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Description : well , after 31 comments & uploading two differenT version ( once 100 seconds & another one longer version = 200 seconds ) I'm convinced that my selected version is the same shorter & first uploaded version ...
100 seconds spanich guitar duet of me featuring myself ...

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  1. davesmith1983
    davesmith1983 on Sun 22nd Dec 2013 - 7 years ago

    Well this is just showing off! :D the rate that the string were plucked was just incredible! Well i have to say that was 200 seconds of my life well spent, very nice indeed!

    Reply by deciBel

    Dave first of all excuse me for having no chance of faster reaction althoughT as U may have underestood I had put this in hidden traX when I saw I am busy to can come to looperman & answer comments.wish all is well there for our wonderfull electronic musician Dave Esmith , I really appreciate your attention & comment . always reading your comments have been a pleasure for me & me & this 200 seconds wavng our hands both for U & all are gratefull of your time & comments .ps:(I also wrote a private message for U dear unseen friend of mine who was as old as me).take care & best iwshes for 2014 .____Behnam

  2. ShortBusMusic
    ShortBusMusic on Wed 11th Dec 2013 - 7 years ago

    My brother Benham, I hope this finds you well.

    This is fantastic work, absolutely fantastic. You have magic in your fingers, a feeling that comes only with years and years of devotion to an instrument. This is as good as it gets.

    I have been traveling quite a bit, and I downloaded this one to listen to in my car on those long trips (thank you so much for allowing us to download this).

    There are times when it is good to simply sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the show. That is what you have done for me today.

    Bravo maestro, bravo! Extremely well done from start to finish. I will now stand and applaud your performance!!!

    I hope all is well.


    Reply by deciBel

    Bear first of all excuse me for latency in replY , althoughT I had put this in hidden traX when I felt busy to can answer comments.master if U look to my reply to first comment , and as for sure U remember that clearly , I never didn't call neither of U , or Ed or Franc by this word '' master'' untill I underestood U're a grandpa,Ed& Franco too cause particulary I think beyond skillfull fingers & musical mind , master needs to have more than 60 years old , having white hair & many expriences that I haven't them to can deserve to be called as maestro , or master

    Bear first of all excuse me for latency in replY , althoughT I had put this in hidden traX when I felt busy to can answer comments.master if U look to my reply to first comment , and as for sure U remember that clearly , I never didn't call neither of U , or Ed or Franco by this word '' master'' untill I underestood U're a grandpa,Ed& Franco too cause particulary I think beyond skillfull fingers & musical mind , master needs having white hair & many expriences that I haven't them to can deserve to be called as maestro , or master and such great words ... & Bear I'll do my decission about stoping and so will never deserve to be called mastreo as I told U , but me & this track both will remember your generous ecouragements & motivator comments & attempts .the rest in mail..& here just thnx,appreciation & all synonyms...all the bests.___Behnam

  3. janis71
    janis71 on Fri 22nd Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    Particularly charming and bewitching from 1:30 ! ... I love this part you added along with these those little taps on the guitar that sound like heartbeats .

    This longer version sounds more joyful and smiling . It left an optimistic impression on me and the end is gorgeous .
    Your mastership and virtuosity are fascinating, Behnam.
    Not only a guitarist's masterpiece, but also a jewel of sensitivity .
    Thx for sharing such a beauty .
    Do take care, deary

    Reply by deciBel

    first of all excuse me for latency in replY , althoughT I had put this in hidden traX when I felt busy to can answer comments.first an exclusive appreciation for U my dear good friend Carole for beautifull sense of always artisitic anaysis , and then I should mention if U & the others keep these compliments & generous comments about my tallents & such things , soon U'll find me a saucebox who feels so proud because of this great worthy action that strikes his guitars and his guitars say ding ding ding ding..!
    a smie Carole . meanwhile Miss Carole I'm about 18 years old and so young to can deserve to be called master . master has white hair,and is a grandpapa ...alhought I really don't wish to stay a musician if someday I become a grandpa & I don't feel belonging to professional,half professiona , and even amateur world of music these days Carole & think an entertainer good bye would be best way to leave playing and making stuffs.take a good , better,and U know the rest a wink .___Behnam

  4. crucethus
    crucethus on Fri 22nd Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    3:19 of pure joy and fun. I really like this sound you created with the 2 guitars. The mixing and mastering is very nice as well my friend.

    Reply by deciBel

    Steve my good friend , before everything my appologY for latency in replY , I have not this chance to check my emails even & now I'm online for first time in 2014 in looperman .
    & regarding this track , I should apprectiate your kind comment speciallY cause I'm almost sure this is noT your fav music to listen & just a good freind & a good colleague listens & comments for a track that is far from his musical style .about mix & mastering if U check propeties of track too U'll see this description buT here too I should mention that as U can underestand track is recorded in a proffesional studio & so I should appreciate my friend for recording me in studio for free & mix & mastering pf this track too is by their studio otherwise U know I have nothing for mix & mastering even interesT (hahaha).but as usual your carefull attention abouT quality of sounds & mix & mastering is so appreciated by me . in the end an exclusive appology for I haven't had this chance to check my mails in my absence days & having no chance to read your mail if I haven't answered . my best wishes + happy new year 2014 for U Steve .____Behnam

  5. Candelaria
    Candelaria on Fri 22nd Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    what is your idea for collab?

    Reply by deciBel

    Candelaria , for sure would be a pleasure to collab with U .
    & many thnx for suggestion. I have composed few latin trials
    & U can select anyone if U like to sing , U can find some of them in but don't write there for me & if U want anyone write here for me ,buT I won't compose a new track & I won't play anything else . Candelaria I know U didn't know this buT some friends of mine knew that I've decided to leave music,playing & composing & any other musical activities & I just should wait for 2014 to upload one track for some reasons & since 29jan2014 I won't be with U in looperman too .I know U may wonder buT it is 9 months that I've got my decision but there's no reason for neither of us to describe our decisions in looperman if I am sayng this right now to U I have a better suggestion to U ,there are many great musicians here if U are looking for a good composer , if U want someone who can plaY spanish guitar ,then U should be honoured for having suggestion from ''FerryTerrY'' or the same Franco , who is really as a master to me . also vice verse to your analysis about drum playing of Scott , I beT U can never find such a crazy skillfull drummer that can underestand many genres & if U had played drum U knew each passage of Scott needs to many days & special trainings.
    also cause once U had written U want to buy ''Misanthropy cycles''that cinematic trial of mine with Electric guitar , I suggest U please ''Tumbleweed'' & for sure he will do it better than what U may guess . U're so lucky singer that I see Ed Cunningham & Franco both have request her for collab & honesty I don't know why U've asked me for collab when they have asked U for collab . except Ed & Franco , I suggest U '' Shortbussmusic '' if he may accepT . also in recently time a new tallented Iranian here I've found who
    is a very good man & his id is '' Amixxx'' & he's so tallented & I suggest U take a listen to his musiX & U'll find him so good for collab .hope these many suggestion can help & in the end again excuse me for not having this chance to work with such a tallented singer like U . hope U underestand me & enjoy collaborating feat these great musicians . I'm sure soon We'll hear from U more .appology & thnX,best wishes.____Behnam

  6. Candelaria
    Candelaria on Fri 22nd Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    !! decibel i don't know about your description but what i heared is my morning alarm right now! :)
    thank you very much.
    you are an stupendous player!
    i have never known any player fast like this!
    phenomenal playing..
    this track surprised me ..
    no word to say..just transfixion..!!!

    Reply by deciBel

    Candelaria first sorry for latencY in replY , as U may know I've been absenT for about 50 days . ...well in fact instead of U ( in commenT ) this is me should write thank U very much to U Candelaria for your attention & kind words U have always written for me in comments , it's great to see U've liked iT & so nice for me to think anyone of my muscial trials is morning alarm for another musician like U .
    I appreciate all your kind words & unaffected reaction & wish U all the bests .____Behnam

  7. theHumps
    theHumps on Thu 21st Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    You are so talented Benham, it almost makes my head spin. I have been having a hard time playing some tracks and getting around on the site, even on both of my computers. Unfortunately, this is one I couldn't play until today and it is amazing as usual. I apologize for not commenting earlier. You have some incredible talents that I will never be able to have. This is such a beautiful idea, I tip my hat to you, again!


    Reply by deciBel

    Wayne my friend thnx a;ot for attention and presence & also encouragements and those cool kidding about yourself's guitar playing althoughT I've listened more track from U to can believe this humbled comment of yours about your lack of ability for playing this selfplayed trial of mine ,but U've written what I usualy feel while listening to your harminica and guitar(s instrument that I play both)but whenever I listen your musiX & wonder how a throughbred msician can use them such proper & considered to make various atmspher for his traX...Wayne I' gratefull of U & your time & warm worthy
    & hearty comment & send U my best wishes as usual & this time + obeisance. take care___Behnam

  8. Tonality
    Tonality on Thu 21st Nov 2013 - 7 years ago is hard to select one because this is superb again
    but like you and djstuk i vote to version1.
    but you are a natural musician born.
    i really can't imagine how it can be possible for your finger that speed you play!!

    Reply by deciBel

    my friend forget about those compliments & let me appreciate your shared perception & valuable time for listening this trial again in this new version too .I'm glad to see U've been agree to me & prefer main 100'' version.Tonality generally & also particulary I enjoy short traX in music too much and for the same I had selected that version .but I do underestand
    our collleagues to say they prefer a longer version like(for exampe)this.kindest regards,best wishes of mine.___Behnam

  9. Sherris
    Sherris on Mon 18th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    Ben you already know my opinion about this hypnotic muzik
    and my emotions regard that
    I wanted to say I sung and uploaded se me free
    and i would love to know what you will tell aout that please

    Reply by deciBel


  10. Pippa777
    Pippa777 on Mon 18th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    I hav to be be honest with you mane , the part from 0.56 to 1.04 souded so emmotional and beautiful, even if u added some strings, or soundtrack music to that part it would be ace, like something out of alading. The rest of the song if Im honest I didnt not like, the guitar was waaay too loud for the rest of the sounds and there wasnt much light/shade at all. u have the chord progressions for some of your previous songs to go a long way especially at creating the mystial "alladin" like mood. Sorry if u hate me for saying this but thats what I thought when I heard it, some pretty amazng the rest not quite

    Reply by deciBel

    Pippa my young tallented colleague I'm so glad to see your attention & presence , and so gratefull of your honest shared idea in comment.and man why I should hate U because of such gentle & honest commenT,for sure I resepct & learn from young generations idea and honesty I shpuld say your comment(your generations idea)is more important than idea of my generations for me cause life belongs to generation of yours & future belongs to U.I'm sorry if music hasn't been interesting for U ,and according to idea of yours&some; other colleagues I'll upload a new version of this trial which I hope U can find any pleasue in iT.thanX alot for taking time to comment & thnx alot for being honest & best wishes.___Behnam

  11. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Mon 18th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    Hows this for critical? Make more of these please Benham!!!! :D I had a teacher that played classical guitar, amazing to watch and listen to! WOW! Where'd u learn to do that!!

    Reply by deciBel

    Burt how are U my yung tallented unseen friend?always reading your comments is a pleasure & I'm gratefull.Burt when I was begining to learn music,according to islamic dictatorship & primitive ideas of islamic leader of Iran,music was forbidden here & because of that I have never had any thing even similar to teacher in music & I'm selfthaught & fr this reason U see I've written in my profile too I'm an error & trial & I call my musiX as trial.thnx alot for worthy attention & taken time to comment wishes,____Behnam

  12. Tonality
    Tonality on Sun 17th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    I take it hard and hard and hard to critic but any critic doesn not come to my mind!
    faridhumanoid my friend is saying good and i don't know how many fingers you have that you can plays like this very very very very fast and strange? :))
    this is harder than what i can imagine in my best dreams!
    i am gonna leave guitar playing after hearing this my friend!(lol)!
    i think it was hardest played piece i have heared in my life my critic is nobody can't play cover version of this!
    this is out of adam power some how if we can say!

    Reply by deciBel

    haha! your brother's english has got better my friend !
    thnx for all your kind words and thnx for attention to my description about being stringenT & all kidings abouT leaving playing guitar & encouragements.& my friend I'm sure never nobody is not supposed to play cover version of my musiX ...viceversa of U am noT a proffessional musician and not going to be too & have no album & when I leave looperman it means this traX all have leave the world so althought I'm sure there will be guitarist who can cover this buT don't worry cause nobody won't try on thaT in reallity. a smile ,great apprectaions and best wishes to U .____Behnam

  13. FaridHumanoid
    FaridHumanoid on Sun 17th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    I'm just confusing still that how can you write and play this hard songs.
    I heard again and again and going on again to understand and it continues now.
    It's a master piece of spanish guitar and thank you because of that.
    Parcham Balast Dadash

    Reply by deciBel

    my good friend always your presence makes me so glad & U know
    althought me & your country neve could underestand eachother buT I have greatest respects for Iranian's idea & your possitive idea makes me so glad.kodum parcham balast aghaye vakil ?uni ke rush akse ghafase allah ro keshide an az nazare man na bala , ke surakhe.arezuhaye khube hamishegie man b araye to,zadgahe madari va este'dad hash.____Behnam

  14. janis71
    janis71 on Sat 16th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    You know how much I love this opus 66 I sent you weeks ago, Behnam ... ( Just tell me if it got lost in your mailbox, and I'll send it to u again ) .

    To me, your maestria here is more than obvious _ though I've always been aware of it . It's irradiating and also aching as it's made up of so many faithfully expressed feelings .
    It starts in a tumult , a commotion _ and you know my feeling about those holes and "whirlpools" in your tracks,
    The first movement ( from 0:12 to 0:22 ) speaks about determination, life energy, as a new born hope after that tumult,
    The second ( from 0:22 to 0:37 )sounds like an upsurge of consciousness, as someone telling himself/herself to calm down and think a little,
    Then ( from 0:37 to 0:55 ), after a while, things are clearer in his/her mind and the urge to live progressively arouses again with a craving for passionate feelings,
    Then, ( from 0:55 to 1:25 ), he/she goes on walking through life with a much more peaceful approach to it, sometimes allowing his/her heart to beat faster though trying hard not to surrender to powerful sensations and emotions,
    By the end, I hear a joyful and conscious capitulation. Almost something like "There's no need to refrain . Live now or never cause that's what life expects you to do" . And there, I smiled because the tale has a happy end .

    I talked about that opus because your guitar duet whispers a whole story to me . It's just my personal perception of it but throughout those 101 seconds ( and I'm happy there's a 1 after 100 cause to me, it means the travel will go on for this walker ) . I feel as if I have walked beside this pilgrim .
    Yes, I would call this track a pilgrimage . Something difficult and meaningful with a noble goal, that can make the walker become a better person .

    Sorry for this long comment, Behnam . Hope you'll outlive, haha .

    Thanks a lot for this unique moment,
    Do take care, Deary


    Reply by deciBel

    for sure I'll outlive & send U many friendly hugess & exclusive greatest appreciations for such a punctual & tender attention that has take your time more than duration of track Carole.always your poetical analysing is like a hexagonal or RHOMB and having many dimmensions & belongs to the field of semantics analysis + literal meaning of words & Denotation and Connotation ,and worthy of greatest appreciations.also Carole this comment I read from U made me find a new idea abouT 2 traX thaT I'll send an email about it for U(if I forgot U remind me please)& will talk .thnx alot for listening such carefully which means alot and exclusive appreciations of mine for this exclusive attention of wishes.___Behnam

  15. ScottFranco
    ScottFranco on Fri 15th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    Behnam, this is exceptional. I have always considered you a great guitarist, even though I don't quite understand your music. I hear things that are very difficult and masterful in your playing. This piece sounds like Flamenco to me. Is this the Spanish style you were going for? Maybe one day you can do something I can put some drums and percussion to.


    Reply by deciBel

    Scott first of all for sure U're the only drummer here who is quite free from myside to select by himslef anyone of my trials to add any membranophonic or percussive ( even other things as I have seen U're so good in other instruments too)line,& I'll be glad ,buT after these replies I'll senT U something thaT I've composed while thinking Scott would be needed for any type of beats about that in which meassure Transition happens from 6.8 to 7.8 or 13.8 and then again changes to 4.4 in iT ! and about your question,if U take a look to Ed's comment and right in the same way that Franco too defines such notation textures in that way,We can categorize it in to
    and according to this style has begun from latin commmunity of newyork since 1980 and as U've truelY recognized , it has spanish or famenco taste.thnx alot Scott for worthy attention & greatest appreciations for your generous word & taken time to listen & wishes.___Behnam

  16. Polyfronetic
    Polyfronetic on Fri 15th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    Hi Behnam.

    About your comment/reply:
    First of all thanks for your explanations. I understand the idea behind it, but I have alternate views as you. 90% of my songs I compose also note for note, therefore I know what effort and commitment it takes to compose something.
    Across from me You do not need to explain and I'm sorry if you feel you criticized or misunderstood as an artist.

    Wish you a good time and all the best. :)

    Reply by deciBel

    thnX for attention & reaction to my reply.& man forsure no needed to sorry from anyone's side if shares his critical idea with the others I think & I had tried before what U meant me to do & do underestand and respect and appreciate U. Polyfronetic particulary I learn from such gentle & usefull argues more than everythings here.Music is alive with simultaneity of motion & rotaion & alteration & alternations Simultaneous Motion of differnT & Various spectrums , and I think till there are musicians like U who comments honesT , and me who answers honest , music lives and life makes music & different lifes makes differnt musiX.particulary I enjoyed aloT from this idea swap betweeen ours for example to this.soon I''l find a time to listen to your compositions & for sure there'll find them worthy of greatest respects & adorable like your wishes & greatest appreciations.___Behnam

  17. Evisma
    Evisma on Fri 15th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    And again, I am impressed. And available for download!!!
    I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of progressive. This is certainly qualifying. Never know where the song or you are going to go with it. Thank you for giving us another piece to marvel at.


    Reply by deciBel

    how are U Evan? thnx for all kind words& thnx alot for attention and if I really want to answer I should say as usual I was talking to myself or thinking but with guitar's strings in this reflective free style diaaphragm to run away through a notional deserT to a free style execution somewhere between Flamenco & A tonalitY .Evan I'm almost convinced that your mail is similar to god's mailbox .both never recceive my senT letters..!anyway please inform me about reception to send the other lines of that too to U .take care & best wishes.___Behnam

  18. ElenaSatine
    ElenaSatine on Fri 15th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    how this begins how that happens like that it's impossible!
    i had never seen like that but this was my idea too
    i tried to download it but i can't shit.neeee
    this is not my problem i am downloading the others music now
    oh i want it
    but why you don't play this with electric guitar!?
    i like that way more
    i got headache to beleive someone has played this
    your hand has an oddball sort of supernatural speed!!
    play this with El guitar this is my critique.

    Reply by deciBel

    thnX for attention & shared idea .I appreciate and rspect your idea(criticism?it was noT) , buT don't think that sound good if let's play this piece by Electric .best wishes.__B

  19. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Fri 15th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    Behnam.....if you are going to do playing like this we are all goping to be calling you the genius....I listened to the copy you sent several times as well as this one...I know you structure it carefully...yet it comes across as free-form......Domenico makes some good points in his review....Your playiong is just excellent my friend...I will never be able to play the strings that fast in my lifetime....and also have made some obvious variations to keep it interesting...The introduction was unexpected but definitely commands the listeners attention....Now...if you are going to do a CD for download...listeners (and me also) will want you to play longer songs....and I know you can do that....perhaps a little bridge in the middle..and then a new variation of your theme.....You deserve the many compliments our friends on The Loop are giving you Behnam.....(Told you so..HaHa).....Bravo Behnam.....standing ovation......Ed

    Reply by deciBel

    Master generous words & great adices of yours makes me remember how was forgotten frame of smile on my face ,& thnx alot fr al mastershp encouragements & supports. Ed I've learned never people judge us true . neither when friends call U genius or when a unknown id of a countrymates for unknown reasons calls U such generous words like Wanker and nsyas U should get a muzzle like his horse as U saw they did here with me to appreciate me for showing U foreigners that my country has talents . as I've seen even our parents , our childs , or oure wives to judge us false as We do this mistake about them too , so as I told U another time in mail too never mind to what people call me Ed ..cause I know I don't deserve to be called genius and wanker neither . and master particulary i really don't think playing fast is greatest point of a guitarist .. I should confess tha I played this trial fast cause because of some private matters I was worry for someone who i love her more than my being and i'm sure if i was not worry tempo won't go more than 100 bmp cause personaly I enjoy when I hold my guitar and play his hair smooth and sow and gentle and kind ,and this complicated harmony of this 2 lines is what I enjoy about mathematiX & what depends on my crowded mind .about timing particulary i think 100 seconds is enough cause I think listeners find no way but repeat my traX again and again buT
    if Ed,Master is supposed to listen , I'll send him main version of trial which has been about 3 minutes todaY cause he is a special audiance for me whose idea has exclusive value. thnx Ed,master for all your attentions and advices and instructive points & taken time of yours in mails & here too,accept my greatest appreciations,please take care and in the end my best wishes for U .___Behnam

  20. Polyfronetic
    Polyfronetic on Thu 14th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    What I hear is really good. Criticism is hard and maybe also inappropriate because you You offer no complete song. So it is a proposal, not a criticism:

    Make a complete song, not "only" 101 seconds. :) ;)

    Reply by deciBel

    Hello Polyfronentic.glad to know U .
    & would be gratefull to know indexes which defines a completed track for U .
    if U take a look to linX below from my older uploaded musical trials here:
    or these other example that I have put them in hidden traX of mine after 1 or 2 days and now I make them visible to make U underestand my reply better :
    U may find ouT my idea abouT producing abouT 20 duet or recital track with 100_101seconds, or less duration,almost all selfplayed by me and if few not played all notes are written by me,to express a concept,meaning,some moments or
    a perception,sensation,or...anyway a title for listener ,in a pithy,compendious & terse manner in which '' respecting to the time & in facT taken time from listener to express a concept for him by music '' , is mosT importanT criterion for me .
    I underestand maybe in that genre of music which U work on it and that produces for quantity of listener & public and entertainmenT & dance & disco , and all by repeating loops ,
    composing a 100 seconds piece seems undone,cause music produces according to performance defined of thaT.
    buT speciallY in recentlY years ,cinematic and acoustic musiX have many many examples to prove & uphold us that time duration is noT what defines a track is completed or noT .
    otherwise as easiest way I could repeat this 100 seconds 2time for U to make a longer duration .buT I think there when last Chord of tiral solves in that ending cadance ,and right in the same way that I see all listeners before & after U have underestood that chord solavation & cadance ,we can know music is completed . anyway I respect your idea , particulary appreciate your worthy attention & taken time for commenT & shared idea of yours ,and will think abouT it later too , and wish my description have been usefull and expressive for wishes.___Behnam

  21. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Thu 14th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    What a wonderful and expressive piece my friend! I would describe this as frantic in a way, which is a quality I adore in music! You can play very well! It seems very emotional to me. Great job! Faved for sure!

    Reply by deciBel

    Patrick how are U my friend ? reading your comments is always energizer & a way for finding stimulus to keep on music , and fav mark from proff musicians & lovely humans like U is my faved moments of looking to looperman.stay in touch,all the bests.___Behnam

  22. MWRatridge
    MWRatridge on Thu 14th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    I think I would leave it as it is.


    Reply by deciBel

    and definitelY what such a great guitarists like U think about this is important & appreciated & worthwhile . thnx for attention to my description & glad for our joint idea bout wishes.___Behnam

  23. MWRatridge
    MWRatridge on Thu 14th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago


    Holy sh*t!!!
    Fav'd. Seriously, where have you been hiding? This is awesome!!
    Flawless execution, passion galore, smoking hot.


    Reply by deciBel

    Mark ! man how are U?glad to see U've been here .
    I haven't been hiding anywhere Mike , just U had listened my trianing as I told U the same day in reply & for sure training & serious executions are differenT.
    I'm very gratefull to see you possitive friendly reaction & cool explanation in wished.___Behnam

  24. mrwolf14
    mrwolf14 on Thu 14th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    First of all, this is a great execution.
    Clap clap clap clap clap clap... standing ovation to our maestro!
    There is not so much to criticize: the part that I liked less is the beginning with the slow-down effect (I would not repeat it twice or make it more subtle, my personal opinion).
    What I liked most:
    - 0:28 wonderful how the two guitars work together (specially towards the end of the "solo" before the "theme" starts).
    - Tone and expression at 0:59 ... the softness creates a beautiful contrast with the sparse chords you play
    - the clarity of the execution: you are a very gifted man my friend, a superb musician and a very talented player.

    I am so glad that you shared this with all of us.
    Ciao, Domenico

    Reply by deciBel

    Domenico my friend how R U ? mastereo! haha! I felt I'm Franco Quadroni for a while..! Phonetics & the way consonant & phonetic are working in your cool language has always been cool for me,and this insist in U about being Italian too .
    I'm gratefull to see U've been here and thnx alot for your attention to my description & shared idea of yours in commenT.
    Domenico buT beyond kidding I'm bery young to be called master.see there are many traX of yours(for example)too in which U deserve to be called Mastereo buT even U who is like
    many of other grea musician older than me are too young to be called Mastere and if U pay attention & remember , I never called Ed or Barry or Franco something like Master bfore I underestand they are grandfathers.for me first indeX of mastership is having white hair & to be grandfather .and if someday I was a grandfather & still a good boy and be abl to compose or play masteship trials then maybe I can deserve such words..and about your ideas , I know your eleganT and public elegant too like less thos parts which I bend music and respecT ,yes , those could be played in normal waY,buT this game with the numbers of semitones is a fun for me as U know & I think I should have these error & trials about it to find the best numbers consideration way in one of my trials at last to can add something alittle new to music & repea because I wanted to track goes to about 100'' as the others 100'' of mine which U have heared and oh man U know lazy friend of yours who it's hard to for him to find the mood of something again if U see I repeated that.
    and about those monets which U've mentioned them as posiitive moments I just can say this was such a hard calculation for me as U an engineer can underestand that how those notes are working that I believed I'm sick for making complicated harmony texture .it would be great if U may have any psychologist friend to can take a look to me , seriously,I take care & stay in touch in email Mr absent.___Behnam

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Tags : | Acoustic | 5.62 MB | Cubase

Description : A track I did with a friend ages ago. I play the guitar and he sang and wrote the lyrics. The lyrics came mostly from headlines in the newspaper that sunday. Recorded using a crappy old microphone direct into cubase with a few overdubs

Tags : | Acoustic | 4.49 MB

Description : Just an acoustic/piano piece I threw together a few nights ago when coming home from university. My brother and I were doing some acoustic music together in my room, just having fun; came out with this; I immediately got on my DAW and recorded it before I forgot how ti went lol. Hoping to get some strings on it soon as well as some vocals from the bro! :P In the meantime, enjoy this instrumental.

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.97 MB

Description : Here's a lil' acoustic instrumental I never wrote words to. Used a Guild acoustic guitar mic'd with an AKG C214 and my trusty ol' Yamaha MOX8 for other instruments (excluding shaker - that was real ;). You can find the guitar loops to this song on my profile page. Maybe one of you looperpeeps can come up with something for words on this. Otherwise, enjoy le moosic :3

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.40 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is an acoustic cover of the song "Come As You Are" by David Crowder. I recorded, mixed, and mastered this one in two days! Almost done burned me out haha! Hope you enjoy!

My older brother does the lead vocals and I do everything else, from instrumentation to harmonies. No vocal-editing whatsoever in this one. The guitars were all one-take recordings. Updated the audio - I added tambourine hits in the 2nd and 3rd choruses; just helps make for a more moving song.

Tags : | Acoustic | 9.20 MB

Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Enjoy! There is a drumless version too, with completely different atmosphere :
I wonder, which one do you like better?
Applied loops (fully or partially):
ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0040110 (To all the Looperladies 89),
0158799-0040119 (Blacktar Cupcakes 89),
JHUIZINGA: 0304189-0021980 (Sad piano medley 1),
0304189-0021981 (Sad piano medley 2),
GUITARJOCKS: 0353199-0026336 (Guitarjocks Acoustic Jam Lead 2),
0353199-0026338 (Guitarjocks Acoustic Jam Lead 3),
PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0004000 (Chill Out Drums 135),
0071878-0007037 (Dynamic Brushes),
CHRISBEATS2012: 0664534-0053624 (live drums),
0664534-0053997 (old school live drums),
AIDANSTRANCE: 0186075-0012224 (Piano loop),
IMPROVEWITHERROR: 0189474-0025323 (Acoustic 2 135),
DJERC7: 0251397-0017248 (what a time we had BASS),
CALIFKEN: 0262259-0028718 (Morning Sorrow Slow Guitar Chords),
WAPER: 0334474-0048684 (Bass slide),
TALENTS: 0298428-0031327 (acoustic guitar hiphop),
ZAPPO: 0309681-0027425 (flute),
NIGHTINGALE: 0207475-0078718 (Much To Much),
DECIBEL: 0741971-0064805 (parallel bells 110bmp),
RUDEE: 0040865-0000734 (ru_dee-chill-02),
DJFREDVAL: 0002663-0049430 (FV Beat Ac 130),
RETRONICAL: 0534013-0043682 (kiksnartom 125),
MRROBOT: 0082073-0075519 (Analogue DRUMs 98BPM 6),
3RDNIPPLEMUSIC: 0609523-0083259 (nv - ezd - never alone - 90),
DANKE: 0671112-0082860 (Ghosty drum),
DARKREINE: 0944056-0064772 (Dark Acoustic 05).

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.78 MB | FL Studio

Description : NOTICE: this song is made ONLY FOR NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. Contains an emulation of a TM legendary song (send to the original authors, i add them on Fb time ago).

This is a surprise, for those was young in 1999, for the beloved Patricia (and the gift of her voice) and my brothers Nous2 and Jamid, kind people i met here. Let's go crying guys, hope you enjoy.

Description : It gives me great pleasure to upload this track I did with Richie. Usually we work "backwards", with him building a track around my vocs, but this time his instrumental came first. I love it's encouraging and motivational lyrics and as always Richie's care in making EVERYTHING perfect! :-) Totally didn't know what genre to put it in. Enjoy.

Tags : | Acoustic | 3.61 MB

Description : Working on my acoustic recording quality. What do you guys think? I'll extend this once it's closer to completion.

Description : This minimalist acoustic chillout track contains only loops from Looperman artists. Peace! UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps!

Applied loops (fully or partially) :

MIOTS: 0181980-0010316 (Acoustic Guitar - Bridge),
0181980-0010311 (Acoustic Guitar - Verse 1),
0181980-0010313 (Acoustic Guitar - Chorus 1),
0181980-0010318 (Acoustic Guitar - Ending),
DANKE: 0671112-0077214 (Dreamy piano),
0671112-0077853 (Underwater drums),
0671112-0078026 (Glimmer of the West),
IMPROVEWITHERROR: 0189474-0058173 (Downed), 0189474-0058172 (Acoustic pick),
ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0044036 (Eshar 88), 0158799-0044319 (Audiation Effect 182),
GAMEBOIX: 0089446-0003591 (200 Bpm Reverb Piano), 0089446-0003799 (Chill Out Keys 02),
ABLAZE7: 0287077-0036734 (Story Teller Guitar Loop 1),
ANCORAL: 0039735-0043882 (acp - Bells Attack 03),
SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0007086 (Skyrider Chiller in the lounge alto sax solo 2),
VIRIS: 0070681-0002758 (Blü Chill),
PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0004000 (Chill Out Drums 135),
MHYST: 0203623-0017218 (Soft Vib Flute And Piano Combo Part 1),
SPIVKURL: 0186161-0050712 (Counter Epic Electro Drums),
DEVODALE: 0134239-0006523 (Devodale Piano Lead Loop 01),
DJERC7: 0251397-0017170 (Raining in London ELECTRIC GUITAR).

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.76 MB | Samplitude

Description : There were two separate tracks in work, but who knows why I got tired with them and then decided to merge them (or at least what left from them) into one piece hence they originate out of same musical purpose. No world war was ment here, except my recent personal one...haha...and you don't want to know about it.:) It's not real etude by any means, yet it's quite alot about practicing...practicing...

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.41 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This is my attempt at the one-hour challenge for LM (finished at 57 min 48 sec). I had to mix/master on the go and this was the result. Some bad chords here and there that I did my best to conceal, one-takes on guitar and piano and used an awesome acapella from a1000times, who wrote the words that Dikaiko sang over. I really like her voice. Anyhoo yea, I like this one a lot so probably gonna come back to this in the near future. Comments welcome.

I got the acapella here:

EDIT: This track has been updated. I think I'm going to call it finished :)

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.19 MB

Description : I put this under acoustic even though I did use a couple midi tracks. I felt they sounded acoustic enough to put the track in that category. Suppose it could be chill out as well, however you want to label it, do so. I used an Indian flute and an electric guitar sounding plugin with some tremolo added along with acoustic guitar, mandolin and harmonica. Nothing too complicated here and I felt it sounded good enough to upload so enjoy!

Description : As the US reaches the grim milestone of over 400,000 deaths due to COVID, I post this pella from Songboy3 on ccMister. This is probably my most favorite hymn. Vox from Songboy3, all the rest from yours truly. This is for all who have suffered from this hideous plague.

Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Had to thank once again the excellent loops to their owners - i think the result is one of my best tracks ever, plus have a slight spaghetti western like feeling which is cool ... Hope you will like it too. :)

Applied loops (fully or partially):
MINOR2GO: 0159051-0037491 (Guitar Gold - I wanna fly),
0159051-0071183 (Guitars Unlimited - Promise),
0159051-0071954 (Guitars Unlimited - A beautiful time 2),
0159051-0036006 (Guitaredition - Guitar Soundz 2 - High Notes),
MWRATRIDGE: 0631933-0052898 (Grinding Bassy Groove),
0631933-0067129 (Dean Resonator With Glass Slide 2),
0631933-0067130 (Dean Resonator With Glass Slide 3),
NIGHTINGALE: 0207475-0085005 (china) - deleted loop? O:O,
0207475-0080092 (Country Girl),
0207475-0085313 (Human Desert),
THEHUMPS: 0308224-0072236- (WuClassic Clave 110 bpm),
0308224-0052217 (Mando 1 Notes D-C-C-G 100 bpm),
SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0007221 (Gizzard soprano sax solo loop 1),
0067443-0007075 (Skyrider eastern flute)
REI4REAL: 0039029-0005227 (rei smile01 D 120),
0039029-0005228 (rei smile02 D 120),
ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0048742 (STIC Normal Drum Verse 124),
0158799-0046472 (Ploops Rideum 116),
EBABY8119: 1059144-0071179 (WAVEY DRUM LOOP JUST PERC),
1059144-0066979 (HORN LOOP),
DANKE: 0671112-0081179 (Violin loop),
0671112-0081353 (Drifts),
DJKNIGHTLIFE420: 0165908-0027771 (Toxic Whistle),
RICKMASSACRE: 0853544-0069166 (Reggae Drum Loop 1),
TALKINGMONEY: 0940350-0061843 (Dub Reggae Drums),
NEONGROOVER: 0239452-0030190 (Chloe).

Tags : | Acoustic | 2.06 MB

Description : BEAUTIFUL guitar with pianino chords. This is sad guitar. But this guitar have a positive mood.

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