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About Me

About Haven's Music:

Colorado artist Haven McInerney is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who has been recording original music for over 25 years. He specializes in dreamy and melodic guitar compositions, but his vast catalog of over 4,000 works spans a multitude of styles and moods. Using unique combinations of instrumentation, Haven writes in the Rock, Electronic, Folk, New Age, Country, and Experimental genres, among many others. He recently scored the film "Ripples Cross" by Mark Turner, David Schler, and Dave Wruck, released internationally through Arabfilms.

- best place to get more info is on my website: www.music2infinity.com

Instruments I play

vocals, guitars, keys, drums , bass (love it), trombone (but only when I pull it out from the trunk of my car and blast a note in the parking lot)

Software I Use

Mostly Mixcraft - some reaper, beatcraft and wave pad editor, drums on demand and Jim McCarty's "songwriter drum trax" , Beta Monkey drums, Atlas drums, Pro sessions drums, various softsynths - Camel Audio Alchemy (frickin awesome!) mostly free ones!

Hardware I Use

tascam 2488 neo hard disk recorder, my main guitar is a Parker Fly, but also use a cheapo thrift store bought washburn telecaster electric guitar (highly modified) and Schecter electric and a cheapo "Electra" acoustic. And my latest favorite is my Chinese Squire strat which I picked up for $55 in a pawnshop - absolutely LOVE it - keep yer eyes out for one with "the magic" cuz they are out there! In fact... the twang bar even stays in tune! 2 Peavy classic 30's (run in stereo), Roland Jazz Chorus 120, some Casio and Yamaha keyboards, Groovebox 505, Roland Jazz Chorus 120, Boss GT3,AKG Perception Phantom powered consensor microphone and some audio tech mics and sm58's, Ibanez AEG10NE classical nylon string guitar(with Fishman electronics)

Listening To Right Now

loggins and messina sittin in
enigma something... oh... and looperman folks all day long! Best music in the world is right here on looperman... new and fresh... in real time!!

10 Favourite Albums


My Influences / Fav Artists

Grateful Dead (I play in a grateful dead cover band) , van morrison, Moby, electronic weird things, mozart, beatles, bags patrick, jace jones and lots of others

My Music Sounds Like


In My Other Life I ...

sales, golf