14th Oct 2009 22:22 - 14 years ago
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Description : A sultry, seductive, and fairly short acoustic blues number. It is an instrumental and only took about 2 hours to write, record, and get a decent mix. Enjoy! Updated: I added some slight echo to the electric guitar and widened the stereo fields of the acoustic rhythm and leads.

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If you have time take a listen and give theHumps some feedback.

StaticNomad 5th Dec 2013 22:58 - 10 years ago
Hey - good reply. The noise isn't too big a deal here. I just tend to point this sort of thing out in reviews in case the person making it hasn't noticed.

I've uploaded tracks that had a really obvious need for some parts to be EQd and noise removed but no one said a thing! So I tend to point it out as I know in the past I've been in denial about it and other problems being there.

Anyway, you will definitely want to check out Calexico - excellent group. I'd recommend the albums Black Light and Feast Of Wire and make a friendly bet that you will love them.

As regards you writing "a lot of Latin/spaghetti western/southwestern styles of music", my music theory and knowledge of harmony or chords is awful. I've never studied any Asian or Middle Eastern music but it comes out quite naturally in me. I think it's when I start doing semitone or tritone stuff - to stop it being discordant or too evil-sounding I find the notes that seem to work and that often comes out as Eastern sounding.

Maybe, somehow, there's something you do that makes the Latin/spaghetti western/southwestern naturally come out. Not sure if that's using A minor. Probably something else as well.

Anyway, cool track so keep it up.
theHumps replied 6th Dec 2013 - 10 years ago
What's happening to me now is that Ableton has nothing for noise reduction(as far as I know). My electric guitar and bass are noisy and when I used Audition 3 on my pc I had awesome adaptive noise reduction tool and a spot healing brush. I need to start transporting tracks back and forth between my pc and my mac, which kinda slows things down during production.

I will check Calexico out and those albums you mentioned, really looking forward to hearing them.

If you feel comfortable with a certain sound or type of music that just strikes a chord within you then you have to follow that. If your Middle Eastern sound is where it's at for you than pursue it and expand off of it. With me it's the acoustic guitar, probably one of the least popular genres on the site. I do it because it comes easy to me and it comes from my heart. It doesn't come from wanting to conform to what is popular at the moment in music, which unfortunately, a lot of people just imitate to gain attention. I write my songs because I like how they sound to me.

Tumbleweed 5th Dec 2013 21:12 - 10 years ago
sounds dm good to me Wayne....def western vibe but with that blues feel....there is something to be said about keeping the mixes basic/a bit sparce (something I forget to do often) sure does let each instrument play its part effectively in the mix....and you have a nice clean mix going here....great job....Ed
theHumps replied 6th Dec 2013 - 10 years ago
Hey Ed, thanks for swinging by!

I did this before I knew anything about interfaces, sequencers and controllers. It would probably sound different and more cluttered if I did it today having all they toys to play with. I like open mixes that can feature each instrument so I try to keep things simple.

I believe this was the second song I posted on the loop when I joined. Cool Edit Pro 2 has nothing on Ableton, hehe!

Take care Ed!

StaticNomad 5th Dec 2013 13:36 - 10 years ago
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you're a big fan of Calexico. I am too.

I don't really think of this track as blues - more the Calexico kind of western/desert/Mexican/Spanish kind of atmospheric, moody and melodic vibe.

Definitely perfect soundtrack music for any sort of Western or anything set in a North American desert. Or could be fun to use this on a soundtrack for an American or Mexican travelling in an African or Asian desert.

Cool guitar and simple movement of the drums. Only complaint is that there's too much noise on the track. Maybe you could find a way to remove it. But the noise doesn't interfere too much with the enjoyment of the piece as I can still hear everything clearly.
theHumps replied 5th Dec 2013 - 10 years ago
Once again, thanks for stopping by. I do not know who Calexico is. A lot of my music is simple, I am a simple guitar player and play within my means. I'm really a bass player so my guitar playing sounds like my bass playing.

Somehow I write a lot of Latin/spaghetti western/southwestern styles of music. I am not Spanish and wasn't brought up listening to it but I always liked Spanish style music. Plus Am is my favorite key and that helps a lot.

The noise is from the original analog recordings. Hiss and noise reduction was done when I did the song 4 years ago. The tracks were sent to my computer through a direct box into the mic input. This was before I had a digital usb interface. The track has some noise and it was enhanced by the recent remaster. Hey, it's an older one, I can live with it this way and it hasn't slowed down people downloading it, lol.

Thanks again for your thought out comments!

Spivkurl 12th Sep 2013 15:11 - 10 years ago
Took me a while to find a song of yours I hadn't listened to! This one is fantastic, and is very much your style! I really like the tone on the bass! The overall mix sounds very good too! Great work!
theHumps replied 30th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago
Sorry for missing this one Spiv but I am getting back to you now. Thanks, this is an old one, mix is ok, nothing great but thanks for the nice words!

Proxy 18th Jan 2011 23:43 - 13 years ago
This sounds professional, really good
theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks, appreciate you stopping by!

JohnBoutilier 29th Dec 2010 18:37 - 13 years ago
I can't believe I haven't listened to this piece before. It is fantastic. Love the slightly western feel to it. The track is all around beautiful.

Faved and Downloaded

All The Best For The New Year

theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks John!

This is simply played and was put together with no effort. It has a bit of a western feel to it, kinda my style I guess. Glad you liked it!

Sorry I forgot to get around to wishing you Merry Christmas but I'm not late for wishing you and yours all the best for the upcoming year!!


CarmenAlegria 12th Nov 2010 11:17 - 13 years ago
I love this track.. it feels like it should be on the score to a Tarrantino or Rodriguez film... Dusk Till Dawn part awesome ^.^
theHumps replied Unknown
Thank you for the nice review, haha, that was good!

TAKOOL 4th Oct 2010 20:55 - 13 years ago
sweet tune, reminds me of the game red dead redemption
good job
theHumps replied Unknown
I'll have to check out red dead redemption, not familiar with them. Thanks for stopping by!

Kikajon 21st Sep 2010 23:20 - 13 years ago
Man, what a beautiful waltz with a desert touch and tumble weeds.
It's Quentin all over and I guess Bill better watch out, Beatrix Kiddo wants to get even.
I love the heavy bass and the song – an instant fav. Excellent work, my friend.
theHumps replied Unknown
I love using the waltz beat. Ya, I think the bass is carrying it's own weight in this song.

Take care!

jfw 21st Sep 2010 16:14 - 13 years ago
I remember this from some time ago - the spanish flavour is very nice!
theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks again Jamie. I was just reading your earlier review, one of my first reviews as well. And I did check out Randys track(s) and then he reviewed this just after you, haha! Thanks for checking it out again.
c_man 21st Sep 2010 13:17 - 13 years ago
very nice sound bed. I like the pacing of the intervals & the interaction between the guitars, including the bass. well thought out.
theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks c_man! It doesn't get much simpler than this but it all seems to fit together nicely.

bobbybooth 13th Jul 2010 19:48 - 14 years ago
lovely chilled track. very spaghetti western. nice work.
theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks for checking it out and leaving a review. I like the sound of these short western tunes, glad you liked.

Mosaic 21st Mar 2010 09:15 - 14 years ago
Hey Wayne

Man this track is beautiful, just like your description, it fits well to this track, guitar is sensational, read vocals that Elaine had done for you, they sound so good for this track, friend please let me know when you have vocal version done as I would love to hear that, again this track is up with your very high standards Wayne, man I do have long way to go yet, but talent like you drives me to keep improving,as always Wayne thank you for sharing your talent, always a pleasure to the ears listening to your gems...Peace my good friend...Estefano....Instant Fav mate...
theHumps replied Unknown
I tried to get a close friend to sing the vocals with me but she passed on doing them. I think I'm gonna leave it the way it is. Thanks always for your kind words!! Take care Estefano!!
Nosleeves 6th Jan 2010 21:57 - 14 years ago
this has an aasaasin cowboy vibe to it(thats my up and coming screenplay)when i hear this track it sounds like a guy whats to change his lfe around but has to go on a carzy gun blazing jouney before he finds peace.

theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks again DJNoSleeves, I appreciate your reviews and like the description you used, very entertaining!

bcway 21st Nov 2009 17:27 - 14 years ago
Damn dude, you are very talented.
Listening to this I pictured my self in a cantina on a lazy sunday afternoon having a spot of sangria, and then someone dusty came through the swinging doors and gave me the stink eye. Recognising that hostilites were to shortly break out, I reached for my gun - when I realised that it was the cat walking into the room and was asking for a treat or a scratch ( where did the cat pick up that dust ??? , and that sumbrero ? )
Great track :)
theHumps replied Unknown
HAHAHA, that cracked me up!!


n0mad23 5th Nov 2009 21:33 - 14 years ago
I had to laugh at your response to JFW - I've had a mandolin built in the 1800's for about 20 years now, and I play mostly Sub-Saharan blues riffs on the thing, or I play it so it sounds like it's from the Ganges Delta. My balalaika only wants me to pick its strings! I'm thinking that instruments have their own "spirit" and the best music is finding their Voices and songs they "want" to sing. This is great stuff - I definitely hear how some hear an Ennio Morricone sound behind it, which personally I'd like to hear more often! Really nice work!
theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks NOmad23.

It's weird how instruments affect you. They all have their own personalities and you love each one like a love for each different child. Making music with instruments is totally different than using a computer to produce the sounds, there is a connection between you and the instrument and it is a unique experience.

Rock on dude!!!hahaha

CalifKen 5th Nov 2009 02:43 - 14 years ago
Well this is the first track of yours that didn't create some entity moving through some environment in my mind. This time, it's just chill. Kind of like in the bar during the day, when the music IS more sober. This is also very QT.

Nice work!

(edit - argh! grammar. cheers bro)
theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks dude. It was real tough not to add more tracks.

Randall822 17th Oct 2009 06:55 - 14 years ago
Hi Wayne,
Thanks for steering me here. I just listened to this tune and I like the sound of it. I also appreciate JFW for recommending it to you.
I gave somewhat of a review of this song here when I replied to your review of my tune.

There is another 'Spanish' song in my profile I did you may like. It is called 'El Nino-Latin-Spanish'.

I will get around to listening to some of your other songs soon as I am at work now!

Later and keep 'em coming.
jfw 15th Oct 2009 08:54 - 14 years ago
Great stuff. Blues? again, you have a catchy Spanish motif on this. This is very Ennio Morricone ( the good, the bad and the ugly etc ). There is a guy on Looperman ( Randall822 ) who does stuff like this - check out his track "Western Showdown" I think you'll like it. Cheers.
theHumps replied Unknown
Thanks for the reviews and your kind words. Only a couple of people have ever heard my music and given any feedback, which, I guess is one of the things I like about this site. I bought a mandolin about a year and a half ago and now my music has a Spanish sound. I never played anything remotely Spanish sounding before that. Kinda wierd, huh? I'm going with it....

Keep writing and recording,
Wayne, the Humps
Steevo 15th Oct 2009 06:07 - 14 years ago
LOL, I thought kinda' hot sultry spanish night was invoked, until I read the French Kid's review, oh yeah spaghetti western for sure, guns at noon. A nice little track, enjoyed it!
FrenchKid18 14th Oct 2009 22:49 - 14 years ago
Like this track.It has some spaghetti western feel to it.Very nice
French Kid

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