12th Nov 2013 14:27 -  10 years ago
Tags :
Description : I put this under acoustic even though I did use a couple midi tracks. I felt they sounded acoustic enough to put the track in that category. Suppose it could be chill out as well, however you want to label it, do so. I used an Indian flute and an electric guitar sounding plugin with some tremolo added along with acoustic guitar, mandolin and harmonica. Nothing too complicated here and I felt it sounded good enough to upload so enjoy!

Comments (32)

If you have time take a listen and give theHumps some feedback.

GramoChopin 21st Jun 2014 01:20 -  9 years ago
Not much i can say that others have not already said. Pure piece right here man. Everything is very warm and inviting. If i ever learn to play the guitar, I'll send you a link to my first acoustic track. I however first need to learn piano to a mastery degree, the piano is my ABSOLUTE favorite instrument. Not even the guitar beats it in my opinion, no diss to guitar players though lol Flawless execution here brother, peace

FreeRadical 30th Apr 2014 16:03 -  10 years ago
The fool huh? I'm absolutlely flattered that you took time out to write a song about me.
So far it's not sounding very foolish. I'm getting scenes of an old wild west town, sitting in the saloon bar chugging a beer (or ten)
The production on this is crystal clear, sounds like you just restrung your guitar and that harmonica is sweet.
As always..........SPOT ON!!!
theHumps replied 2nd May 2014 - 10 years ago
Actually it was my actions that forced me to chose the title but everything worked out in the long run. Personally, I like this one, a little partial to these western songs I reckon. I've been getting into the harp lately and been finding it works in my music more than I thought it would.

Thanks for reminding me, beer chugging on the docket later.

Orlando51 13th Jan 2014 12:41 -  10 years ago
Wow, nice stuff. So reminiscent of Ennio Moriconne. Mandolins are an extra surprise here. Keep up good work.
theHumps replied 10th Feb 2014 - 10 years ago
So sorry for not replying sooner but I moved to a new house and life's been a bit crazy lately.

Thank you so much for your comments, I love my $40 mandolin, lol, it does the trick sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by.

ebaby8119 19th Dec 2013 00:39 -  10 years ago
love the guitars in this and the whole vibe about the song is great. really nice work.
theHumps replied 19th Dec 2013 - 10 years ago
Cool, glad you like it!


lazyeye1261 18th Dec 2013 17:07 -  10 years ago
nice. Believe it or not I am going to try and turn this into a hip hop track. I'll post it on looperman if I am successful.
theHumps replied 18th Dec 2013 - 10 years ago
Give it a go, I'd like to hear what you could do with it. Sounds like an interesting idea.

BeatKraks 17th Dec 2013 16:29 -  10 years ago
XmafaX 12th Dec 2013 23:53 -  10 years ago
Great track.
Amazing guitars, very goo work!
theHumps replied 13th Dec 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks Paulo for the nice feedback!

Oneyearmuse 25th Nov 2013 20:18 -  10 years ago
Love the guitar especially since I created a track with all guitars in it, the use of the harp is very nice too. Something to add to my play list in the car I think.
theHumps replied 26th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Cool man, thanks, glad you liked it enough to dl it. Thanks for stopping by.

ValveDriver 23rd Nov 2013 19:41 -  10 years ago
I like this. I particularly like the guitar. It could have been just that guitar, by itself, and still have been just as powerful. That's my opinion anyhow. Thank you for giving us this.

theHumps replied 26th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks for giving this a listen and a comment, much appreciated!

ArtfulOne 21st Nov 2013 11:44 -  10 years ago
Very chill track. Kind of reminded me of something that could be played on an old cowboys guitar sitting around a fire out in Oklahoma.

Descriptive, I know.

- Artful One
theHumps replied 21st Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Pretty funny you mentioned that scenario. If you play my last song posted called The Campfire, you will hear just that, a song written and sung around a campfire in the old west near the Black Hills. no kiddin'A lot of my acoustic and folk songs are like that.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

bmxjimmy 20th Nov 2013 23:11 -  10 years ago
its nice, clean and catchy! drums would sound good with this
theHumps replied 21st Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks for listening in and the comments! I'm sure a simple drum could be put in there.

ImproveWithError 20th Nov 2013 21:15 -  10 years ago
Very nice Wayne, love the laid back almost haunting feel to this track. Great job!!

theHumps replied 21st Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks Kyle, glad you could stop by!
janis71 19th Nov 2013 21:47 -  10 years ago
Delicate, tender, nostalgic and poetical . I loved listening to your track that sort of drives the heart back to the essential and the genuine .
Thank you very much for this peaceful and very pleasant moment, Wayne .
theHumps replied 20th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
That was very sweet, thank you for the nice comments Carole!

GalaXProject 19th Nov 2013 16:06 -  10 years ago
Nice Track, it was very heady to listen into it.
theHumps replied 20th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Glad you liked it, thanks for swing by, checking it out and leaving a comment!

zacongpow 19th Nov 2013 15:47 -  10 years ago
this is good!
theHumps replied 20th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks, appreciate your feedback!

brotbackautomat 16th Nov 2013 18:05 -  10 years ago
the one or the other here mentioned it before - i've got this ennio morricone moment while listening to your song...dusty road - saloon doors swinging - stranger riding through town - mothers take their kids away from streets and so on...;-)nice 1
theHumps replied 20th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
People mention the Ennio M reference a lot when I do these sounding songs. I have a handful of spaghetti western sounding songs here. I get a lot of "this should be in a Quinton Tarantino film". It is a very nice compliment to hear that so thanks!

Thanks for the nice feedback, it's always welcomed.

Spivkurl 15th Nov 2013 19:42 -  10 years ago
Yeah I was raised mostly between here in Minnesota, and in Homer, Alaska. I remember big spontaneous acoustic jams. I was a little too young to appreciate it fully though. I enjoyed your song very much!
theHumps replied 16th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
That's interesting Pat, too bad you were too young to appreciate Alaska's beauty. Well maybe you will get back there some day. Thanks again!
ElenaSatine 15th Nov 2013 04:13 -  10 years ago
i liked it.beautifull.good.
theHumps replied 15th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thank you very much!
ScottFranco 14th Nov 2013 20:03 -  10 years ago
Very enjoyable piece, Wayne. Quality is can hear everything clearly. I'm envisioning some Latin percussion, maybe bongos, congas, shakers, etc, but than, I hear drums and percussion in my sleep!

theHumps replied 15th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks Scott! I thought the ringing in my ears was bad but hearing drums and percussion in your sleep? damn.

I have a bunch of percussion instruments here and virtual percussion instruments galore but I tried to show some restraint with this one, one of those less is more deals I was thinking. It was tempting to keep adding things though,lol.

Thanks for stopping by, noticed you have a new one, on my way to check it out!

Spivkurl 14th Nov 2013 14:36 -  10 years ago
This a very good song! It makes me reminisce in a big way! Reminds me of what people used to play at "hoe downs" when I lived in Alaska! Very vintage style, but also up to date! You've done it again! Faved for sure!
theHumps replied 14th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
I didn't know you used to live in Alaska, cool. We have "hoe downs" here in Daytona Beach but we may be talking about different things though. lol

Thanks for always stopping by!

deciBel 14th Nov 2013 11:55 -  10 years ago
wayne unfortunately I don't know why buT I can't see fav and play and comment button beside no track today to mark it fav as I wanT , I'll try again later to mark ,buT U add 1 fav to this from me by yourself untill that time .I listened ot 2 times & enjoyed too much.
deciBel 14th Nov 2013 11:52 -  10 years ago
hey ! glad to find a new one from my friend , how are U Wayne.
very nice theme , and your combination with your Harmonica is always instructive for me . wonderfull atmospher & amazing .
I have a friend whose name is Wayne , would wonder if he may sing on this too !he sings verywell & can make this beautifull package even more perfect .beyond kidding it was very welldone Wayne . instructive is the word for me.all the bests.___Behnam
theHumps replied 14th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Hey Benham, how ya doing? Thanks for listening. It's just something very simple I put together. Glad you like it! haha, no singing for Wayne on this one.

Take care.

StaticNomad 14th Nov 2013 08:21 -  10 years ago
This is fine to have in 'acoustic' as that's what it sounds like.

Good for soundtrack music - maybe something like a Spaghetti Western.

I like the mandolin on 1:20. Nice walking/swaying runs there.

I like what the main acoustic guitar is playing but I'm not so keen on the tone of the guitar - a little too bright and clean for me. I'm not sure if that's the plugin or the real thing.

That main guitar part certainly has something in common with Warpaint's Billie Holiday song:

They are a brilliant band!

Good work though I felt the end could have been a bit more definitive. It sort of faded out but not that cleanly (sorry, not sure if that makes sense).
theHumps replied 14th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! The acoustic is real and that's me playing it. I've been working on mic placement for a while, trying to get a good tone. Most of the acoustic playing is done without using the lower E and A strings so there isn't much bass or lower end to the track, maybe that's why it may sound so bright. Even the mando adds that high end tone. Or maybe I could cut some high end out of the final mix, I dunno.

As far as clean goes, there is no noise or hiss reduction done to any of my tracks, Ableton doesn't have those plugins. You are hearing the tracks as I record them with eq and some compression and reverb. I get nice clean recordings with my AKG mics and 32 bit interface.

I do a lot of spaghetti western music and Latin style acoustic music. This one is more of an exercise than a real track. The ending and well, most of the song isn't all that definitive. It was just a very simple idea brewed up quickly in Ableton and felt it sounded good enough to upload, not much thought went into the construction of the song. It's just 2 chords.

I'm more just trying to get feedback on my mixes, having just switched to Ableton. By stripping down songs and making my playing more "vulnerable" by these open sounding mixes, I can critique my mixing and playing better because I'm not that great at either. Sometimes I notice when there is so many instruments and effects and automation and drums going on, a mix can get so big that the small details can be over looked. I feel these little exercise songs can help me learn more about mixing than major 40 track productions.

Appreciate the feedback, it's all welcomed. I will check out that track, thanks for the link. I think this is my longest reply ever, lol!

JJWeekz 13th Nov 2013 21:08 -  10 years ago
So very soothing and majestic. Loving this for sure!
theHumps replied 14th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Majestic? Nobody has ever used that word to describe one of my songs, now I'm feeling pretty good about myself, lol!! Thanks for checking it out and using the word majestic. ;) Glad you liked it enough to dl it.


Burtsbluesboxes 13th Nov 2013 15:26 -  10 years ago
This brings me to an old western town during the goldrush days, Awesome!! I want to join Bear walking around the desert and old gold mines listening to this :P Oh well, just listening brings me there. Love acoustic guitar!! I see no problem with midi, it has opened so many doors in the world of music creation. Instruments we normally would never be able to play are now available to us :D
theHumps replied 14th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
You and Bear are on the same page as far as your reaction to the track, that's funny. Can I join you guys, sounds like fun, bring some acoustic instruments and jam in a mine?

I love the ability to create using midi, it has really opened the door to so many of us "real" musicians(i don't like to use that term but...). It has opened the floodgate to creativity to millions of us who home record. I just think of acoustic music being done with more traditional acoustic instruments, not needing amplifiers or using vst plugins but my instrument choices were close to not needing amplification. These days it's hard to tell what isn't a vst.

Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

mrwolf14 13th Nov 2013 14:11 -  10 years ago
Hi Wayne,
Thanks for this new gem. The song is very good, but what really stroke me is the clarity and the definition you have in your mix: outstanding.
Ciao, Domenico

PS: maybe you could also add a couple of verses... you know that I like how you sing and your voice would perfectly fit on this one :-)
theHumps replied 14th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks Domenico! Still lots of learning to do with Ableton but I am finally getting happier with my mixes. I wasn't planning to sing on it but thanks for the nice words of encouragement!

Smpulse 13th Nov 2013 06:31 -  10 years ago
I just love that mandolin when it comes in. Adds a mystic air to it. Nice culmination of instruments and very well produced. Thank you for that little piece it was a pleasure. Faved by me also!
theHumps replied 13th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice review. Thanks for the fav!


crucethus 13th Nov 2013 05:11 -  10 years ago
ahh this is so great, and personal, awesome song.!
theHumps replied 13th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks man, glad you liked it, appreciate you stopping by!

Tumbleweed 12th Nov 2013 22:09 -  10 years ago
Its been a lucky music day for me Wayne...had a little while to spend catching up a bit on the Loops and what a treat ...finding new posts from my fav artists..I love acoustic instruments so this one is a big treat...Has a bit of a Western, folky vibe and no matter what genre it is I really enjoyed it....Good decision to upload...another fav...Ed
theHumps replied 13th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
I did the same thing. folk? acoustic? chillout? country? lol!

Acoustic music has always been my favorite, whether it's Pete Seeger or Aerosmith unplugged, I just love the acoustic guitar!! The story behind writing it and it's name is a good personal humorous story.

Thanks for stopping by Ed and appreciate the nice words!

GSF131963 12th Nov 2013 20:52 -  10 years ago
Very beautiful music! Sound quality and unusual!
Bravo [
theHumps replied 13th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks, I appreciate you listening and leaving a comment. "unusual". I like that!


Danke 12th Nov 2013 18:25 -  10 years ago
Agree with the others, fantastic track...what it means for me is a 'neverending' hope and encourage...happiness and pain changes, but the show must go on...this song takes anywhere I want...
Standing ovation and big thanx Wayne
theHumps replied 13th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Thanks Danke, glad it had an affect on you, I guess that is what music is supposed to do.


ShortBusMusic 12th Nov 2013 17:54 -  10 years ago
Hey Wayne, I really enjoyed this one. Living out here in the middle of the desert, not too far from some pretty cool gold mines and ghost towns, this song fits perfectly. I'm going to download it (thanks for that) and then play it on the IPod as I wander through the ruins trying to imagine what the old towns looked like in their heydays.

Outstanding effort. Hope all is well down in sunny Florida.

theHumps replied 13th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
You should get a metal detector and find lost gold in all your travels through those old towns and mines like those guys on that Diggers show, lol!

Hi Bear! Glad you liked the track, has a bit of that western feel, guess the electric git has the tremolo and reverb to help with that feel. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on this one.

Wish you allowed comments on your tracks, see you have a new cinematic track, nice dubby, glitchy, cinematic track. Sounds great. So you're on a cinematic fix, can't wait to hear more. I guess I just gave you a review on your track!! I beat the system!!


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