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About Me

Greetings my fellow conscripts. It is I, the anomaly. A trace whisper of an era gone by, but still remains. Like an empty shell, it has forgotten itself. Like I, at times allow my thoughts to wander. Though, the music always drags me back. Kicking and screaming. Back to the center of myself. The essence of my soul is the groove. The very being of my nature revolves around positive vibrations.

The music I create is a reflection of that state of being! It yearns to grab hold and not let go until you're left sweating!! It hungers to take over the frequency of the dance floor!!!

Message me if you want to exchange IM screen names (Yahoo, MySpace, IM, MSN), cool?

January 2012 update= Old "About Me" info taken down to fit the new 1000 character limit.

Instruments I play

I think one is always learning. It just depends on the level of experience. I mess with all of the above to varying degrees of coolness/expertise. And the programs, naturally.

Forgot to mention that I do have (limited) experience on turntables. Both vinyl and CD!

Software I Use

*CS4 Master Collection

*Logic 8
*Final Cut Express
(note- iDrum comes with several trials of some of their other programs like Trash & Vinyl to name a couple)

*Kinetic 2
*Music Creator 2
*P606 (came with the sp-606)
*Sonar LE (came with sp-555)

*Mix Station ver 3.1
*Techno Ejay 2 (?, don't use it that often)

Image Line:
*Fl Studio 8 Producer Edition


*Music Maker Deluxe 2005
*Music Maker Deluxe 12
*Music Maker 14

Propellerheads soft.:
*Reason Ver. 3.1

*Acid- Music Studio

Unknown company:

*(Various) Korg- Oodles of stuff free for download once you register your instrument.

Hardware I Use

Carrera (???); Electric (4 Str. Bass)
Dean; Accoustic (4 Str. Bass)
Ibenez; Elecric (4 Str. Bass)
/Korg Nano series (Control, Key, & Pad)
M-Audio; MIDISport Uno (Midi-interface cable)
M-Audio; BK8a studio moniters (came in a pair)
Peavey; Minx II (10 in. Amp)
Radio Shack; Stereo headphones
Radio Shack; Various cables & connection ends
Roland Edirol; UA-1EX (External device driver)
Roland Edirol; UM-1EX (Midi-interface cable)
Roland; HDP-10 (Drum pad)
Roland; SP-606 (Sampler)
Roland; SP-555 (Sampler)
Sterling Audio; ST51 (FET Condenser Mic)
Yamaha; DD-20C (Drum pad)
Yamaha; PSR-270 (Keyboard)
Apple; 15" MacBook Pro (w/320GB HD)
1Dell; Dimension 8400 (w/default 160GB HD)
2Dell; Mini (9")
Dell; BlueTooth headphones
Western Digital; 500GB (int. hard-drive)
Western Digital; 320GB (int. hard-drive)
Western Digital; 2TB (ext. hard-drive)
SoundBlaster; Live! 24 Bit (Soundcard, in Dell 1)
Creative; Inspire T3000

Listening To Right Now

2012 new CD list:
None to report,

Radio: (net), Cat98 Country (car), (and now) iTunes channels

Various Looperman artists (check comments/downloads for list) or DigitallyImported streams (breaks, drum-n-bass, Goa-Psy, house, new-wave channels usually).

10 Favourite Albums

In random order they are...

Trip Theory- Something on Your Mind
Ra- From One
UNKLE- Psyence Fiction
DJ Encore feat. Engelina- Intuition
Deep Sky- In Silico
Robert Miles- Dreamland
DJ Dado- Greatest Hits & Future Bits
The Porn Kings- The Best of British... (cut off)
Paul Van Dyk- Seven Ways
Freestylers- We Rock Hard

Junkie XL- Saturday Teenage Kick
DJ Revolution- In 12's We Trust
DJ Laz- Cruizin
The Crystal Method- Vegas
Cirrus- Counterfeit

There's more, but I won't clutter this up any further!

My Influences / Fav Artists

I'm not doing the show currently...
(Previous edit)- This is now held by artists that I feature on my 'unofficial' Looperman Radio show. That I have and will be posting here-

( ).

So if you're an active participating member of the site/community, or if you're kind/cool enough to leave me a review, and/or I find your music to be A) Downloadable and B) good (IE, groovy, dancy, gritty, edgey, heavy, bangin, boomin, movin, creatively experimental, and genuine) chances are I'll- Fav/Sav/Rev/Feat. Cool? Cool! Adios amigos!

My Music Sounds Like

Off-the-wall, different, generic, mediocre, crap, minty pickles, among other things people have said (or the voices in my head have whispered). I'm a fan of experimentation and fusing different styles together.
The best way to really answer this is to urge you to check out my tracks here or read over some of the comments that have been left on them. One of the reviews which stands out to me that isn't on here is...

*BioCarbon 13's comment on my song O-zone Version 2 on myspace back in '05 (not verbatum, but as close as I can recall)- 'Very interesting and nicely done. It reminds me a bit of the way ____ (blanking on the name, but the keyboardist for Depeche Mode) of DM sounded in his early days!'

In My Other Life I ...

I work as a blown tranny in a play about automobile engines.

College student:
Just finished getting 2 AAS degrees Multimedia Technology and Graphic Design and a Liberal Arts (gen studies/transfer) AA.
Am currently working on getting my BA in Telecommunications & Film (minoring in English).