! After 5 months since last upload, this is my edition of the legendary Magic Fly by Space, the classic song "you know but you don't know title and artist" ahahah. I made it in just 5 hours, and just because i was bored ahahaha

Description : Classic Trance track, plays well during hot weather... lol lots of elements needs to be added but im lazy right now so im dropping a demo instead. Also I feel like I should add a vocal on it..hmmm. maybe suggest me one

Description : Another try year ago, when i lost and classic unable finish, because not have loops, instruments that i able use. I hope that might somebody enjoy it? Mainly in that Synthwave part? Hard describe what type of music it is. ;)

Tags : | UK Drill | 5.06 MB | Soundtrap

Description : a classic drill type beat

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.85 MB | FL Studio

Description : This is a straightforward beat. Nothing extra.

Description : Had a go at remixing a trance classic
Took about 10 hours
Free download

Description : PHONK. Used the theme from Shaft (1972) and some classic Gucci Mane from his real trap days. Tell me how I did?

Also, anyone got any suggestions to what samples or lyrics I should flip? Trying to be more interactive on this, because this is fun! :D

Lastly, it's downloadable. Please give credit where credit's due if this is to be distributed or used in private works.

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.73 MB | FL Studio

Description : Singing this Police classic to an Acoustic Instrumental by AcoustiClub
Acapella is up

Tags : | Punk | 6.64 MB | Ableton Live

Description : My unplugged cover version of the Clash classic Clampdown off the London Calling album, one of the greatest albums ever.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.96 MB | FL Studio

Description : Classic hip-hop track for hip-hop purists.

The track contains a kick, snare, hi-hats, pianoo, choir voices and a subtle bassline.

For the mix i mostly just used EQ and compression on the master track to glue everything together. Nothing fancy.

Let me know what you think about when you listen to the track?

Any suggestion or criticism is welcome! Enjoy and there is a free download for MC's that hear "voices" on this beat and want to record :)

Peace i'm out..

Tags : | EDM | 6.86 MB | FL Studio

Description : Remix of an old classic

Description : 155 BPM

Tags : | Pop | 8.01 MB | Cubase

Description : All traces of this track were run through the Classic SSL console EQ and Dynamics Processing for DAW.

Tags : | Trap | 5.64 MB | Featured | FL Studio

Description : Some aesthetic vibes in a classic hard manner.

Tags : | Trance | 9.91 MB | Cubasis

Description : classic trance piece

Tags : | Dance | 5.73 MB | Cubase

Description : Classic 80's bassline played on my retro synthesizer especially in disco dance music of that period combined with new sounds

Description : Guitar classic

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.46 MB | Studio One

Description : Classic guitar, strings and choirs. Ambient soundtrack

Description : Samples mostly from here on Looperman: thx to
and Haters
#Haters (djMCMXCV) by AAP Featuring Urban Unity & Kegzi" with djMCMXCV

Tags : | Soul | 2.57 MB | Featured

Description : My version of the 60s classic Motown hit! recorded at a studio in Castleford many moons ago! The recording session was a gift from my mother in law! Something different from the usual fare on here, hope it's allowed and that you like it Loopers! Stay safe you beautiful buggers!

Much love


Description : It's a classic Acapella on this site, downloaded close to 10.000 times, and possibly used even more :D But I thought it was an interesting one, and it works in the song.
The track as usual could be more polished, and hopefully I will. Give me all your tips and tricks!

18/10/2020: some editing was done, but more to follow later. Thanks a lot to bringerofDOOM and BONEZONMARZ!

Tracks 1 - 25 of 574
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