Description : The legendary Grim Reaper is dead but that didn't stop him to play is last dark Industrial metal song. This is the first time I try to make a metal track and I may be crazy to accept my own challenge.Im pretty proud about my result any constructive comments are welcome others kind of comments too. Special thanks for 3 person who helped me a lot for making this heavy metal track: metaled for his extra vocals (part 2 and 4) HeinzFourie for his main vocals( part 1 ,3 and 4) SintheticRecords for his awesome drum loops(I did add some fx) Extended version here

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  1. Murphy71
    Murphy71 on Sat 18th Jul 2015 - 6 years ago


    Reply by Byleth

    Thanks dear Murphy I hope you enjoyed the extended version has this one :)

    Rest In Peace

    p.s the caps lock may indicate this song is really DOPE AS HELL :)

  2. crucethus
    crucethus on Wed 1st Jul 2015 - 6 years ago

    I think you have created a disturbing new genre called Fairy-Tale metal.(FTM) (conte de fée Métal). Nicely done; the bells are disturbingly relevant for what you are doing here. I agree with Danke and Phat Katz in that I want to hear a more distorted guitar. But this is a really creative work you have made my friend, explore this one!

    Reply by Byleth

    Dear Cru you know me, I love making original genre.

    Hope there will have soon a Fairy-Tale Metal tag on looperman :)

    By bells do you means the first instrument ? because a lot of my friends says its bells but in reality its a piano with a lot of fx anyway thanks for the feedback about the "bells"

    Again the guitar issue, In fact I was not prepared for my challenge so I used the vsti sytrus (comes with my daw) to make my electric guitar.

    If someone who have a real electric guitar I could maybe give him the note so he/she will be able to make real guitar sounds for my song. Im sorry but I think for now its all i can do for the electric guitar (out of my skills).

    Rest In Peace dear fellow friend

  3. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Wed 1st Jul 2015 - 6 years ago

    Hi Mate,
    It is fantastic track.
    Well done…..favs it goes

    Reply by Byleth

    ty if you found that too short the Extended version is here now with a lot of new element like a guitar solo :D

    also ty for you positive comments always appreciate it !

    finally thanks for the fav :)

  4. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Mon 29th Jun 2015 - 6 years ago

    Very nice :p Industrial metal. That vocals after "the Grim Reaper never sleeps..." reminds me of Moonspell \m/ Turn up the guitar a little and turn down the main vocals a touch, you'll be perfect :D Doubling the guitar fattens it up too.

    Reply by Byleth

    I did the change as you told me to do so can you replay it and check if its perfect perso I love both version.

    thanks for this constructive comment

  5. Danke
    Danke on Mon 29th Jun 2015 - 6 years ago

    Agreed with Epic...metal means (for me) a brutal guitar sound...well, it's innovative but I could call it industrial better than metal...very good vocs work and what I specially like is the drum...

    Congrats and handshake, Danke

    Reply by Byleth

    Maybe I failed my challenge about making an Heavy metal track but I still be proud about my industrial one XD

    Since you love the drum loop I invite you to see the full list of what SintheticRecords did

    About the guitar sounds I can explain why its weak I used 2 syth to make that maybe with a real guitar this would sounds way better anyway I think even if its weak for a metal its sounds great for a industrial.

    Thanks for this comment Danke and Handshake :)

  6. blahblahzZzZ
    blahblahzZzZ on Mon 29th Jun 2015 - 6 years ago

    This is so great i'm smiling, really good and seamless so smooth we'll done. Awesome love this, i think it would make a good full song with some verses

    Reply by Byleth

    I already planned to make an extended version of it so if you have inspiration you can make others Grim Reaper's like vocals who could fit to the main ambience of this song. this would be great

    Anyway good job on the main vocals

    and thanks for this quite good feedback

    Im happy to see you like my work

  7. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Mon 29th Jun 2015 - 6 years ago

    The dischord at the beginning has a very interesting sense of confusion with it. The electric guitar sounds a little weak in my opinion. I think it may be a little quiet as well in the second part of the song. Might want to raise the volume as it gets a little lost in the mix.


    Reply by Byleth

    Thanks for you constructive feedback like I wrote in phat comment I did a update maybe its better idk

    btw for the mastering projet, I recentely saw I deleted the files so I have to remake again the doc thats why its take more time sorry for the waiting I may tomorrow finish to remake the files

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