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Tags : | RnB | 4.45 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Laid back beat, with a nice simple bass line and chords.

Description : Originally Composed By Xxxtentacion. (Middle Boosted, Bass Lowered, Drums Added)

Description : Full 808 type bass with background vocals and and broken chords.

Tags : | House | 9.22 MB | FL Studio

Description : Bass house

Description : Hi, Its my second finished track. Genre is Slap House/Brazillian Bass. Tell me what you think about it.

Tags : | Rock | 13.76 MB | Studio One

Description : Rock guitar instrumental made with Squier strat, XLN Addictive Drums, Line 6 HD400, and Schecter bass

Description : Classical n Drumm and Bass

Tags : | Rock | 13.26 MB | Studio One

Description : Used Squier beefed with DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan pickups, Schecter Custom 4 string bass guitar, Line 6 HD 400, XLN Addictive Drums, Amplitube SVX for bass some perc and crowd in concert samples, Uhe Zebra for pads and arp, and I forget which piano software I used. Some mess up on bass towards the end as I played straight through with no editing. Feel free to listen and comment. Be well and safe my friends.

Cara De Sol

Tags : | Weird | 5.15 MB | Mixcraft

Description : M-Audio - Fender/Ibanez/Silvertone guitars Epiphone bass guitar - Roland - Zoom drum & effects

Description : Breakcore bass 808 synths

Description : This beat is kinda off, I feel like the bass could be off key and i don't know a lot about mastering and mixing but feel free to use this if you like it. Please give me tips to improve.

Description : I bought an 808 bass plugin. „Sales Time“…
I wanted to create a hard Trap beat but somehow
I completely failed !! Maybe I should sell everything and start making pottery ?
what you think ?
Please rate it!!
10 means best Trap Beat 1 means worst trap beat

Description : Dance/Techno Track from 2018.

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.24 MB | Pro Tools

Description : A simple acoustic guitar and bass groove with a hand box drum and more mellow grooves over vocals

Tags : | Trap | 1.05 MB | FL Studio

Description : Key is in C# Minor
Bass Notes : C# , B , A , G#

Description : Title too damn long lol. It should be,
Younger Music - I Know Better Ft CAROLINE (Equinox Remix)

Anyway this vocal is getting a lot of attention and it deserves it. Professional sound with a great voice!

I made a bit of future bass I guess? As always would appreciate any feedback. I thrive on it!

Tags : | Jazz | 1.98 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Light relief from serious shit. Some cabin fever setting in. Electric guitars and synth myself, mangled Shakespeare from my better half. Bass, percussion and accoustic guitar loops from LM: danke-percussive-loop; psychotropiccircle-fretless-112-01; psychotropiccircle-fretless-bbm-80; fanto8bc-stones-and-bottles; weird-percussion-sounds; ferryterry-160-bpm-acoustic-guitar

Description : Bass-P & Lacore - Love you ( Bass-P REMIX 2021)

Description : Bass House, Deep House style

Description : Producer Bass-P

Description : Please, send a link if you make some collage or mixed shapes.

Description : Very messy riddim bass in the drop.

Description : Been struggling to get that bass at 50 sec to sound right but this is the closest I managed to fiddle it into what I wanted before getting bored, could probably put back the reverb a bit.

Tags : | RnB | 2.46 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Music produce as a RnB groove in E minor ,vocals sing by Ms P Edwards .
fat sound synth pad with piano riff guitar in a minor bass in e minor

Tags : | Dance | 3.45 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Heavy Bass styled song.

Tracks 76 - 100 of 5985
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