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Description : Leave the problems of the world behind and come for a brief flight on a Magic Carpet woven by planet and SlapJohnston..this is a fun ride and the view's cool...enjoy

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  1. Buddrumming
    Buddrumming on Sun 21st Oct 2012 - 9 years ago

    Luv this tune!!! always... thx for rockin... Bud

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey mate,thanks buddy!...I've got to get a bass track down to send to you sometime and get that Buddrumming treatment!
    cheers mate Dave :)

  2. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Fri 30th Dec 2011 - 10 years ago

    oh! that bass sounds good.

    this was a bit of a cool tease for me. tantalizing my senses, keeping me on the edge of "whats next", from sax to flute...

    a cool mix of instruments, simple, and that breakdown, mwuah.

    it was only for a moment but my "getaway" was worth the listen.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks Mizz Muzic (or is that Mizzuz Muzic..don't answer that! lol)...Guys like me that mainly play instrumentals spend a disproportional amount of time cursing their complete lack of vocal skills and seek convoluted ways of addressing this shortcoming.......it's true! haha..appreciate the listen! cheers Dave

  3. DonnieVyros
    DonnieVyros on Fri 23rd Dec 2011 - 10 years ago

    This tune sounds so familiar, couldn't tell you why though. Maybe b/c its been floating around on the loop as long as it has (I'm sure this spawned a few mixes or extension collabs). The groove of this takes me back to 80s detective shows (or 70s flicks). And though the primary focus was the bass & horns here I'm actually digging some of the other stuff that went behind this (like the flutes & chimes or SFX). Really adds to the atmos (takes it in a completely different direction from the main IMO). Nicely done mate. Lates!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Donnie..thanks mate!you know it's interesting,I think I spend more time sometimes looking for the right little Fax and syn th transient than I do on the main thrust of the project...haha,getting bogged down minutia always happens to obsessive compulsives!...thanks again mate..cheers Dave :)

  4. DoctorMoodMusic
    DoctorMoodMusic on Tue 13th Dec 2011 - 10 years ago

    Where is James Brown? Something about this song reminds me of Funk! One of my favorites right here. Great.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    I don't know..but I'd give just about anything to play with the dude (though I heard he was a little dictatorial,but hey he's(was) a legend and still is!lol)..cheers mate :)

  5. DoctorMoodMusic
    DoctorMoodMusic on Tue 13th Dec 2011 - 10 years ago

    Where is James Brown? Something about this song reminds me of Funk! One of my favorites right here

  6. MWRatridge
    MWRatridge on Fri 22nd Jul 2011 - 10 years ago

    And the man can play the bass...awesome and fav'd.

  7. CyberSon
    CyberSon on Thu 7th Jul 2011 - 10 years ago

    Oh boy, I certainly did enjoy my ride on the carpet! I'm so glad to have had the time to listen to the music of such a talented artist as yourself!

    Fantastic arrangement and expert playing (I read that you play the music, not looped). A stunning piece of work Sir. I look forward to listening to more.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks man!..glad you enjoyed the ride..cheers Dave

  8. RotenBeats
    RotenBeats on Sun 26th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    this a real catchy melody to it, i like the horn i think its a horn anyways lol but yh thats really nice and u got the bass spot on !

  9. WaPer
    WaPer on Mon 13th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    Great track for chilling and relaxing... amazing collab of 2 great musician... superb!
    Thanks for sharing this one...



  10. StarTropix
    StarTropix on Thu 9th Jun 2011 - 11 years ago

    This is a nice song to relax while listening to.
    Thank you for posting this.

  11. LordDice
    LordDice on Fri 6th May 2011 - 11 years ago

    I've seen You around the site quite a bit, but never had listened to anything of yours yet. So when this was featured I hopped on it. really like it. gonna check out the rest of your catalog. nice to chill out to,thanks.

  12. jkiller123
    jkiller123 on Mon 22nd Nov 2010 - 11 years ago

    nice track man this had a cool hip hop vibe to it you right on point man

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Cool bro...glad you enjoyed it,I'll be swinging by your page very soon! cheers mate :)

  13. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Tue 9th Nov 2010 - 11 years ago

    What an awesome ride that was. I can't believe I haven't listened to this one till now. Everything is perfect. Love it.



    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey mate sorry for the late reply....you know I actually like this one myself! lol..hehe..you know how it is,some tracks you do but on reflection don't stay with you...this one did..cheers buddy Dave :)

  14. haven
    haven on Wed 27th Oct 2010 - 11 years ago

    oh man this is just too kewl - great work- yer one talented musician - or is this a team of folks? LOL - great bass sound and playing - also dont know if you built this around any loops or if all live playing - but either way is amazing!!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hi mate..glad you could drop by and take a spin on the Magic Carpet..yep this track is 100% live playing..Synths/Electric Bass/Drum programming/Arrangement by moi..Horns/Flute/Clarinet SlapJohnston...I never use loops either, that is unless I've made them myself!lol...cheers buddy Dave :)

  15. RickMal
    RickMal on Wed 15th Sep 2010 - 11 years ago

    that was a top ride i went on right thur,really enjoyed that pjb,,mal

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks buddy..sorry for the late reply!..cheers mate planet :)

  16. Psiren
    Psiren on Sat 11th Sep 2010 - 11 years ago

    I absolutely love the atmosphere of this track. Makes me want to get up and dance, haha. The horns give it an almost 1950's feel at first. The whole mix honestly sounds like it was done in a recording studio and I think it sounds great overall :)

  17. SkribleJ
    SkribleJ on Fri 3rd Sep 2010 - 11 years ago

    Nice job mate!!! felt like i was in the Amazon!!!

  18. danbo
    danbo on Sat 7th Aug 2010 - 11 years ago

    Jazzy completely.
    Welcome to the world of crazy music !
    Thanks much for this one.

  19. Jpipes24
    Jpipes24 on Mon 26th Apr 2010 - 12 years ago

    This is a great mix... Really like all the great sounds that you've put into it... Now I understand why your name is planetjazzbass, sounds great keep up the good work!

    ULTRAPHONICS on Sat 23rd Jan 2010 - 12 years ago

    thats some serious bass and sax going on there, awesome!!! love the percusion too.. You really do feel lilke you're on a funky magical ride listening to this track, love it. cant say much else that hasnt already been said.


  21. oasisduke
    oasisduke on Mon 18th Jan 2010 - 12 years ago

    this is indeed a fun piece. the drums are divine and the horns so sublime! i have no idea how you manage to paint such a clear picture of this ride in my head. slap's line ever present like the miniature landscape whizzing by below. oooh...and the flute like a playful butterfly flying beside waving 'hi'...so much to see on this magic carpet ride. i want to fly again and again.
    i have much to learn from you. uber kudos and cheers for the ride!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thank you..I've got to say being able to collaborate with Slap is one of the great pleasures I've come to enjoy on Looperman....meeting people and grooving with them artistically is so......civilized...I love it!..cheers planet :)

  22. Vizronics
    Vizronics on Tue 17th Nov 2009 - 12 years ago

    Sounds like a riff we used to warm up with in high school band. So in which direction do I genuflect to you and the holy Slap Johnson.

  23. KDLproject
    KDLproject on Sun 13th Sep 2009 - 12 years ago

    I knew this was going to be cool from the get go with the percussion groove, then bass, sax, building into pure magic. You and Slap can't go wrong. A tight jam indeed, very cool man. Love the new avatar too. Cheers!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey man at first I didn't recognise your new moniker...thanks for a great review!I'm glad you enjoyed the ride..I'll be over to check your page very soon ..cheers mate :)

  24. brandonjames
    brandonjames on Sun 30th Aug 2009 - 12 years ago



    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Brandon..thanks for the great review mate!..glad you liked the tune..cheers buddy :)

  25. CalifKen
    CalifKen on Fri 28th Aug 2009 - 12 years ago

    It's always nice when you've sort of seen someone around the site, online sometimes, mentioned in posts, so you know they're gonna be good. And then you eventually click play on one of their tracks - ah, refreshing. Very cool, this planet of jazz bass. Definitely diggin. I've gotta turn a couple of my friends onto you, they're gonna love this. Jazz man!

    Excellent brass and wind work. The brass sounds real, what's the deal? Is it true/

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks Cali for a great review..Oh yeah those horns are realer than real..played by none other than our very own SlapJohnston,the guy's a miracle worker,he plays like stepping off the curb,never heard a style he couldn't play..cheers mate planet :)

  26. jfw
    jfw on Sun 9th Aug 2009 - 12 years ago

    Hi Planet, This is great work - very discursive. Excellent outside soprano sax and your bass is very like Victor Bailey - super track.

  27. Metamorfo
    Metamorfo on Fri 7th Aug 2009 - 12 years ago

    Me encanta!! me la quedo Gracias !!!

  28. BrownJenkins
    BrownJenkins on Mon 3rd Aug 2009 - 12 years ago

    Very nice track!
    That bass playing is incredible and the arrangements are great,very professional.Think I'm already addicted to that tune.
    Thanks for the ride

    French Kid

  29. Rtdabombnetwork
    Rtdabombnetwork on Sun 2nd Aug 2009 - 12 years ago

    nice magic i want to get on the ride againnice track.
    check out that toxicxvoltage feature i got 1

  30. GotCheeve
    GotCheeve on Thu 30th Jul 2009 - 12 years ago

    goes without saying that the bass & horns are awesome and very well arranged and done with quite the finesse. but you really fill the track out with the ambient sounds in the background that arise, as well as the curious sounds that accompany as accents. the beginning and end are awesome too I forgot to mention.

    that breakdown around 1:50 is soooo dope too. great percussion. awesome production. 10/10.

    i envy your bass skills.

  31. n0mad23
    n0mad23 on Tue 21st Jul 2009 - 12 years ago

    Sweet. Had to say something as I've faved it.

  32. spacestationwagon
    spacestationwagon on Fri 10th Jul 2009 - 12 years ago

    ah this is just what the doctor ordered. you have done a great thing here! love the birds and what you've done with slaps horn. great slide on that fat jazz bass!
    ever humble,

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hi Mate ..great to see you back!..cheers buddy :)

    SONOFAPIMP on Sat 27th Jun 2009 - 13 years ago

    what it do that shit is some f ire holla at ya boy

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Cooldude..thanks for the listen :)

  34. victormusic01x
    victormusic01x on Thu 25th Jun 2009 - 13 years ago

    dude, this reminded me so much of jaco and WR but seen through an almost ambient/Material kaleidoscope, man a friend of mine had a real nice one when we were little kids..Slap Johnson sounds great, beautiful tone...wish we could jam in the same room together :)...amazing work man..
    thanks for sharing your artistry!

    victormusic01x...in the nyC...mmmm mmm mm


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thank you MrV..much appreciated :)

  35. Dennel
    Dennel on Mon 22nd Jun 2009 - 13 years ago

    WOW, PJB U DA MAN!!! Very infectious grooves going on here. And I really dug how you've incorporated/sustained the notes during the changes in order for the listener to hear and feel the full ambiance and harmonization of the instrument. Not to mention your sound and voicing are indeed quite extraordinary. As always with Slap doing his thing, this makes the track an all around top flight production. I'll take that ride anytime brother, great creativity, great job.


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thank you MrD..for your kind review :)

  36. alividlife
    alividlife on Sun 7th Jun 2009 - 13 years ago

    man that's a nice carpet!

    how much?

    bass work is incredible. i can never get the same vocal quality in my bass as you do, but i guess that goes back to the old adage "it's not the instrument, it's the player"

    horn work is amazing btw.

    i am searching for words, when the music is right there.
    no need for words when you have this resting on your mind.

    lol... implemented soo well!

    tugs on the edge of analog goodness! great filters and use!

    lol.. mr.e should totally play drums

    you know, i am thinking about doing a tack that is just a drum solo.
    thanks for inspiring me and being a very good human!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks Abe...glad you liked it mate :)

  37. thethirdfigure
    thethirdfigure on Sat 6th Jun 2009 - 13 years ago

    being a fellow bass player....i definitely appreciate the subtlety of the bass approach and the trills, voicing of the fretless bass here.

    definitely grabbed my attention. do you listen to amon tobin, squarepusher, or mocean worker (adam dorn) at all? i hear adam dorn all over this track. that's a good thing (for me, anyways).

    weather report, meet adam dorn.

    very nice job. dig the flutes and the subtle movements within the piece. you've succeeded in making me feel that i should get to the woodshack and pull the bass out. :)

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks for the great review MrThirdf!..Actually I've never heard Adam Dorn..but I'll soon fix that!...I like a lot of other bassists like to think of the instrument as a full ensemble piece now and not just some element in the rhythm section...more power to the bottom enders yeah!...cheers mate :)

  38. TraXnCtrl
    TraXnCtrl on Fri 5th Jun 2009 - 13 years ago

    what a ride!awesome bass as usual mate, and Slap just sets the mood with the sax. great colab

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks fellow countryman!..appreciate the words...cheers mate :)

  39. Mokeone
    Mokeone on Thu 28th May 2009 - 13 years ago

    Whoa, Dave... What a sweet ride. Excellent production. I think the bass is topshelf and I love Slaps horns. 5 stars outta 5

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey mate..thanks for the kind words..nice to see one of the old crew again..cheers buddy :)

  40. Randall822
    Randall822 on Sat 23rd May 2009 - 13 years ago

    Hi Dave,

    Say, just getting around to review a couple of your tunes here. After that last Van Halen song I posted, I had so many reviews to answer back too.

    Anyways, your giving that Jazz bass a workout. It's nice to hear that kind of playing. Slap did a great job as well as he always does. Horns add a lot to a song.

    I like this tune a lot, but doubt that I could play this type myself. More like Jazz which I never got into.
    Great job here and I commend you both.

    At the moment, I am trying to duplicate a guitar sound I have heard on a couple songs. One from Shania Twain and Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana fame).
    I am guessing it uses a combo of a Line 6 POD unit and a VoX wah-wah pedal held halfway down to give the unique tone. Guess I'll have to dig my Vox pedal out that I bought in the 60's.

    Take care,

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Randy..glad you enjoyed the tune..yeah you can't go wrong with Slap in the mix that's for sure..lol..Haha.Wah pedals are so cool..I used to have one ages ago..but it went missing..and being primarily a bass player I never replaced it..I really like them though (must keep my eyes peeled for a good deal)..looking forward to hearing your next tune..cheers Dave :)

  41. Filaofsoul
    Filaofsoul on Fri 22nd May 2009 - 13 years ago

    Man you are one hell of a Bass Player! I had a perfect carpet ride to the end!! The way you incorporate your bass line into your songs is outstanding Man I enjoyed another one!!


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Ahh..thank you Fila..your words are too kind..as a fellow groove merchant you know where my heart lies..in and around and on the beat! lol..I'll be over to visit! cheers mate :)

  42. StenDarker
    StenDarker on Wed 20th May 2009 - 13 years ago

    This is great! I'd believe it was professional! The beginning was great, but after the first few seconds it drags just a bit, but was still extremely well done! The rest of the song more than made up for it! I might even listen to this regularly! :)

    (P.S. Pardon my spelling, please)

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks Sten..I'm glad you liked the track..it's sometimes hard to get every facet 100% flowing..it was a very hands on jamming sort of track..with not much post production...the next one will be tighter I promise!..cheers mate planet :)

    MEDICALMARIJUANA on Sat 16th May 2009 - 13 years ago

    Match made in heaven .... Jazz that puts you in the clouds. I enjoyed this track thoroughly. Magic carpet ride was the perfect title for it. AHHHH ha ha ha... Me giving you guys reviews is laughable. I am small... very small when it comes to music, and you guys are true talents. I will continue to learn for that's all there is. A+ for my review

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Cool MrMM...glad you liked it..I think the main thing in equating music is to measure how much the person producing it is enjoying it..I've heard absolutely brilliant concert grade musicians play without soul because they were just going through the motions..and buskers with bugger all tuition putting their heart and soul into it...I give the money to the buskers every time!..cheers mate and thanks for your kind review..cheers planet :)

    SLAPJOHNSON on Sat 16th May 2009 - 13 years ago

    Hi Dave, well I think you know pretty much by now, that I will always jump aboard any mode of transport offered by your good self. I just love your bass style and sound. It's infectious!!! I also love your arrangements and productions, so my job was again the easiest of tasks. I hope you like the clarinet at the end....

    Cheers Slap...(Ali Baba)lol..

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Man (Ali)..cool job!..it hadn't escaped my attention in fact ever nuance you bring to a track never ceases to blow me away...The imagery of this piece takes me to the 1965 Elvis Presley film Harum Scarum..or something similar(those films had a profound affect on a young adolescent planet..not the acting or music..but the endless bevy of babes prancing around!)..I wonder if we had of fronted the film set and laid this groove down whether we would have got the gig?..MrE would be the perfect percussionist for the clip..we'd have to work around Elvis though! lol..cheers mate and here's to more music in the future.. Dave :)

  45. WhiteSands
    WhiteSands on Sat 16th May 2009 - 13 years ago

    Awsome track man. Im really digging this melody. Great job.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thank you very much MrWhite,glad you enjoyed it..much appreciated!..cheers mate :)

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