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17th Apr 2023 07:28 -  1 year ago

Search Rating : 17.16

Description : This track features a looping action combat section made for the purpose of a defense video game mode.

Boy I have come a long way. I'm way better than when I first started.

I'm thinking about adding some more variation to the short strings to give it more identity. What do you think?

No amount of money was spent making this. I did this will all free resources :D

A loop was borrowed from prodbyOVERCXST
12th Feb 2024 11:46 -  4 months ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : This track is just for fun. My friend snores very loudly, so I recorded his snoring and decided to troll him a little).
Vocal by KikiiiOTB and Grafezzy
31st Aug 2023 18:19 -  9 months ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Project 3 of a larger project. 2 more to go.
I used two Daws to make this, LMMS and Mixcraft.

Like the last 2 this one is meant to be looped for as long as necessary. I expect the final two main action sequences will take me a bit longer to do.

Of course, like for all my projects, I'm open to feedback. Always looking for ways to improve my sounds.
20th Aug 2022 15:36 -  1 year ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Fun lil track i've been workin on , would fit in an action game\movie trailer or smth idk

have a listen and lemme know what u think !
30th Oct 2020 05:46 -  3 years ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : 2 lovely lm gtr loops inspired this track...mega paul n liddellec......doesnt this remind anybody of the at least the first part....
14th Feb 2020 20:31 -  4 years ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : My cinematic masterpiece Convo! :-) This song is great for action scenes and building suspense.

"Who Goin be the hero?"

This song and others from the album are available for licensing and using in videos, tv, and film.

For More OR HQ download visit
13th Jan 2020 17:22 -  4 years ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Vocals by Hemanifezt

Drums by MrTokyoXM

Synth by Fanto8BC

Guitar by flask

Vox Fx by kenzo409


21st Sep 2017 13:56 -  6 years ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : A track that I recorded with my band in our rehearsal room. Any suggestion on how to improve the quality is appreciated. Thanks!

For the curious ones:
The song is also on youtube ... if you want to see MrWolf in action ;-)
14th Oct 2016 00:44 -  7 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Action/Fight music
1st Sep 2016 20:41 -  7 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Finished song.
Download at Soundcloud:
Not sure what this is.
Got some weird mixes up in there. Some gangsta trap vibes mixed with some fast paced action movie soundtrack at the end.

There's also a Matrix sample in there.
18th May 2016 23:23 -  8 years ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Before I start, I'd just like to thank all of the wonderful community members who help me beat my creative block with their advice on my other track. Not only was I able to beat it, but I was also able to gain a little more creative ideas. This will be the first track with a background story. This track takes place in Las Vegas Nevada. A man name John, is an ex drug addict and finds himself playing the slots. When he comes across this blue synthetic drug, just sitting in between two of the slot machines. Not being able to resist, he opens the bag and takes a huge hit. John's body instantly reacts to the drug, causing him to go into full on high mode. John starts kicking the machine he is at, throwing chairs at the machine causing sparks to erupt, evidently finding himself practically burning the casino down. John continues his "high" on the Las Vegas strip. Doing everything from knocking old women down to flashing at the police. Eventually causing John to get surrounded by cops, almost exactly when he starts coming out of his high. As the cops has John surrounded with his hands in the sky, John realizes he has some more drugs left, hanging out of his sleeve, he quickly sniffs the entire packet, causing time to slow down for John. John kicks the garbage on the right of him, hitting on of the three cops right the face. The other two cops then shoots at John, John has an instant reflex action and dodges both of the cops bullets. Before, taking them both down and finally doing some awesome parkour, on his way to his hotel room, to dodge other police. John eventually makes it home, sits on his couch smokes a joint and calls it a night.
4th Oct 2015 03:47 -  8 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : a new beat
14th Jul 2013 18:44 -  10 years ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Here's a number i'm workin on. no intro or out breaks, but i figure your itching for somethin raw to chew on.
20th Jan 2011 11:27 -  13 years ago
Tags :

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : Another laid back, odl'school hip-hop joint
with some turntable action going on
I would appreciate some feedback on this one. Thx
12th Aug 2008 23:57 -  15 years ago

Search Rating : 8.58

Description : I think you will like this one! I have decided to stop concerning myself so much about vocals and just enjoy making the music. This is the first track that I have made that was intended as an instrumental and wasn't built around potential lyrics that I had in mind. Instead, on this track I decided I wanted to try creating a decent old fashion sounding steel guitar riff with my midi keyboard and some old soundfonts I have collected. I worked in some Sytrus action (like I love doing) and some cinematic sounding cello and choir. I really started liking how the digital instruments were sounding along with the traditional ones so I thought I would just go with it. Hence the name of the track. I hope it sounds as good to you as it did to me while I was making it. Please let me know what you think.
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