20th Feb 2017 02:23 - 7 years ago
Tags :
Description : 3 string fretless electric cigar box guitar. Bottomlands refers to the low lands of the swamp, specifically the Mississippi delta in this one, 'The most southern place on earth' Soothing would best describe this ambient piece. For full effect see the pic/video here for the inspiration behind this. Enjoy :D

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If you have time take a listen and give Burtsbluesboxes some feedback.

theHumps 19th Oct 2018 15:07 - 5 years ago
The movie Southern Comfort from back several years comes to mind. Don't mess with the locals.

I've worked in the bayous of the deep south when I traveled the country splicing fiber optic cable years ago. It's different down there, dangerous to some extent. This piece really puts me back to the days of sitting on the railroad tracks in the middle of nowhere surrounded by...your soundtrack basically.

Well done dude!

BradoSanz 19th Oct 2018 01:01 - 5 years ago
Hey phatkatz!

Long time no see, my friend. Is this guitar youre playing one you made yourself? It's been awhile since I've been active here and I'm glad to see you're still around :)

Where do you find the sounds for the swamp? Those are high quality and are always hard to find. You painted an image that almost made me think of the video game "Last Of Us". Great work!

silverman 19th Oct 2018 00:21 - 5 years ago
I'm on head phones and just realized I was holding my breath for God knows how long!
Very very laid back swamp you have there ... no Ogres in this one.
Beautiful stuff.
Indieground 18th May 2018 16:59 - 6 years ago
Hey that's really a great mix mate
The cigar box guitar add something for sure but all the sounds are pretty in place too.
Great job !
joecramer 19th Aug 2017 19:13 - 6 years ago
Nice one Burt, very dreamy and relaxing. I really enjoyed the listen.
Right now i am in danmark with my wife and daugther and enjoy the wild see and nature. When you moved to your new home place we should do for sure some new collabarations. It is in a way like your CBG's call me - Joe, come and sing with me :) .......

stay tuned
slava72 19th Aug 2017 06:13 - 6 years ago
Hello Phatkatz4 ,your fan here,good sound,can be part/intro of bluse/rock song,3 string rules!
macmajd4 16th Aug 2017 14:35 - 6 years ago
well done
Th3Coalition 17th Jul 2017 06:09 - 6 years ago
this is excellent...could i use this as a backing for my visual to my album called the Lazarus takes place in a post apocalyptic world...and this soundtrack is AMAZING
Burtsbluesboxes replied 18th Jul 2017 - 6 years ago
Have at it :p Post apocalyptic does seem to fit.
smallpaul 9th Jul 2017 21:22 - 6 years ago
Just beautiful! Very haunting and thought provoking! You cant help but be taken in and swallowed up by the depth in this piece, and thats just with my ear buds in! A master class in ambient I think!
BLEEP 9th Jul 2017 18:55 - 6 years ago
Wow i'm impressed by your track. never try to work this genre, however i like it so much! i used to hear FSOL (futur sound of london) in the same register, even if your sound and feeling are different.
Hidden in it, there's a psychedelic experience, this is what i felt during listening!

You have my fav
Zivonmusic 9th Jul 2017 03:01 - 6 years ago
Hey man, no problems for me here, man. In fact, this reminded me of this post-apoc Youtube series I used ro watch called "The dark Days". Good stuff mate!
StaticNomad 25th Feb 2017 20:05 - 7 years ago
Yo, ambient catman.

This is true ambient music!

I love the very first sound heard. A filtered/switching sort of sound straight into a lovely bit of slide. I need to get back doing some cool, ambient slide like this. Great swamp sounds. This is so wonderfully sensual and evocative. Perfect soundtrack music!

It doesn't really need to go anywhere or change. It's an ambient masterpiece that just sits and does the job.

Excellent work that feels like it could and should go on forever.
Burtsbluesboxes replied 26th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Yo Static, one year in, still building like crazy and loving these damn cbgs!! Working on a more fancy one for Designed Impression, then a similar one for myself. The first sound was actually a mistake but I like it :D The delays keep echoing long after the tracks have stopped in my daw and that sound happens if I don't allow it to completely decay, stop showing up on the master meter, and hit render. I was quite unsatisfied with my 6 string playing the night I made this so I grabbed my 3 string to play some slide, much better :p It doesn't need to go anywhere, the slide moves us along nicely as the repeating loop backing it sets a nice atmosphere mixed with the swamp soundscape. I agree, should and could go on alot longer! Maybe the next one will. I've been averaging 2 minutes with these cbg tunes, got it up to 4 with this one. Ultimately I'll rival the lengths you reach ;) Thanks Static :D
mindhiest 24th Feb 2017 00:18 - 7 years ago
Idk whats going on but this seems to be the month for artists. I'm hearing so many amazing works. this is up high on my list. love the ambience of the guitar and the swamp atmosphere. I live in the bayou city (houston) so this is really soothing for me. love it
Burtsbluesboxes replied 24th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
My absolute favorite thing about Looperman is the majority of us are just ordinary people working for a living making music simply as a hobbie. I've come across and collaborated with some amazing musicians from around the world on here over the years! We all have something we can learn from on another. Never thought of of Houston as a swamp city, always thought it was just a really big, developed and busy city. What do us hillbillies way up here in Maine know anyway ;) Thanks Mindheist! When I first heard cigar box guitars a year ago that was it I HAD to have one!!! Buying one wasn't an option either, had to be homemade. We do have a swamp out back with similar sounds, just no man eaters if you don't count mosquitoes and black flies. Summers can get quite hot 90s is enough for me! I heard a coyote yipping last night :D Ahhh the sounds of nature. Stay tuned for more northern played, southern inspired swamp blues :D
Neomorpheus 23rd Feb 2017 18:55 - 7 years ago
Pretty awesome slide guitar chillout Katz. It conjures up memory of trip I took to a little town outside New Orleans back around 1990. Chalmette, Louisiana, a real nice place, south of the French quarter. A friend and co-worker at the time was raised there. I never had been to Mardi Gras so he offered to take me down there to check it out. Long story short, while we were there we drove out to his grandparents place which was located in the bayou area right on the Mississippi River. I ended up in small boat night fishing with a spotlight in the swamp with snakes and alligators all around and getting nearly eaten alive by mosquitoes. I was freakin terrified ! This song would have been a perfect sound track to the experience. I certainly dig the track think the sound effects add a nice cinematic element to it. Maybe a bit too much walking through the mud though. I would probably like it better from a pure song point of view if the effects were limited to the intro /outro. I was toying around the other night and got into some Pink Floyd sounding stuff and decided to record a bit of it. I may end up trying to work up a track with the material and was wondering if you would you mind if I used a bit of your CBG on it? It may fit right into what I'm working with. I would certainly give you cred for it. Sorry to ask you in the middle of your track comments like this but I don't do it when it comes to mind, I would probably forget the idea later. Again, good stuff here bro, and yes I hope your serious about putting that album together. Keep us posted on that for sure man !
Burtsbluesboxes replied 24th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Damn 1990! Seems a few lifetimes ago! That would be quite terrifying! I've never been further south of North Carolina, too hot, humid and busy for me!! I like Maine, we get cold enough so there's no poisonous snakes, insects and alot of the tropical germs can't survive the winters. I'll take the cold over the heat! It's funny when people ask Maine? Where's that? People actually live there, it's not all pine trees? I love the maine woods! Less that will kill you here hahaha Listening to some tracks in my car I realized how much I do use footsteps in stuff. Maybe the next one will be fishing for catfish from a boat instead of walking. I actaully had the thought to add rowing instead. I love the cbg songs on you tube that's one guitar solo playing slide, telling it's tale. I played along with a drum groove for timing, then cut out the drums to keep it guitar and sounds of nature only. When it come to mind that's the best time to ask! Sent you a message with the stems wet and dry, have a blast with them :D The wife said sounds like pink floyd as well, but did David Gilmore play a cbg? Billy Gibbons did :p My work schedule has been a bit crazy switching nights to days and back, but I am working on getting together the songs I think will go together for a cbg album, making sure they're mixed acceptably ect. All played on cbgs and maybe bass guitar since I haven't yet built a bass, I have the parts though. I do have some stuff mixed with 6 string playing too. Started experimenting with open tunings on 6 string from what I've learned this past year. Thanks NeoGillian :D
Emolyte 23rd Feb 2017 12:57 - 7 years ago
Amazing work as usual my friend
Burtsbluesboxes replied 24th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks EyeDye, these cbgs sound amazing for such simple instruments!! Fretless ones I literally play with one finger (slide)
crucethus 23rd Feb 2017 03:44 - 7 years ago
Evokes a sultry clear night in the swamp looking up at the stars. Love the delays on the guitars (Valhalla?). great work as always Burton!
Burtsbluesboxes replied 24th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Looking up at the stars through the cypress trees, wading through the brown green knee deep muck. I use guitar rig 5, this setting was Brookside. I like the delays and how it fattened up the low end. Most of the time I use atmo guitar setting, less delay. Sometimes you just have to try out each 'til you find that sweet sound for each piece. Thanks Cru :D
ValveDriver 22nd Feb 2017 06:41 - 7 years ago
Burt, how are you?

This is a great track! I can feel the humidity, and the mud pulling at my boots.

That CBG has a great sound, and you used it well. It's so smooth and clean. Such a contrast to the environment which it accompanies. It makes fri a great balance in this atmospheric piece.

Take care.
Burtsbluesboxes replied 22nd Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Good to see you hanging again Aaron :D Going very well, thanks. Loving these cbgs!! Now I'm messing with open tunings on 6 strings and setting up a 6 string for slide playing all from my experience with cbgs. Pouring with sweat as I played this ;) Love the feel and story these guitars can create all on their own, then a little soundscaping... Thanks Aaaron.
CitizenMofo 22nd Feb 2017 02:31 - 7 years ago
I was excited just to see the post, cuz I love that cigar box guitar sound. Soothing, yes, that's the perfect word for this piece. Also exquisite. Lovely. I could well imagine this in a movie scene shot in a swamp like your pic on youtube shows - directors should be getting in touch with you. Or whoever does the getting in touch. Great rich ambient piece. The long drawn-out fade on the chirping or cheeping at the end made me smile... You could almost feel the dusk descending...
Burtsbluesboxes replied 22nd Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
I want to make a better video with moving images, maybe like walking through the swamp. Soundtrack music for sure! A number of people have said where the hell is the directors! I make ALOT of stuff perfect for movies. I'd love to make my own animated film like Fantasia or Allegro Non Troppo with my music. I started experimenting with soundscaping and voice acting due to the fact I cannot sing! Trust me hahahaha I do spoken word no problem and extreme metal vocals (wouldn't consider that singing). But I really prefer to let the sounds and the guitar tell the tale. Here's on animated one I made with music Designed Impression shared with me. Bit dark, but that's along the lines of what I'd like to make for Bottomlands. Or here's a funny one with 3rd nipple Neal Visher's song Bobby Fun stuff :D Thanks CM More on the way as well as hoping get that cbg made this month and off to you and Sunny. Made a 3 string olive oil can one Saturday tuned open D (DAD) for a change. Just need to electrify it to record it easily.
Adiuskoelle 21st Feb 2017 23:43 - 7 years ago
BORDERLANDS !!!! Exactly the feeling
Burtsbluesboxes replied 22nd Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Forget the alligators and mosquitoes watch out for that sinkhole!! Thanks :D
cej97 21st Feb 2017 06:29 - 7 years ago
Bro this is nice. Like you could almost feel the song good job!
Burtsbluesboxes replied 21st Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
I'm a huge fan of soundscapes with music, draws you right in like being there :p
DijamMusic 21st Feb 2017 00:24 - 7 years ago
Hello Burt,

Wow another good one mate,
Great job and well done.

Burtsbluesboxes replied 21st Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks Jamid, recorded in the cemetary next to the swamp ;) LOL! Loving playing these 3 string cigar box guitars! I'm going to get an album together and think this is a great opening track, like walking into the swamp.
Orlando51 21st Feb 2017 00:01 - 7 years ago
Wow Burt...swampy as it gets! The cinematic opening puts me right there in the center. Fantastic environmental effects....everything is so real!
Guitars are splendid again even though I would put them a tad lower in the mix, particularly the main one, but that's just personal preference and so it's no big deal....all in all fabulous work and production !

Big compliments_____Orlando
Burtsbluesboxes replied 21st Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Real field recordings used from freesound, I love how it puts you right there while safely NOT there hahaha! Yeah that lead is a tad too loud, I'll have to adjust that. I'm going to make a better video instead of just a still frame picture. Loving this swampy slide guitar playing, never got it down on a six string. Thanks Orlando :D Watch out for those man eating leaches! They'll suck you dry if the mosquitoes don't carry you off first!
Daniall 20th Feb 2017 21:39 - 7 years ago
Imagery , I enjoyed the ambience ./(Triad)
Burtsbluesboxes replied 21st Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Love the images music can conjure. Thanks 3iad :p
Danke 20th Feb 2017 17:30 - 7 years ago
what a soundscape Burt...muggy and tensioned...never been and I donno ever wanna be there??? :-)

handshake, Danke
Burtsbluesboxes replied 21st Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Never been to the deep south but have read extensively about it. The Grateful dead said in the 60's it was one scary place! I've been as far south as North Carolina, too hot, muggy and busy for me!! We have a swamp out back, does that count? ;) Also lots of mountains like the Appalachin people. Handshake Danke.
hashmet 20th Feb 2017 17:15 - 7 years ago
sounds really great .. would be perfect as movie soundtrack
Burtsbluesboxes replied 21st Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Maybe Anaconda or something with Steve Irwin hunting alligators :p Thanks Hashmet
Metabolic 20th Feb 2017 16:34 - 7 years ago
Paints a picture of a place a man can go to nurse his mind after battling the horrors of existence.

Beautiful as always dude.
Burtsbluesboxes replied 20th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Excellent description!! There's no shortage of horrors we endure. Nature and music can be so calming and healing. I wasn't with with anything I was playing last night so thought I'd try this after seeing one on you tube done a 6 string but they kept hitting sour notes. Addicted to the beautiful sound of cbgs!!! Thanks Metabolic :p

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