Description : Mash up of electronic / samples / rock track
Needs vocals !!

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  2. OfficialMessenger
    OfficialMessenger on Fri 5th Jan 2018 - 2 weeks ago
    This is a pretty interesting mix
  3. victorhaaning
    victorhaaning on Thu 28th Dec 2017 - 3 weeks ago
    Really like what you did with the sample. The intro evokes a lot of interest. I like that it's poppy but not too poppy, because it has a lot of charm. Nicely done, great track
    Reply by Indieground Thx for your kinds words man
    And yeah this is a heavy sample track
  4. Ludwigbroo
    Ludwigbroo on Wed 27th Dec 2017 - 3 weeks ago
    Hi Great work, love the bas. Amazing. And the vocalsample.
  5. Arloph09
    Arloph09 on Wed 27th Dec 2017 - 3 weeks ago
    the idea is brilliant....
  6. Billionz
    Billionz on Wed 13th Dec 2017 - 1 month ago
    If you shoot me an email I can get some vocals laid down on this.
    Reply by Indieground Hey that's cool
    I hardly looking for vocalist on lot's of my track mate check my tracks page one of this days

    My email

    Check here for more tracks too

  7. JohnnyBourbon
    JohnnyBourbon on Wed 27th Sep 2017 - 3 months ago
    Awesome track man
    Reply by Indieground For for your feedback mate
  8. ReonN
    ReonN on Wed 7th Jun 2017 - 7 months ago
    Great vibes in this track. It is indeed cinematic and the composition is very well put! You can also find different vocals here in looperman and just keep searchin and you might find gold in the acapella section.

    Reply by Indieground Hi ! Yeah i think is really cool to find some accapela on this site
    I listen to them oftenly
    I'm pretty sure find some cool goodies one of this days

    Thx for you kind words buddy
  9. BeatzFactory
    BeatzFactory on Tue 6th Jun 2017 - 7 months ago
    really nice track ... sounds great man ¡

    Reply by Indieground Thx mate
  10. silverman
    silverman on Tue 6th Jun 2017 - 7 months ago
    Almost cinematic.
    Very well put together.
    Reply by Indieground Thx for the feedback mate
    And about the cinematic stuff i used a sample from "Groundhog Day"
  11. wikkid
    wikkid on Mon 5th Jun 2017 - 7 months ago
    Another fave. I heard this on your Looperman page.
    So, who's doing the vocals or is that a sample?
    Good voice. If it's you, don't be scared. Sing some more.
    Reply by Indieground Again thx for the feedback
    Yeah that's vocal part at the beginning it's a sample
    It came from an old reggae dub track

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Instrumental track



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Description : A little song about activism at it's most basic, with a pinch of active imagination. I worked my Eat Lead Copper modular synth into this one, as well as the modified Monotribe. Played a bass part on the old '91 Epiphone Precision bass. Also just did some parts replacement on the '90 Epiphone Les Paul Studio, and decided to test it out on this song... with amp and effects via a POD v2.0. Thank you for listening!
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