14th Nov 2019 18:22 - 4 years ago
Description : A few years ago I had a request for a cigar box guitar album. Alot has changed in my life since then and I've returned to working on it. Going through some recordings and selecting the ones I like. This is played freely on my Lone Rider 3 string fretless electric home made guitar. I recorded the train passing behind a bank I used to take care of, the beeping is me entering the building with a code and my keys jingling. I think it's a good into or outro piece.

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If you have time take a listen and give Burtsbluesboxes some feedback.

CelestiaAngel777 23rd Jan 2020 20:14 - 4 years ago
Wow! this is so phenomenal! it's like, giving me visuals m so atmospheric, i have not heard anything like this here before, what a wonderful! piece of musical art. Stellar work.
Burtsbluesboxes replied 25th Jan 2020 - 4 years ago
I love the music made by every day people, and since I'm not a singer, trust me ;) I got into making soundscapes and using everyday sounds to accompany my playing adding even more depth. One friend calls these head movies. They invoke different visual interpretations for everyone. Thank yu ou sweetcherries :D More to come, I used to prolifically record and build been a bit slack lately.
theHumps 19th Nov 2019 13:45 - 4 years ago
Like a scene out of a movie. Cool dark themed atmosphere you've created, dig the train, the keys and beeps are ok. Are they on the same recording as the train? I wouldn't mind hearing the track without those as a comparison with them in it. Might not imply as much to the listener.

Hand wound/reversed wound pickups have a unique sound, very cool to hear you are doing that. Waxing them too or too much work?

Neat track, different and long enough to get the idea across.

Burtsbluesboxes replied 19th Nov 2019 - 4 years ago
I recorded the train many times behind that bank. I can probably cut those sounds, I'll see. After a long break I've been back at. Came across this fun little recording and thought to share it here. I have a small crock pot I wax pot my pups in. The hardest part is waiting for the wax to liquefy! Modified sewing machine for a winder. This guitar has a production 6 pole, it was one of my first builds, and my favorite.I'll be recording more with guitars equipped with my own pups. Walking Dead is one, kinda a rough recording/playing on that one. On my amp they're fine but direct to the computer they tend to feedback. I'm making the traditional pole style pups now, but I'm going to experiment with flatpup humbuckers, a real big thing right now in the homemade instrument scene. Over the summer I was invited to show at Maine Luthier showcase, The guy that taught me and I demonstrated pick up winding, I did the traditional style, he did flat pups. Here's a video from there. That's my table in the beginning :D Fat Knuckle Freddy is a local performer and incredibly nice guy. Tom Dube runs a guitar shop and sells cbgs made by Marty - Maine Made Cbgs the guy winding/playing the didley bow.
Gorizont 18th Nov 2019 12:51 - 4 years ago
The guitar is just super, the game is just beautiful and these sounds in the background, all this together sounds very atmospheric.
Gorizont 18th Nov 2019 12:50 - 4 years ago
Гитара просто супер,игра просто прекрасна и эти звуки на фоне,все это вместе звучит очень атмосферно.
ZoxoSonor 17th Nov 2019 19:01 - 4 years ago
The "Train Theme" my favourite :)
I really like this little slice, detail.

Best regards: ZoxoSonor
Burtsbluesboxes replied 17th Nov 2019 - 4 years ago
Trains and blues guitar just go hand in hand :D It's fun to give a little backstory and help set the scene for the listener. Soundscapes can add a whole other dimension to music. Thanks ZoxoSonor, more to come along with train tracks ;) Pun intended lol!
tsochai 16th Nov 2019 17:12 - 4 years ago
this is truly incredible
awesome work i love how its laid out
close the eyes and im there

had so many ideas of using this for one of my non profit tapes....
not sure how you would feel, or if it would work out any way but...
great work
got my ear
Burtsbluesboxes replied 16th Nov 2019 - 4 years ago
Thanks Toschai. My thoughts exactly when I first heard a cigar box guitar played. This one isn't actually made with a cigar box for a body but a wooden box I made with a wallet tin for a resonator (face of the guitar where the bridge sits), and a 6 string single coil pickup. I wind my own 3 pole (or whatever pole numbers needed now). That's the beauty of these simple yet so expressive instruments. Alone they tell a tale, just close your eyes and be transported to another world. I make music and my guitars for personal enjoyment, you're more than welcome to use this any other recordings I put up, any way you like. I don't market or sell my music, just share if freely for others to enjoy. My guitars I do offer some for sale but it's really primarily all in fun. Who doesn't want to be a rockstar, but reality... ;)
DanGoldstein 15th Nov 2019 00:12 - 4 years ago
it evokes a movie scene for me. some cowboy coming back to the office late at night and entering without authorization for some dark purpose. nice use of recorded sounds. regards - Dan
Burtsbluesboxes replied 15th Nov 2019 - 4 years ago
Hows it going Dan? I love the images these soundscapes evoke for others. Don't I miss that bank! I recorded the train a few times, even made a soundscape once of zombies attacking as I was in there. I wonder what Cowboy was up to. Did you put him up to adjusting the records on your mortgage to show one payment left? ;)
I made a still photo video for fb of this with a train passing through a dilapidated industrial city, it was the closest pictoral representation of the area I could find without actually going there and photographing. Funny you mention cowboy, just up the road is a nightclub called Club Texas.

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