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About Me

KOOK DA LOOP aka: the KDL Project

creativity is a drug I cannot live without.

about the KDL project (KOOK DA LOOP)
I'd like to think of myself as a creative person. I'm always thinking up new ways to do things or ideas I want to create. I'm a Graphic Designer & Video Editor by trade but have always enjoyed playing around with sound - primarily electronic style music. I started playing around in Soundtrack Pro arranging and mixing loops into a style of music that I wanted to create. I got hooked right away and just plain enjoy the whole process. So many talented people here at Looperman have allowed me to download many of thier loops which keeps me a happy man. Thanks to all. CHEERS!

You can check out my KDL vids as well as some of my other work at my website below or in my links page.

Instruments I play

I don't know how to play the guitar, I don't know how to play a piano,...I just really wanted to create music, somehow - so loops give me the opportunity to create my own style and vibe of music.

I have the highest respect for those that can pick up an instrument and write music. As for me, I am more of a music arranger in a sense... I know what I like to hear and I can arrange sounds I have collected into something halfway decent in a smutty amatuer techno kind of way.

My tracks aren't masterpieces, and they ain't always pretty, it's just what it is. I'm just an amateur who has been creatively inspired to create something...something I enjoy and hopefully someone else can dig as well.

Software I Use

All I have is Soundtrack Pro and Garageband, so I have been primarily using that. I use lot of Sony loop packs, Mac Jam Pack loops, Prime loops, and some Looperman.com gems. I create some loops, pads and effects in Garageband using the keyboard. Fairly simple.

Hardware I Use

Mac Powerbook and my home Mac Pro.

Listening To Right Now

10 Favourite Albums

too many to list and changes quite often... all over the board from orchestral film score, jazz, indie rock, doom metal, death metal, industrial, classic rock, electronica, house, breakbeat, dnb, I find something interesting in just about every genre.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Fluke, Juno Reactor, 2 bit pie, Hednoize, Basic Pleasure Model, Uberzone, Amon Tobin, Frontline Assembly, The Crystal Method, Steve Jablonski, Hans Zimmer, Ursula 1000, Nicola Conte, Thunderball, Mingus, Miles, Thelonious Monk, Obituary, Suffocation...It's all over the board, whatever I'm in the mood for or whatever inspiration requires.

My Music Sounds Like

Amatuer vibe - electro-ambient-experimental, industrial, techno-rock/metal. My stuff usually turns out more cinematic in nature, Most of the time when I'm making a song I'm editing images in my head at the same time, so that's probably why they don't play to well as "songs" - kinda more musical backing for something.

In My Other Life I ...

Video Editor/Graphic Design