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Description : Deep grooving, slightly psychedelic cello grunge. There's no guitar but there is loads of electric cello, all played by me. The only other instruments are a violin VST, 5 seconds of Rhodes, a fat organ, a few programmed acoustic drum kits and no drum loops. No bass instruments but I do sometimes use an octave effect on cello parts to give a fatter low end. Starts off with some cool, smooth basslines and a funky little beat and then gets a lot more badass. End section is a real dirty rockin' surprise but it's only one distorted cello part plus heavy drums (very minimal). Have a good listen and then consider leaving me your fascinating feedback. Get ready to rock!

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  1. Evisma
    Evisma on Thu 23rd Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    Sincere Salutations, Skyscaping sack of squandered squirrel skat.

    Started a review yesterday and it was all erased upon clicking "Post".

    Instantly recognizable as yours. It's in the attack, I think. Expected Nomad form for a while, till 2:53 where we get a new distortion and more cymbalage and hectic fills.

    Exposed note at 3:40 is an effective bit of momentary flash. I've tried doing that with less than desirable effects.

    4:53, you go ahead and throw in some badassery. Thanks for that. Very cool sliding and distortion tone. Definitely the highlight of the track. Most of the track seemed to repeat the same couple phrases a lot, without as much of your engaging and entertaining extras. Not awarding the coveted NTB trophy on this one, but I am jealous of the distortion tones you have at your disposal.

    My opinion; The badass ending section should come much sooner, emptying out into a calm section, with more badassery to take it to the end. But what do I know? I have 4 false-starts in my DAW, sitting there, taunting me and my inability to progress. Been stuck for a week or so.

    Skyscaping came from an image I posted on 'The Book Of Faces' that you commented on. I mentioned a Moonraker, you countered with Skyscraper. Clever fuck.

    Hoping all is well.

    Reply by StaticNomad Yo, my skyscaping bro.

    A sack of squirrel shit to you too.

    I'm sure that erased review was amazing.

    My attack is instantly recognisable? Not sure what that means.

    "Expected Nomad form for a while"

    Haha - that's your summary of the first few mins. Well, I did predict on 'The Book Of Faces that you wouldn't like them much: "you will find the first couple of minutes mildly tolerable".

    'Tis a shame you don't like the cool, smooth grooving Nomad and only the badass Nomad. Maybe you can learn.

    I thought you might be impressed by those sinuous, sliding basslines in the first couple of mins. The drums are probably too gentle and skipping for you. Also: no bass instruments in the track, just cello.

    "3:40 is an effective bit"

    It is. Don't know why you have trouble with that. Just try muting the drums for a second or two. It's very effective.

    "4:53, you go ahead and throw in some badassery. Thanks for that."

    I try to please. Might actually be my least favourite section. Pretty simple stoner rocking but good fun. And it's just one cello part.

    "seemed to repeat the same couple phrases a lot"

    Yes - that's why I spent many months on it because I felt it was a bit samey and wondered how I was going to change into other riffs. Yet, I also think it progresses quite nicely and there are some fun extras eg the sweeping violin parts, the organ and, of course, the distortion and heavy drums. Otherwise, yes, it's a rather minimal Nomad track.

    "The badass ending section should come much sooner"

    No, I won't do that. It's a somewhat awkward change and I like the smooth, chilled grooves of the first couple of mins.

    No NTB trophy? That's fine - I have a whole cabinet full of them. Maybe Mr V will award me one for this track.

    "Clever fuck."

    Thanks. Stick around and I will teach you more clever fuckery.

    Badass Nomad, searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of humility...
  2. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Tue 21st Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    I was pretty surprised when I saw in description there's no guitar there,
    cause some sounds appear quite guitarish and it's amazing you achieve it
    with other instruments. You do wonders with that cello thing...it's truly
    fantastic and it blends very well within the whole sound picture. by the way, if I may ask, which violin vst do you use?...sounds cool as well !
    Well done mate and thanks for uploading !:)

    Reply by StaticNomad Hi.

    Yes,I know a lot of people will find it hard to believe that there's no guitar in this but it's true. That's what guitar distortion does - it fools you into thinking that what is being put through it is a guitar. Just because that sort of distortion is so closely associated with guitar.

    The violin VST is just a patch that you'll find in Propellerheads' Reason DAW. So, not a violin VST you can buy for use in other software. I've used it in so many tracks. Could be as many as 40!

    "You do wonders with that cello thing"

    Cello thing? It's just a cello - an electric rather than acoustic one. I have to do wonders with it as there's not much other instrumentation in here though there is a rather cool organ that perhaps no one has yet noticed that arrives at 2:14.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Sun 19th Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    StaticNomadder, man I been trying to listen to this track for a few days now but keep getting interrupted each time! Finally got the chance today to give it a thorough listen. Its quite an ass kickin, nut bustin track bro. I dig how you ease into it and again its amazing to think there's no guitar in there. Sounds like a bunch of layered bass as it begins. That groove is mighty cool man. Your doing a fair share of plucking strings here as well as using the bow. You just kind of ride it along there for a bit, filtering in some dreamy synth pads all the while keeping it interesting with the varied drums. Its a very smooth and relaxing groove that is easy to get into, lazy and swanky. Then onto the mid section it builds some intensity, up to crescendo and then drops off to a floating bass interlude. Ahhh, I found myself on a purple cloud with a velvet pillow at that point and just as I was about to fall off into psychedelic slumber you rolled me off into a storm cloud amid thunderous percussion and a super heavy downpour of some nasty electronic distortion ! Uhhh, a bit scary it was, but I reveled in the badassery of it !
    Reply by StaticNomad Yo, NeoCelloGrunginBustedNutBro.

    I recommend shutting out all other possible interruptions when choosing to imbibe the Nomad grooves. Perhaps wear headphones in a sensory deprivation tank. Or go out into the wilderness and listen away, hoping bears or snakes don't interrupt you. If they do, blast the track at them on speakers and they'll surely also get into it.


    "a bunch of layered bass as it begins"

    Yes. There are certain issues with using cello as a bass instrument - mostly because it's not a double bass. But it seems to work OK here though I did have to add an octave effect to some section just to give a more solid low end.

    "That groove is mighty cool man"

    Yeah, I think it's fun and addictive.

    "a fair share of plucking strings here"

    Yes, I think I began this one the day after having my first cello lesson last year. But I've sat on it for ages as I didn't have a clue where to take it and felt rather limited with my riff capabilities. There's more plucking (pizzicato) in it than bowing.

    "some dreamy synth pads"

    Just one violin patch that I've used in loads of tracks. Sounds like a pad because of the chain of effects (eg automated swept EQ) on it. A lovely sound.

    "I found myself on a purple cloud with a velvet pillow at that point"

    That's a wonderful place to be. My pleasure to take you there.

    "you rolled me off into a storm cloud amid thunderous percussion and a super heavy downpour of some nasty electronic distortion"

    Yes - that's just one cello riff at the end. It was sitting on the timeline in this project file and didn't know what to do with it. I thought it was some fairly average, stock hard riffage and considered getting rid of it. Then I realised I might as well tack it onto the end of this track as a final flourish.
    "a bit scary it was"

    Surely not for someone who makes Meshuggah covers?

    Good to hear your detailed thoughts. Another track coming within a couple of weeks.

    Hang tight till then...
  4. swindla007
    swindla007 on Sat 18th Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    I apologize in advance, my comment will definitely NoT be in paragraph form lol. What I do have to say is this....this sh#t is sexy and funky. I'm not usually into listening to this kind of jam but I really dig this track. Excellent job my friend.
    DJ Swindla aka Mike
    Reply by StaticNomad Hello.

    In the end you did actually manage a paragraph though about one third of it (one sentence) was about how you wouldn't manage a paragraph.

    Good to hear you find it sexy and funky. Maybe that's only the first couple of minutes as it gets quite a bit heavier after that.

    Thanks for the thoughts.
  5. ladyinred
    ladyinred on Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    it's amazing .

    I love the way you compose all your tracks .

    fantastic and really welldone .
    Reply by StaticNomad Thanks very much.

    I don't always love the way I compose my tracks as I have a lot of limitations. But sometimes I do make music I really like and it doesn't sound like other people's music, which pleases me.

    Thanks again.
  6. toastedavalanche
    toastedavalanche on Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    Just as an example of the cellos versatility this is a masterclass. As an example of precision, dynamics, production and composition this is a masterpiece.
    The smooth grooves during the opening minute are really infectious. The way you slide and bend the notes create that queasy head-spin feeling that one usually gets listening to psychedelic music whilst really fucking high.
    When you bring the higher strings in, a sense of tension is created. We feel that something is building, something big. And then the distortion... MY GOD THE DISTORTION! Really blows the dust out of your ears as it slams you back down to earth.
    Thankfully, you give us room to breath around the 4 minute mark, a moment to say to yourself "what the fuck just happened? I want more!". Then you give us more and its balls-to the-wall awesome.
    I don't know many people who could make something so face blisteringly awesome with a guitar, and you do it with a fucking cello!

    Yours truly-seething-with-envy,

    Reply by StaticNomad Greetings, my envious Toastman.

    Good review from you - sounds like a honest outpouring of what you really think, which is rare on this site.

    Sure, the cello is quite versatile and there are more sounds that you can get out of it than you hear in this track.

    "smooth grooves during the opening minute are really infectious."

    Yeah - they are some very compelling, catchy riffs that are augmented by little cello extras, including some percussive spiccato playing. And some damn cool slides. It is a fretless instrument so it's good to take advantage of that feature. Not the same on guitar, unless you have a fretless one, which hardly anyone has (including me).

    "queasy head-spin feeling that one usually gets listening to psychedelic music whilst really fucking high."

    I don't get high but I know what you mean. Slides can induce a slightly queasy feeling.

    "the higher strings in, a sense of tension is created."

    Yes. I love that effected violin patch and must have used it in at least 30 tracks!

    "And then the distortion..."

    Indeed. The first sort of distorted thing you hear is, arguably, the organ. It's a fat sound. And then the cello gets distorted.

    "you give us room to breath around the 4 minute mark"

    Yes - nice to have a bit of a break there. Back down for a bit more steady chilling, backed by the heavy rock kits that are playing in a restrained manner. Some new, clean cello parts and then back up for a final bit of balls-to the-wall awesome. I was concerned about the transition into the final heavy section, thinking it might be a bit awkward but I reckon it's OK. The final section is hopefully a bit of a hard-hitting surprise. And rather minimal for me.

    "I don't know many people who could make something so face blisteringly awesome with a guitar"

    Probably can be done by anyone who really knows their rock music and how to seriously riff it up. Grunge was kind of my musical birth, back in about '92, so I'm quite familiar with it. And then I progressed into so many more styles, as you can hear from my many other tracks.

    I really recommend hearing the following cellometallo (cello metal) track I made as it's better, more epic and perhaps heavier than this one. Again: no guitar, just cello doing all the guitar work. And that effected violin VST again, plus some cool electro stuff.

    Nuance Is Futile


    Thanks again,

    Static Grungemad
  7. CitizenMofo
    CitizenMofo on Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    Man you just made my morning. This is a badass track. No guitar? Not around 3:00ish and toward the end? That ain't guitar? I'd swear on a stack of bibles that that was guitar. How you make a cello sound like that? This is the kind of track that pulls lyrics and melodies right out of my gut. I'm so tempted to ask if I could write some lyrics to it and record with Sunny, and maybe lay in some guitar too, but I'm up to my earballs in songs to record as it is. Still...? Anyway, great teeth-gritting bang-headed grunge. Love it.
    Reply by StaticNomad Yo. Happy to make your morning.

    Yes, there really is zero guitar anywhere in the track.

    "I'd swear on a stack of bibles that that was guitar."

    I'm totally with you and I would have thought the same if I hadn't made it. Here's how I believe it works: when you hear fat, distorted guitar, you're often no longer really hearing the guitar strings. What you're really hearing is the distortion. It can be used on other instruments but is most closely associated with guitar. Remember: cello is not wildly different from guitar, being a similar stringed instrument. So, all you have to do to get the kind of sound I've got here is put some cello parts through guitar distortion.

    In this, I have used a mixture of VST amps (ie applying distortion to cello parts that were recorded clean) and my Boss GT-5 effects pedal for playing distorted cello live.

    I'm not clever for doing this - I just don't think many other people are doing it though I assure you you can go totally badass with cello. Check out the virtuoso duo 2Cellos to hear and see them do it live (try out 'Voodoo People').

    My cello teacher uses distortion sometimes and she gets many more strange sounds out of the instrument than I do. But she's been playing for about 35 years more than I have so kind of knows what she's doing.

    "tempted to ask if I could write some lyrics to it and record with Sunny"

    Sorry. I think it's mostly done as it is. And I'd need to know you better to consider doing any sort of online collaboration.

    "I'm up to my earballs in songs to record as it is"

    Good to hear. I'm struggling a bit with only a few to work on and they're not all going well.

    Thanks for the thoughts and happy to be able to entertain you.
  8. Allochtune
    Allochtune on Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    I must say, I love the drum and the chill cello! I also like the kind of off-beat nature of the cello. But, around 3:00 I personally think that it has too much sounds at the same time. From 4:50 onward it was perfect though.
    Reply by StaticNomad Hello. Yes, the intro is quite cool and chilled. A nice, gentle, skipping groove.

    "off-beat nature of the cello"

    It's a bit funky, isn't it?

    Is it really too crowded around 3:00? That's where you can hear the powerful organ and one or two distorted cello layers. Maybe I need to improve the mix but I like it busy and heavy like that.

    "4:50 onward it was perfect"

    Yes - it's just one cello part and drums. Very minimal for me but it works.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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Description : Hello People, hows it goin? Well here I am with my new cover and yes, you read it right... its 'THING CALLED LOVE' by one of my favourite EDM artists Above & Beyond. Its a fusion of Lounge, Ambient & Indian Ethnic elements and some experimental sounds too. I just hope you like my rendition. And yes, There is a thing called Share that we all forget, So if you genuinely like my cover, Please share! Cheers! :D
Description : a song from my collection that now works, URBAN STORIES. Good listening Made in Cubase I would tell you Pop Dark was the kind of music to classify
Tags : | Fusion | 8.71 MB
Description : I'm very glad to upload yet another collab work with maestro Tumbleweed! This one is quite special cause it embraces Ed's wonderful idea of bringing together some unusual instruments from various parts of the world to find out how well they can work together and also to what degree of harmony they can mix with more standard instruments like sax or piano for example....and so here are presented the Chinese Ghuzeng, Harmonium, Zither, Frame drum, Jingle stick and Wooden whistle among others...so you see the title "No Borders" is truly appropriate. I hope you will find it interesting!:) As always all my thanks go to my dear friend Ed, without whom this exciting journey would never happen !
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Inspired by the excellent anime series "Durarara!!". Dunno if there is a single style which describe this one (except fusion, ofcourse), but i hope you will enjoy it as much as me. :) Applied loops (fully or partially): DANKE: 0671112-0081981 (Jazzy Organ loop), 0671112-0082589 (Arrival synth), SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0004583 (Slap tenor 16), 0067443-0004581 (Slap tenor 18), DROFON: 0059709-0002903 (Tablas 4/4), 0059709-0001243 (Hi Hatting), DJGREEN: 0066574-0025882 (Melancholy piano 2), 0066574-0025883 (Melancholy piano 3), MIRSI: 0339030-0025012 (Tribal loop chorus), ROGUEAI: 0063133-0019446 (bass 120), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0002119 (Cromatic Tuned Percussion), CENTRIST: 0079105-0007916 (Hanky 1), THEHUMPS: 0308224-0052253 (Acoustic 1 Notes Am-Em-F-C-G 130 bpm), IMPROVEWITHERROR: 0189474-0024034 (Acoustic Guitar), BOSONHAVOC: 0068799-0009059 (Seed 0810 - upright bass 2 A minor harmonic), ORANGON: 0046038-0003729 (Slow Wood Guitar Groove (no drums)), REALSTRINGS: 0175741-0009071 (Real Strings - 6a), ONEBYONE: 0118815-0005071 (demo making drums for song writer 6), MRWOLF14: 0848132-0076644 (Bass Funky Blues 120bpm A), NGSBB: 0094137-0047997 (D69 Bossa Nova Nylon Guitar 143 bpm), TRANCEFER: 0052497-0001054 (Rhodes on Stage), DJOLE94HNS: 1200302-0072645 (Funky bassline 3), EBABY8119: 1059144-0071179 (WAVEY DRUM LOOP JUST PERC), SPIVCURL: 0186161-0044080 (Cooney Set Basic Beat). Update notes 2015.10.10. : remixed for more lively highes and better sound quality overall (i hope i not overdo it...). Now rendered in 256 kbps (instead of 192). "End signal" is cutted off.
Description : A while ago Danke posted this track, I can't link you to it because he took it down, he likes keeping his page clean and simple...Cool by me... Anyway I added a Bass, in the Bridge and 2 Guitars to the track, keeping it as simple as possible. with a little Guitar Rock Space with the Bass and Funk with the Guitar jump... Now if someone has something to say, with a voice big enough to ride this Monster...Do your Thing... Send us a link to hear it... Having fun...Hope you all like it... Peace...TG.
Tags : | Fusion | 9.50 MB
Description : Real guitars and basses played by me. A short, yet tasty bit of MIDI piano and cello with about 7 programmed drum kits and a few drum loops. It's really a metric shit-ton of layered guitars and different textures. This track, sadly, is also a "Goodbye" to my little Acoustic 3/4 Fender Squier. I've been serving as a pawn-shop for my sister-in-law for about 4 years. Not a guitar you'd seek out, but it's been a friend and has been in most of my tracks. The bright side is, I will be replacing it with something better, and full sized. Acoustic guitar suggestions are as welcome as track comments!
Tags : | Fusion | 8.31 MB | Featured
Description : Electronic fusion of Dubstep/Trap/Hip hop hybrid. Big ups to Danke,Neezle,and Joe Funktastic for the use of some of their loops. The majority of this track is my creativity. Hope you like it and comments are welcome.
Tags : | Fusion | 9.12 MB
Description : UPDATE: Improved version (9th July 2014) of a track that used to really piss me off after getting some good feedback from Doudei and Planetjazzbass that reminded me this is actually pretty good stuff. It's rolling bass guitar chillout funk jazz with banjo, slap resonator guitar, soaring filtered violins, jazz piano, acoustic drum kits and other synth elements. Some Eastern vibes from the guitars and a lot of changes, with bass guitar as pretty much the lead instrument. Sounds kind of live but it's just me doing my usual thing of playing various instruments and then editing the shit out of all the parts. More feedback welcome, especially if you listened to the version I uploaded last year. Hope you can hear an improvement (if you can even remember it). Shortish and kind of fun so not one of my mega epics that requires ten pots of coffee and no toilet breaks to get through.
Description : This funny little track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Not sure about genre, but i think it's a child's song... NYAAAAAAAN! :) Applied loops (fully or partially): 7VENTH12: 1528225-0084065 (Future Bass Lead 1), 1528225-0084066 (Future Bass Lead 2), NILOOY: 1133527-0070652 (Nilooy Guitar Rhythm Gm ASharp Cm), NICLAS199: 0104618-0038253 (Dubstep drums), KAZM: 0148541-0011627 (Dubstep Drumbeat 1), SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0007309 (McSylva trust loops flute solo), RELLZIBEATS: 1370471-0083736 (Dark Panned Trap), JENSMUSE: 1352219-0087018 (REGGAE Feeling), CKDEPAUL13: 0878670-0084292 (Bass GITAR 130bpm), ENSAM: 0605220-0048621 (Bass Harmonics), DANKE: 0671112-0082642 (Dirty war drums).
Tags : | Fusion | 9.15 MB
Description : An apparition in the reality of our solar system, we all should be mesmerised and believe in the heavens above and not the heaven of faith. Planetjazzbass,arrangement,production,bass,electric guitar. Zappo,keyboards.
Tags : | Fusion | 8.90 MB
Description : This track is built around the repetitive lead guitar line which I have previously incorporated as an intro for the rocker track "Sweetheart Runner" by LM user TinyFinger whom I have helped in arranging, mixing and producing his song. This extended session was a good oportunity to test some new equipment....Thanks to Tiny for not being mad about it...:)^^
Tags : | Fusion | 9.82 MB
Description : A fat groove journey incorporating hip hop, jazz, rock and more. Chilled out and rocking, with some big riffs and basslines. The main instruments are saxophone, piano and cello plus some resonator guitar and banjo. Sax is the only instrument not played by me as the parts here were contributed a few years ago by a guy I know. Anything that sounds like distorted guitar is actually distorted cello. Loads of that, including solos, in the second half. No electric guitar or bass guitar. Not much synth work but there are two synth basses and an organ. Otherwise, it's quite an acoustic "played instruments" kind of sound. Lots of drums, including loops, multiple programmed acoustic kits and drum hits. I know Radiohead have an excellent song called Everything In Its Right Place but I still like my title and there's a story behind it (nothing to do with music). Interesting feedback appreciated. Do you have any favourite or least favourite sections? Details are appreciated...
Tags : | Fusion | 9.51 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : Back with an update of this song- 8 June 2014. Took to heart a lot of the helpful comments I got on the earlier version, and I think the ideas helped a lot. This contains some incidental guitar work, which I'd like to dedicate to a friend who is no longer with us. (They won't get away with this!) Added some things and removed others, toned down the automation and effects slightly. It's a little longer now too. Hope you all enjoy listening! Oh yeah, BTW all the vocals are mine including the melodic parts, since some people asked.----- New moon new song, that didn't take too long. Did this over the last few days. I went into this with some urges to fuse electro house with classic rock, so I'll call it fusion. Played some improv on my Baldwin Fanfare organ. Take what you want from it, and compost the rest. You can get the new Spivkurl album "Charting The Anomaly," which includes this track at the We Are... Records Capitalist Market found here: http://www.wearerecords.com/capitalistmarket.html
Tags : | Fusion | 7.26 MB
Description : A journey from my producer beginnings to where I am currently in my producing :) I hope you enjoy! https://www.looperman.com/forum/thread/184010/time-test-challenge I know it's over the time limit by 2 minutes but I still thought it was pretty cool :3
Tags : | Fusion | 9.05 MB
Description : Harlequin....a mute character in particoloured bespangled tights (lol)..don't focus on the tights,just the movement and energy these characters traditional displayed. Planetjazzbass: Bass guitar/Arrangement/Production Zappo: Keyboards/Guitars SlapJohnson: Saxophone
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