Tags : | Acoustic | 12.46 MB

Description : We speak yet our words are often misunderstood, we give inflection but these nuances are often misinterpreted, we listen but the meanings are ambiguous. Music is a language with no deceit in it's vocabulary.
Something You Said. Instrumentation,arrangement,production. Planetjazzbass

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  1. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Sat 24th Sep 2016 - 5 years ago

    Ahhh all I need is morning and a cup of coffee, or perhaps because it's evening a warm bubble bath. Love the transition here to the (what is it) country vibes? This is so soothing, it belongs in a spa or somewhere people congregate to relax. It's good for my crochet life, and it's good to hear you again Dave! :-)

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Pat awesome to see you here in the loop again! thank you for the kind review, yes that is country (well my take on it anyway) I like all those ballad type styles of music blue grass, r&b, pop and soul etc...I hope the day comes around that we can get down and do something together...music of course! ;) :)

  2. ClashContrast
    ClashContrast on Sat 6th Aug 2016 - 5 years ago

    Mezmerizing! Sounds like music that is well-traveled in emotion and experience. Very mellow and enticing.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Sorry for the late reply, thank you for taking the time to listen, your review is very much appreciated. cheers Dave :)

  3. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Sun 3rd Jul 2016 - 5 years ago

    I like how you fade out on a capella. you paint an evocative soundscape dave. always love hearing a track from you. regards - Dan

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Dan, sorry for the late reply, thanks for taking the time to listen mate! cheers Dave :)

  4. BillionaireExclusive
    BillionaireExclusive on Sun 3rd Jul 2016 - 5 years ago

    Hey I Don't Have Time To Go In Depth Right Now, But I Promise I Will Tomorrow. This Track Is Highly Influential, And Well Thought Out. I Can Sense A Great Deal Of Work Was Out Into This Production.

    - Billion

    Also, If You Wouldn't Mind Checking Out My Track And Giving Feedback. I'd Really Appreciate That.

  5. theHumps
    theHumps on Tue 21st Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Huh, wha? Sorry I was texting....

    A little Jaco influenced intro, perhaps? ;) Great vocals, adds the human element and so much intrigue to the track. Sometimes not knowing the language make for a better listening experience. Cool groove whisking me along, a cool Moroccan night.

    Then the change at 2:17 kicks in and a big grin appears on my face! Almost a country feel to that section and totally unexpected. Some nice changes throughout with the steady drums keeping pace.

    Always a pleasure Dave!


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey buddy thanks mate!..glad you liked the track Wayne, the more I play my acoustic/elec bass the more I like it, I've got a few more instrument builds on the drawing board at the moment and will be starting them towards the end of our winter (too cold for gluing at the moment) ..be over at your page shortly mate, all the best Dave :)

  6. TeeGee1965
    TeeGee1965 on Mon 20th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Wow this is a fantastic peace of music, like the oriental flavour. I like how it mixes blues and bluegrass and fusion and whatnot. I also try to mix some styles, but nowhere as smooth as this. Very fine guitar playing, too.Well done!!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey TeeGee, thanks for stopping by mate! glad you found the track interesting, sometimes I think I should just stick to one genre per track but I love tangential thinking! lol...cheers mate all the best Dave :)

  7. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Mon 20th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    G'day, yo, sup and so on.

    This is some fascinating stuff.

    Great bass sound first of all. But then at 0:22 it seems too buzzy for the first few notes but then settles down as you move off the high notes.

    0:50 cool way the vocals enter with that metallic percussive fill. And they continue and they're very good. Wonderful, emotive vocals that work well with the bass g etc.

    2:02 what's the Eastern sounding instrument around here? 2:14 is that slide the same instrument?

    Then a total change with that rather cool country guitar. It's great playing but I feel the guitar is just a bit too loud in the mix.

    3:06 lovely strings and more tasty guitar. Wide percussive stuff in the headphones.

    3:32 awesome high guitar notes, beautifully played. And more follow.

    4:04 a break from the guitar at just the right time. Nice to hear what's underneath a lot better. And then the sultry vocals return. This is true fusion music. No surprise as that's what you're into.

    4:40 awesome Eastern jangly instrument like a dulcimer. What's that? I need to get that sort of sound into my music, though I've been concentrating on learning the cello for the last few months.

    This heavily layered cello track from last month might interest you as I've got some interesting sounds out of it that remind me a bit of acoustic double bass. My pizzicato playing is fine, it's really just the bowing that I'm learning and trying to get half decent at.

    The Warm Glow Of Yesterday


    To conclude: your track is a very imaginative, emotive and skilfully executed piece of music. I would only tweak a few things (those I've mentioned).


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey man thanks for stopping by and the insightful appraisal...you wouldn't believe how much time I spent getting the action right on this fretless acoustic bass, (the whole build took quite awhile) I made the bridge blade out of billet aluminium, but long story short when finally it was setup just right, intonation neck relief blah blah blah I thought finally I can get down and play this sucker...the whole tonal range was dominated by this awful metallic twang in the background, damn damn damn! obviously transferred from the alloy bridge, I'd listened to an NS Convex (think that's the model name) fretless headless bass afterwards which had an alloy piezo bridge just like mine and it suffered from the same constant artefact as well! shit I thought maybe time to go back to the drawing board, after trying maple and ebony as bridge blades without any great success (not enough strength and sound conductivity in this configuration) I had a brain storm and place a thin piece of hard plastic between the bottom of the alloy bridge and the piezo element..success! I've expanded on this point to help explain the buzzing you mentioned, all fretless instruments have this inherent sound/problem to a certain degree, it's their bane but also their shining light and it's overcome mainly by glissando and downward pressure in unison with watching out for too severe hammer ons, in short (haha could have put this at the very start) it's my sloppy technique here at fault! lol..ok back on track the bowed instrument is a Dilruba violin vst played on my midi keyboard, the last ethnic sounding plucked instrument in the final stage is actually a Harp vst which I've given small room reverb and added some delay to give it that twangy double tap reverberation, glad you enjoyed the piece mate...cheers Dave :)

  8. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Mon 13th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Hey Dave

    Wow mate you still putting out very decent tunes, nice relaxing track, loving the vocals, portraying he chill feel within the track, everyone has beaten me to the juicy bits my friend, great change up with the guitar to help wake you back up again lol, love everything about this one, absolute pleasure to the ears...excellent...FAV...mosaic..

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Esti thanks buddy!..I haven't been producing as much music as I'd like, but things are definitely on the improve in that department, thanks again mate..cheers Dave :)

  9. HustleUnion
    HustleUnion on Mon 13th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    planetjazzbass my man, great track. I remember when I first joined up on the ole looperman I came across your loops and was blown away on the quality and depth of them. I used a few in a handful of songs. Thanks for all the uploads, keep em coming!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Hustle, thanks mate! so glad you liked the track (and some of my loops, man I've got to make some more of those, been a bit slack in that department lately)...thanks again for your encouragement mate!....cheers Dave :)

  10. traz75
    traz75 on Sun 12th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Yo Dave!

    I see (hear :D) you made another masterpiece of your unique musical style... It's always cool to listen to your really complex works, every time they gives some interesting thoughts or/and feelings, at least to me. Keep up the good work! :)

    regards, traz

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Traz..thanks man! so glad you enjoyed the track, sometimes I make music and think 'people will probably hate this stuff and call it junk' it gladdens my heart that some like yourself find it ok...cheers mate Dave :)

  11. Danke
    Danke on Sun 12th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Hello Dave!

    I'm very proud to be in this community which gave me a chance to listen to this artwork...one of the best fusion track what I've ever heard...I'm 50 and listen to music for 45 years...:-)

    Hats off and handshake, Danke

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Danke, thanks mate you are too kind!..I was wondering what genre to place this in and seeing I usually tag all my tracks as 'fusion 'I decided to go with acoustic this time as a lot of the sounds are headed in that direction...half the time I have no clue! lol thank you again for listening...cheers Dave :)

  12. silverman
    silverman on Sun 12th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Incredible piece of jazz country rock eastern market trader busking!
    I'm a bit lost for words.
    There cannot be any definitive description for this.
    The mood the taste the flavours and aromas this evokes are absolute magic with some kind of eastern promise in a very western setting.
    This is one of them I'm blown away moments.
    Got to have a commercial worth as well as being artistically top end.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey there Sman, thank you for the kind review mate, I particularly like the fact that you got my eastern, western empathy drift, so often these days (myself included) it's easy to get swept away by media driven political agendas and overlook the normal everyday citizens of eastern countries who just want to live and love life like we all do.
    cheers mate much appreciated....Dave :)

  13. wordybum
    wordybum on Sat 11th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    im sitting at work, waiting to get the hell out of here and i stumble across this absolutely AMAZING piece of work. you really outdid yourself. i love the arrangement. i got this intense feeling (for me anyway) that the beginning of the track was tantamount to a few strangers (the instruments) trying to understand each other. the woman being the central figure of the conversation... and then they all click for the second part of the act. it was such a great listen, Brother. really, just beautiful.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Mike thanks so much man!...I think your review is pretty close if not spot on to the core of this track, while I wasn't intentionally trying to portray any specific scenario I was introducing elements exactly as you described, music really does communicate in a universal language and I really appreciate you taking the time to listen......cheers mate
    Dave :)

  14. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Fri 10th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    I was just gliding along...appreciating the bass playing and vocal over that subtle backing pad...then the first of the diversions into that kind of country blues-rock whacked me with a big smile...love the way you just glide out of that section around 3:05...and on into the smooth next one (like the way you walked the bass around there too)...I was thinking you were using your fretless in that first section till I read your later comments..never did try an acoustic one but I did try a set of those black nylon wound jazz strings on my first JBass (around 65)...Your posts are always a treat for the ears and inspiration for the mind Dave...the production is fantastic, but having such a great arrangement...the composing imagination...and playing talent really sets a standard that few will meet....superb work all round...really enjoyed this one...Ed

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Ed thanks man. I'm really getting into the acoustic tone of my bass at the moment, it's got heaps of sustain and fills out the bottom register nicely, pretty sure I'm going to build another one, a four stringer this time with an additional magnetic pickup for those crossover tones (and a slimmer neck for speeder playing! lol)...thanks for your kind words mate very much appreciated!....cheers Dave :)

  15. MGproduct
    MGproduct on Fri 10th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Good work man ... Bass is interesting ...

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed the tune! Dave :)

  16. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Thu 9th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    This is very cool and deeply interesting! Where did you find these vocals? They are pretty haunting in some way, and well recorded. The bass work sounds great as well... is that your upright bass? Quite the unexpected change in the middle there! Very jam band, improvisational stuff in this part. I hear jazz, blues, rock, pop, folk... and it's all rolled into one indefinable wrapper... like a fine cigar. Very fun to hear, and thought provoking! I found myself dreaming about playing bass all night last night, and this song encourages me even further, so thank you for that. Amazing song! Fave!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Pat, glad you enjoyed the tune mate....The vocals come from Native Instruments Ethno World Voices, Iranian Neda licks in this case (there's some seriously cool samples in it) I played the licks using my midi keyboard then built the track around it..yeah this is the acoustic/electric bass I made, strung with black nylon tape wound strings I'm getting about 75% of the upright tone I was looking for and will be adding a Myer mini microphone to the sound hole in an attempt to get more acoustic growl but nothing will sound as good as a real double bass, man I had a cool 3/4 upright in 1981 and swapped it for a bass rig, dumb! dumb! dumb is me!(I was mainly into rock at the time)...when you play this bass the tone makes it's easy to slip into hoedown mode, blue grass and jazz! lol, so that explains the little excursions to the groove, ah man dreaming of playing bass is way cool more people should do it!haha...thanks for the cool review mate!!!..cheers Dave :)

  17. crucethus
    crucethus on Thu 9th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Percussion, percussion, percussion. That is the delight to me in this track. Oh and the fretless bass. Yes the vox may be gibberish to my syntaxic brain, but the melodies are divine. Very nice guitar with a classic Aussie (historically) reverb on the slightly distorted guitar twangs. Syncopated percussion and the overdriven guitars give me a mid seventies progressive era vibe. Tastefully mixed. Excellent ending on the vox. Overall a pleasant journey and a great job PJB. U get 2 turntables and a microphone for those efforts. ;-)

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey Cru thanks for the cool review mate....I mostly always spend the majority of my music constructing time on the drum track and sometimes it can deflect the original inspiration into an endless search for a certain triangle ding! lol, it's sort of frustrating but gratifying in the end I suppose, but that's why they invented drummers (and percussionists) I guess!....I already have one turntable (no scratching) and a microphone can I please swap it for an electronic expert to fix my two Tandberg reel to reels which need some work and are gathering dust in a cupboard....then I can splice vocals and run them backwards and leave subliminal messages in my tracks!...cheers mate Dave :)

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ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0044036 (Eshar 88), 0158799-0044319 (Audiation Effect 182),
GAMEBOIX: 0089446-0003591 (200 Bpm Reverb Piano), 0089446-0003799 (Chill Out Keys 02),
ABLAZE7: 0287077-0036734 (Story Teller Guitar Loop 1),
ANCORAL: 0039735-0043882 (acp - Bells Attack 03),
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