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  • From : South-Eastern Wisconsin, United States
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I've been into music my whole life. I have always loved the sound of banging beats and drum lines and groove filled music of any type.
So come the 90's and the growth of electronic dance in the midwest and growing up in the north east suburbs of Chicago. Techno, Breaks beat, D & B and all the Chicago house comming from the underground. I was pulled into the scene at a fast pace in the summer of '96 and ever since I saw, heard and felt the music.... it touched my soul. I cant explain it and I know I dont have to cause its the same feeling we all get when we hear something great. GOOSEBUMPS!
So some time had passed before I really focused on music and promoting. I got my hands on a Roland 808 and a Roland MC-307 . I beat those two machines together for years making all my own loops and custom groove patterns and Playing any chance I could get.
To the present day, Promoting has been my biggest thing, networking on sites such as this one. Communicating with labels and marketing my label Tainted Productions. Which in the last year Ive been signed on two singles, but it never really did anything due to lack of marketing on the label that signed them.
So I continue doing what my soul needs, while running through shows rocking as many heads as I can while I'm here on earth. I Hope you all enjoy what you hear and hit me up for any booking ideas.

Brandon James


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FL Studio 9 XXL

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90's era, Techno/ Dance music revolution in the Mid-west. Chicago,IL- Milwaukee,WI- Madison,WI and Southern IL. are all the areas that were part of my musical exploration in the underground music scene, that is I believe a direct influence to my style of music, the sounds, the bass, the energy, the life, were all influences. As far as musical Influences, I could never name them all, but off the top of my head, Frankie bones, Carl Cox, D.A.V.E. the Drummer, SKYLAB2000, Cari Lekebusch, Baby Anne, DJ DARA, Diesal Boy, I love raw underground music, oldschool ACID, techno, tech-house, breakbeats, minimal, drum and bass. Heavy beats and breaky treats! I love it all and in many differant ways they are all influences of mine.

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