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Description : This one is a bit odd, and continues my obsession with organs. I originally wrote it on a Baldwin Fanfare Organ, but then transferred it to sequencing and added some phat bass. I think it's got a nice flow to it, how about you? From the Spivkurl album "Strong Like Squirrel."

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  1. 7thHouse
    7thHouse on Sun 4th Dec 2011 - 8 years ago

    Sounds like a combination of funny opera and circus. I love the rhythm of the drums.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    That's kind of the vibe I was going for with this one. Glad you liked it! Sorry for the late reply! Thanks for listening!

  2. DiamondFriendly
    DiamondFriendly on Fri 15th Apr 2011 - 8 years ago

    This is a fun track. Have you ever considered trying your hand at chiptunes or bit-crush just for fun?

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Glad you liked it! Haven't done chiptunes or bit crush, but I have done quite a bit of glitch, which I think of being very similar. Check out my songs Valley and Ode To Arapaho. Thanks for the review!

  3. HaruTune
    HaruTune on Tue 1st Feb 2011 - 8 years ago

    This one is tight I like it.

    Nice organ sounds...

    Mixing is also good.



    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, thanks so much! I love organs! I appreciate your positive comments! I'm a fan of your music as well!

  4. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Fri 7th Jan 2011 - 9 years ago

    Despite the fact that we make very different music, I have to say I really enjoy what you do.

    Like theHumps said, "sure is different, but I like it"

    All The Best

    John (JPB)

    Reply by Spivkurl

    It's our differences that break up the monotony! Thanks so much for your kind reviews!

  5. haven
    haven on Mon 3rd Jan 2011 - 9 years ago

    Yo Spiv-

    I always do enjoy yer music and this is no exception - great tricks on the bass track and love the cheese organ - also love the way you always seem to pay attn to the rhthmic distribution - you got stuff workin here like an engine!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I like your quote "you got stuff workin here like an engine!" that one made me smile! I appreciate you taking the time to listen and review!

    ALXSIX on Thu 16th Dec 2010 - 9 years ago

    It's been a while since I wanted to get back at you so I'm glad I found this track! Love the happy mood that grasps you since the very beginning with the drums, then that organ comes in and I'm even happier! Then that bass... it's an infinite loop of cheerful vibes! Great production, loved it!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Glad you could get some cheerful vibes off this song! It's meant to be sort of up beat! I love using organs, they just make me smile! Thanks so much for the listen and review!

  7. Bindanox
    Bindanox on Sun 5th Dec 2010 - 9 years ago

    I love organs!I really like your happy melodies,that made me laugh.Theres an almost sense of this song being played and recorded in real time.Some of the sounds reminds me of those old school arcade games.Nicely done.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yeah, I dig organs too! I'm glad you liked the happy melodies! It wasn't recorded in real time, but I played it on my organ before I sequenced it, so it gave sort of a spontaneous feel to it. Glad you could get into it! Thanks much for the review and fave!

  8. Nap
    Nap on Tue 23rd Nov 2010 - 9 years ago

    Spiv man! Check out my new song "Appreciation" It features your Old School Bass D Maj beat to it! I made it for return for all the good reviews you gave me! :D

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I checked out your track! I like it much! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. JustKent
    JustKent on Sat 13th Nov 2010 - 9 years ago

    i like this one, is very "alegro" the melody is nice and i like some efects too, beautifull

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I'm glad you like it! Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and review!

  10. ChrissG
    ChrissG on Thu 11th Nov 2010 - 9 years ago

    definatly got a nice flow to this one brother.. really enjoyig this as im listening to it.. great work man.. keep em coming please

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thanks so much for the kind review! I'm glad you think it has a nice flow! I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment!

    SUBSPORT on Fri 5th Nov 2010 - 9 years ago

    yeah, I am loving this organ melody. It is make me creeps. This is like from computer game. Very interesting work.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thanks so much for your review! I'm glad you could get into this one! Take care friend!

  12. EzIcarus
    EzIcarus on Tue 26th Oct 2010 - 9 years ago

    Very cool track bruv, great work...

    Whens the next track coming???

    Ez Icarus

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I appreciate you taking the time to listen and review! I should have my CD burner sometime this month, and will be uploading some new material after I get it hooked up! Thanks for asking!

  13. yeshintae
    yeshintae on Tue 26th Oct 2010 - 9 years ago




    Much Respect from LA

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yeah, I like the bass on this one too! Glad you could get into it! Thanks so much for reviewing!

  14. Cuttlemoose
    Cuttlemoose on Sun 24th Oct 2010 - 9 years ago

    Good happy track. Love the 'talking bass'!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yeah, this is one of my happier tracks for sure! I hadn't thought of this as a talking bass, but I guess you're right! Thanks so much for taking the time to review!

  15. MiracleManTracks
    MiracleManTracks on Sat 16th Oct 2010 - 9 years ago

    I really dig this track !!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey thanks much! I'm really glad you like! I appreciate you returning the favour of a review!

  16. BrokenScythe
    BrokenScythe on Tue 12th Oct 2010 - 9 years ago

    Wow this is different, that bass is very deep and has that hint of squelchy :P I DIG IT! the lil organ backline really moves the track along, the small chiptuney beep synth is a subtle yet strong touch. dig the dynamics in the rhythm! subtle but nicely done. This whole track(except the bass) bleeds subtlety, yet is a great example of its power. Details are a must for any great producer, and you exemplify this well Spiv. I love that the track doesnt just burn out, but goes out with that nice bass change up and nice rise crash touch. A head nodder indeed, great work :D

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Wow, what a very thorough and well thought out review! Your opinions are really helpful! I think this one turned out good, so I'm glad you agree! Thanks so much for listening and reviewing!

  17. BluntsAndBeats
    BluntsAndBeats on Sat 9th Oct 2010 - 9 years ago

    holy crap. THIS WAS LIKE A FLASHBACK TO regular nintendo!! This is so freaking cool. Faving this one man. I love everything about it, its freaking aamazing!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Haha yeah, this definitely has a video game vibe to it! I loved regular nintendo! Thanks so much for your comments and the fave!

  18. TraXnCtrl
    TraXnCtrl on Wed 6th Oct 2010 - 9 years ago

    Hey Spivkurl,
    I really liked the dark bassline in this one....the track has a very arcade-like feel to it
    well done

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey trax, thanks so much for listening! I'm really glad you think it turned out! I really appreciate your kind words!

  19. Phyruis
    Phyruis on Mon 27th Sep 2010 - 9 years ago

    nice track brother... cannot believe you haven't uploaded anything still February brother... I use to like your take on dnb... anyway quite like video game music in many ways got that Japanese edge to it... love the kick its got some nice power... production wish it's OK but thats and easy fix eh? keep 'em coming brother

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I haven't uploaded anything because my CD burner is dead and I can't transfer anything from my studio computer to my internet computer. Hope to get a new one for my birthday. Glad you liked this tune though, thanks for listening!

  20. KooLKYLE
    KooLKYLE on Sat 18th Sep 2010 - 9 years ago

    sounds like a song they would use on a arcade game like somthing similar to space invaders lol this is a nice fun track and i love that crunchy/electric bass sound :D good stuff :D

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yeah it does have a video game vibe to it, it's got to be all the organ sounds. I think the bass turned out nice on this track too. Glad you liked it man! Thanks for the review!

  21. Tranzistor
    Tranzistor on Fri 17th Sep 2010 - 9 years ago

    This song is way unique dude, I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of super mario kart for some reason but that's irrelevant. Good work on the percussion and the whole groove and feel of the song you've got talent for sure.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, thank you so much for the kind comments! To have a song called unique is quite a compliment for me, so thank you! Super mario kart, eh? That's funny! Thanks again for the review!

  22. n0mad23
    n0mad23 on Thu 2nd Sep 2010 - 9 years ago

    Totally infectious. I was scratching my head the first 30 seconds, but was a true convert before the minute mark.

    I love organs, too. You ever use SoundFonts? If so, I'll shoot you the link to the best organ SFs I've ever found (also comes in Kontak format) - 250 pipes, 5 real stops on two manuals (plus a coupled keyboard), built in 1988 and 84megs in SF format!

    Faved this one (but no surprise).

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Infectious eh? I appreciate it man! I think this ones pretty catchy too! Thanks for the fave!

    I don't use soundfonts, but I appreciate the offer!

  23. StephenPotter
    StephenPotter on Sun 25th Jul 2010 - 9 years ago

    I liked the drumloop, nice work there with that. The sounds all flow together really nicely, and I really like the bass! I fully agree with Ensam that the track won't let you go until the end, it did the same for me :P

    Ste :)

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, thanks so much for listening and returning the favour of a review! I'm really happy you thought the sounds flowed together, I tried really hard on this one! Glad this one could pull you in! Thanks for your kind words!

  24. WhiteSands
    WhiteSands on Wed 21st Jul 2010 - 9 years ago

    this is why i like your tracks because theres usually an oddness that makes it fun to listen to. nice job!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yes, you're right my tracks do have an oddness about them... there's a reason, I'm crazy! I'm glad it's fun to listen to though. Thanks again for the reviews! It's good to have you back!

  25. alividlife
    alividlife on Wed 7th Jul 2010 - 9 years ago

    A bit older one huh?
    I need to go thru your expansive library and check 'em all out...
    I like this! Most definitely got the Mario thingy happenin.

    It's totally happy.. but .. the aggressive bass is also kinda cognitively interesting..
    It's like the guitarsish and organ have a pensive quality and then the bass is just like BWAAAAAA lol

    Really good stuff!
    I felt a pad deuling on the half-time around the 3 minute mark / outro woulda been coolish..

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yeah everything of mine is old right now, because my CD Burner died and I can't transfer anything to my internet computer... it's a little depressing.

    But anyway, I'm really glad you liked this one. Yeah upon listening to this again, the bass is kind of funny, it just seemed like the best way to offset those organs. BWAAAA

    Thanks for all your kind and helpful words! Your reviews are always a pleasure to receive!

  26. bobbybooth
    bobbybooth on Wed 30th Jun 2010 - 9 years ago

    very happy little track. sounds like stereolab or something. nice weirdness to it. that bass is killer, i think it goes well, and i think your beats are very complimentary to the whole sound.


    Reply by Spivkurl

    I'm glad you found the track to be happy, as that was part of the intention! I haven't heard too much stereolab, but I appreciate the comparison! Thanks for your compliments on the bass and beats! I really appreciate your review!

  27. Fayz
    Fayz on Fri 25th Jun 2010 - 9 years ago

    haha yeah it started and it was like instant happiness, i just woke up so i'm glad this is the first thing i heard. i like the different organs that you used. i like how it's really happy sounding but has that darker under layering, and the ending is pretty cool, i like how you ended the song. very well done.

    Much respect Fayz

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Glad I could make you happy with this song my friend! I'm glad it was the first thing you heard when you woke up, it's a good song for that. Yeah there is a lot of dark and light contrasts in this track. Glad you liked it! Thanks for returning the favour of a review!

  28. rfalkenburg
    rfalkenburg on Mon 21st Jun 2010 - 9 years ago

    It kind of made me feel like I was at a slow motion baseball game with the crowd dancin to the organ. Picture that. I read your profile. Good stuff and know what ya mean. Thanks for stoppin' by my stuff now and then. I'll be back around, cuz it sounds great to exist.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I'm picturing that and I can see what you mean! Those organs fit right in at a baseball game. Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my tracks and my profile! I'll try to return the favour!

  29. C69
    C69 on Mon 31st May 2010 - 9 years ago

    Video game all right! I love this kind of music and the artists who push the limits. Well done!! C69

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, thanks so much C69 for checking out this track! I try to push the limits whenever possible, I'm glad you think it sounds that way! I really appreciate your kind words!

  30. Nosleeves
    Nosleeves on Sun 30th May 2010 - 9 years ago

    this gave off werid vibes if has a video game style feel mix with acid and dance but overrall its a great track good work

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I can definitely understand why you'd get weird vibes off this one, writing electronic songs on a vintage organ is a weird process. I'm glad you could get into this one, as it was really fun to create. Thanks for all your reviews!

  31. DJsDragoN
    DJsDragoN on Tue 25th May 2010 - 9 years ago

    Hey Man! Very original,containing both dark and light sounds and combining them with a techy robotic bassline! Really like the organ melodies in here making your energy and spirits rising while listening to this clever track! :)
    Keep up the good work man!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, thank you so much for the good response to this song! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I agree with you about the organ melodies, they lift my spirits as well. Your supportive words are much appreciated!

  32. BrownJenkins
    BrownJenkins on Wed 31st Mar 2010 - 9 years ago

    I love so much much the way you're using organs:i even think you're the one who made me really enjoy this instrument.Very happy and "spinning" track I add to my favs
    French Kid

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey friend! I'm glad I could get you into organs, they're such a classic instrument, especially when compared to other electronic instruments. "Spinning", that's a good way to describe this track! Thanks very much for the kind review and the fave!

  33. theHumps
    theHumps on Sun 28th Mar 2010 - 9 years ago

    A big smile came to my face at about 18 seconds when the first synth came in!! Sure is different but I like it! Happy, bouncy little beat, nice track Spiv!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, glad I could make you smile with this one! Yes, definitely different. Happy and bouncy, I'd have to agree. Thanks much for returning the favour of a review! Take care friend!

  34. profobones
    profobones on Sun 21st Mar 2010 - 9 years ago

    you have an interesting way of arranging your part's. i'm all about ur style what ever that may be??????

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yep, I don't really arrange things in a traditional manner, which is part of why my stuff doesn't fit the normal genres. Not sure what my style is either, but I'm very pleased you could get into this track! Thanks very much for your reviews!

  35. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Mon 1st Mar 2010 - 9 years ago


    brilliant, man what else is there to say about you Spiv, great heavy bass, nice beat and drum rolls, this has your touch all over it, again right up there with your high standards, So like what you do with your work, your own style, always a great pleasure to listen to your pieces my friend...Peace...Estefano...Fav'd...

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Brilliant, eh? I really appreciate you saying that! This one is definitely a signature track, what with the dueling organs and all. Thanks again for faving my tracks, it makes me happy that you like them!

  36. arkeyetexture
    arkeyetexture on Mon 1st Mar 2010 - 9 years ago

    i like this one alot. i really like the contrast between the brightness of the organ and the dark bass line. those rolls are nice. good stuff brother.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, glad you liked this one! I agree that the organ and bass are a nice contrast, they feel like they wouldn't normally be used together. Thanks for your kind comments friend!

  37. jfw
    jfw on Sun 28th Feb 2010 - 9 years ago

    I take it this sudden profusion of work from you signals the end of the Hiatus - great track and great to see you back doing what you do!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Yes I'm definitely done with my break, though I really didn't stop much, just been working slower... hehe. Glad you could enjoy this track, I think it's kind of a fun one.

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