" />

Description : A sort of Bonobo-meets-Faithless track with woodwind from MrMosely. I don't really know the genre; but sounds like a mix of industrial and chill out. A simple song (Simpleton!!!) but hopefully it works for you guys... consider it a new years song/birthday song (ya, im 12 now!!)

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  1. Byleth
    Byleth on Fri 23rd Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    Not teel but tell XD

    sorry for this reply but i hate that kind if error !

    You should don't reply this a bit useless comment...


  2. Byleth
    Byleth on Fri 23rd Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    Maybe chill out is not my favorite genre but I really really like our work.

    I saw your request collab but is for what this tune seems already finish.

    thanks to teel me what kind of colab you want maybeI will like to work with you


    Reply by RealProblemShuckers

    Yeah, i'm interested! Private message me.

  3. dyldonomus
    dyldonomus on Thu 22nd Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    I like this a lot! very chill

    Reply by RealProblemShuckers

    Thank you :)

  4. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Sat 17th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    I really get the feeling you're ahead of your time, and not just your age. I was sceptical when clicking on an industrial track, as I find a lot of them in recent years give the impression of someone never having heard industrial music before... but in this case I think you've put your own spin on fusing industrial with other styles. Really enjoying the subtle power of the mix too! I can tell you are giving good attention to the mix, and not just smashing a poor mix to death with mastering plugins like is so common. Enjoyed the melodies and percussion very much! Have a good year! Faved!

    Reply by RealProblemShuckers

    Hahahahah thank you, really nice words coming from one of the best industrial producers on Looperman! I'm honored :)

  5. XyIlent
    XyIlent on Wed 7th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    your very talented for your age, keep making those tracks man :)

    Reply by RealProblemShuckers

    thank you :)

  6. djtheobserver01
    djtheobserver01 on Sun 4th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    YO yo !

    Nice xmas track!

    happy new year !

    greetz !

  7. theHumps
    theHumps on Sun 4th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    Has a very new world music sort of feel to it, carefree and a light mood. The transition at 1:27 seemed like too much of an abrupt change happening there. Maybe slowly dropping some things along the way and a smoother transition into the percussion part like maybe adding of a pad or something. Pretty cool idea though, liked the overall feel to it.

    Look out, next year you will be a teenager!


    Reply by RealProblemShuckers

    Thank you!

    Actually i'll be a teenager this year (so scared hahaha) on December 30th....

    not looking forward to it :)

  8. Musicante
    Musicante on Sat 3rd Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    Really nice, even for a much older person. You're off to a good start. Hell, when I was your age, I had been studying music for a couple of years and computers were the size of large refridgerators!

    This genre sounds to me like new age or world, but I realize we don't have those options in our genre selection.

    Anyway...Good job!


    Reply by RealProblemShuckers

    Thank you! Wow, way back then! But I guess i'm too young to be nostalgic at this age...

    Have a good year :)

  9. 15ludwicke
    15ludwicke on Sat 3rd Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    Haha really cool to see someone so young be so talented. Really like how the industrial noises are subtly in the background, you can still hear them yet they are not overpowering in the mix. Great job! From 1:28 where you are just playing rhythms on that note I do think that it would be really cool to have something else going on in the background or maybe play with the dynamics of the note to really change it.

    You're very talented, especially for your age, keep it up man you have all the time in the world to become the best producer you could ever be!

    Great track,
    Rico L.

  10. Bindanox
    Bindanox on Thu 1st Jan 2015 - 9 years ago

    Really nice melodies throughout the track.Dreamy it may be but its a very interesting track indeed.
    Would be really cool if you could add an rising automated reverb on the bass synth from the 01:28 mark to 02:12 and end the track with a fade out or with the main melody.

    Well done kid(considering you are only 12 years-old).


    Reply by RealProblemShuckers

    Thank you very much :)

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