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Tags : | Cinematic | 9.93 MB

Description : have U ever wanted to run awaY from us..humans ...

trial(music i mean the same track) is in Eb_Cm___110bmp

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  1. FreeRadical
    FreeRadical on Sat 7th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    This has really great atmosphere right from the beginning. That guitar lick is great. Is that a loop? The piece is very dreamy and the ambience is superb. I like the way you used the wind chimes as a rhytm instrument.
    The second part is more intense and would make a nice background to a car chase or something. I would have likes that bit to have gone on for a bit longer as it sounded like breakbeat which i'm a fan of.
    I really enjoy your pieces when i stop by and this is no exception.

    Reply by deciBel

    FR dear , Hi after a while & appologY for late replY .
    many thnx for attention , shared analytic point of view & idea of a longer part (for second part) which is worth considering . regarding gutars yes according to my fingers problem in that time ( when I had composed this ) there're some loops and few changed loops in its guitar but if U're minded to listen my electric guitar playing I'll be glad to know your idea about nother trial of mine which name is '' No to child labour '' , despite I underestand progressive metal is far from your musical interests...
    FR I really enjoy whenever I feel people have paid attention & reallized truelY about details of my trials , and your comments are always a pleasure,useful & also appreciated by me ...many thnx for whenever U've stopped bY & listened to my trials & shared your idea about them as comment with me & wishes.___Behnam

  2. ElenaSatine
    ElenaSatine on Thu 29th May 2014 - 7 years ago

    lol! ! :))
    crazy you !
    I bet no other guitar player didn't select Eb !!
    lol !
    how do you do these miracles ?
    O most holy heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing ! lol!
    Elena :)

    Reply by deciBel

    Elena I don't believe in miracle even about those who are called prophets by U (religious persons),and obviously what I've done is by far different with what your jesus in stories does about the death humans ...
    a looping game as a subjective escape from humans ,is what I've done which doesn'T desrve ( in myown's head) your kind words my friend...but many thnx Elena...
    I appreciate U & your kind heart,little girl of looperman.
    smile & best wishes.

  3. Prelude
    Prelude on Fri 18th Apr 2014 - 7 years ago

    the true meaning of a cinematic piece indeed !
    imagery , conceptual , technichal and superb !
    i wonder how I haven't found this before !
    one of the best cinematic track i've ever heared with electric guitar !
    anxiety attack when your guitar screams !
    this is my favorite in your tracks !
    my words can't explain how you are a prodigy in music ...
    love and peace .

    Reply by deciBel

    CindY U're always fuul of energy & kind in your comments for me & i appreciate your attention & shared idea as commenT.
    take care.___B

  4. Merchaholic
    Merchaholic on Fri 28th Mar 2014 - 7 years ago

    Love the build up. The ambient noise that blends in with the guitar is excellent. You can feel the hatred building up. You know there's something getting closer. Then the apocalyptic sound explodes taking everyone of the human race with it.

    "My hate is general, I detest all men;
    Some because they are wicked and do evil,
    Others because they tolerate the wicked,
    Refusing them the active vigorous scorn
    Which vice should stimulate in virtuous minds."

    Reply by deciBel

    many thnx for attention & listening & interesting cinemtic analysis in cmmenT , and excuse me for latency in replY but i was thinking to your written lyriX & shows your tallented mind as a young man , just i have a criticism & that's if our hate be general , this won't be a cause for grat wars in the earth ?..i really appreciate your wishes.__Behnam

  5. Emolyte
    Emolyte on Thu 27th Mar 2014 - 7 years ago

    Instantly pulling, intro is very well flowed, as well as the rest of the song. The ambient feel to is great, and then it explodes into more greatness halfway through.

    Amazing work!

    Reply by deciBel

    many thnx for attention & shared idea in review.
    meanwhile dear EYEDEYE ,althought I don't use acapella but I usually check them to know new tallents here , yesterday I was checking acapellas & found U there too ,& wanted to say U've an active & creative mind for music text & lyriX - beside having a tallented voice - . adorable perception for such a young guy i'm seeing in your avatar which made me find more reason for
    great respecT to EYEDEYE . keep up the good work & in the end again many many thnx for stopping by & commenT . all the best.___Behnam

  6. Danke
    Danke on Fri 15th Nov 2013 - 7 years ago

    My friend!

    I listened it in headphones and this is a bit overgained...My best moments from 2.21 and 4.54 I think these are the running sections...:-)
    Your guitar play is outstanding and the tone of the electric is awesome. too...This is a full song I'm not able to give you advices...your art is a special one in this site...we all know this...I just want to enjoy your feelings in notes...
    All the best my friend
    Danke the listener and not commenter :-) :-) :-)

    Reply by deciBel

    my friend first of all my appology for ate replY I haven't seen & my patienT friend Danke doesn'T ask me hey fellow student why U don't answer me !oh I really felt ashamed for hadn't seen this ,sorry.
    regarding true poinT U've mentioned abouT intentional overgained deciBel althoughT no headphones is needed & We can see that even in wave dagram , my thumb up ,U're righT , I am agree with U & also Savino or Simon both are supposed to have a new mix & mastering from this buT I'll tell about your worthy criticism ,I'm blame for making too loud all decibels while really feeling misanthropY inside while composing this .and beyond these all an exclusive thanx for at last someone made me know true english word of this crossing from redlines of ear that I knew what is called '' E'vejaj'' in Iran buT It was a long time that I was looking for true translation of E'vejaj buT no dictationerY didn't underestand me ..
    buT ...I think just first sentence of this comment has been mine , specially paragraph2 can't be written for me cause for sure I'm neither of those great phrass like special one in this site ( U know here we are 70 000 human !) , even special one between my neighboursn in these apartmenT.I think U've written this for Barry,Ed,Franco,Dan,Chris...or maybe Attila if U may know him or some other great artists who are all throughbred & instructive & as a master to me .
    if U write a notice for Shan , He'll move those sentence to correct place below a music of those unrepeatable stars of looperman & the others whom I don't know their names.
    merci Danke thnX , take a good care to my instructive friend ,best wishes.___Behnam

  7. Candelaria
    Candelaria on Tue 29th Oct 2013 - 7 years ago

    whoaaa!! what a moody musician you are !!
    Ok . don't sell if you don't want but i bet you lost
    your ever best chance in your musical life .
    and I do not think all your countrymate can play
    like amazing you .
    soon you'll know what is indemnity of what you told off and didn't want .
    i will check your other tracks later .

    Reply by deciBel

    I think if my beloved someday read this comment of yours...uumm..& yes , I guess she will smile while reading this ( for U've told I'm moody) thnx for making her smile ,dear commentor , miss Chance !! buT seriously I've never been moodY here,..
    & dear Chance ,never mind who U are ,I won't sell some of my musiX even if Michael Jackson comes ouT of his tomb to buy them..& for sure would be great to know your idea about my other trials too ,buT your idea as a listener , and as a proffesional in music , noT as someone who calls herself my Chance..anyway , in the end thnx agin for interest & beyond all discussions , best wishes for U.respects___B

  8. Candelaria
    Candelaria on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 - 7 years ago

    Hello again , and due to this message from your friend Danke
    I'm sending this new comment , to appologize if i hadn't cared to your profile and nationality :

    Hi! I just saw your comment on the song Mysanthrophy Cycles and I would like to help you that this music is coming from Decibel alias AntiKamenei alias BehnamZandi, who lives in Iran...There is too much trouble to get the contact with him because of his government takes a look on everybody...You have to be patient, Behnam will call you as soon as possible...

    i don't know much about Asia .
    i have an iranian friend too but I can't believe Asia has such oddball musicians.
    it's unbelievable about Asia , and specially in Asia for middle east .
    I wondered to read his message about you.
    and i was shocked to see your profile.
    Danke message saved me from a quandary why i can't write
    private message for you .
    i don't know how we can establish comminucation with you .
    please let me know if there is any way or no .
    you are a great musician and listening to your music changed
    my point of view about that zone .
    keep on making great tracks .

    Reply by deciBel

    first I should say I wonder to see U've thaught I'm from America ...U could easily underestand when my name is Behnam , I can't be American's also written in my profile too that I'm from Iran ...meanwhile U had commentd for another trial of mine by classical guitar ( 1 minute classical guitar )here , previus week too ...I had answered U and even I had commented for U and U had answered me again...
    and all these lines above make me don'T underestand how U have thaughT I'm from U.S.A.
    and about what my good and worthy friend has written for U (I'm not sure exactlY what words in your cooments written by Danke )buT I can guess He has written I'm decibel and the same time I had another id which according to site told me it's forbidden to have 2 id I have closed that and that paragraph seems to be written by Danke (wish I've underestood rigt).and I should say , maybe Danke hasn't describe so clear for U , buT reason why U can't write private message for me is not because of where I live's what we everyone can choose in looperman option easilY and it's me , myself who hasn't allowed private message from this site , also if Danke has told U it's hard to find Behnam , the reason is my job and according to he knows I won't be online everyday , and I dn't check my email everyday , he had written those words ,and this too is not because of where Imlive ...and calling to Iran is exactly similar to calling to Spain ..not harder ..and even cheaper too ...and in the end I should honesty say , I don't know I should be glad or nervous because of what U've thaughT
    about Iran and middleeast .really I don't know I should be glad whn people tell me your music is not believable for
    an unknown Asian from Iran , or I should defend Iran's musicians and describe for U how our country had many tallented and young people who are very tallented .
    buT i underestand your purpose to tell me good words about your wondering and I appreciate your honesty and kind words about me .and meanwhile I'm ready to bet if Iran and Spain could have a match about electric guitar , Iran was winner ...I know many bands in your country and I'm sure U don't know about what great tallents U're thinking in Iran's young generation..specially younger than me & after us ...
    best wishes.___Behnam

  9. Candelaria
    Candelaria on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 - 7 years ago

    I came only to write for this track .
    i've heared it many times these recently 10 days
    and this is a unique music!
    .... spacey & trippy - I like it - Wow!
    you americans are proffesional in electric guitar and I have come here to find such players and composers .
    i tried to write a message to you , but i
    don't know why i can't .
    i have written private message to the others here but
    do not know causing why site doesn't let me write for you!!
    i have some idea for this track .wonderfully this is perfecty in a weired harmony with an spanish poem of mine .
    and i'll want my manager to buy this from you if you sell .
    let me know if has someone else sing this before .
    this is a mature music and creatively tallented atmospher .

    Reply by deciBel

    Hello .and I appreciate your comment and interest .
    it's great to read U've listened this many times .and it's wonderfull to see U have a poem which U think this track and expressive for that .regarding the reasons why U haven't been able to write me any messge I should say there hasn't been any problem , just nobody can write any private message for me from looperman cause I haven't allowed ( there's is an option in setting in profile in looperman to define for site if We want to allow people write us any private message or noT ...and I have selected don'T allow cause personalY I think we are not here to find private relationship.
    and I think U'll be agree to me if I say this is very better to read your interest or even read your critical opinion about a track the same here in public ...and personaly if I want to have your mail for any reason , I'll writ it very easy and normal here .
    about selling this track , no ...I will never sell traX which I like ...I'm not a professional musician ...have never been before ...and Won't try to be in future too ...
    music is my shelter ...and no shelter is for sell ...buT for sure U can have this track if U want my next reply to know how ..but here , again appreciations and appreciations and appreciations

  10. XmafaX
    XmafaX on Mon 30th Sep 2013 - 7 years ago

    Hi my friend
    Very nice track.
    Amazing guitar, nice ambient, very good.
    I like the "Reloading weapon" effect.
    Amazing at 2:25 it reminds me Rammstein.
    Again at 4:54 amazing part. Its like Xmafax style :)
    Congratulations for this great soundtrack!

    Reply by deciBel

    Paulo ,as We talked in email too , I'm glad U've liked it much and I'm graefull for your attention & presence .buT also honesty I'm minded to add , If I didn'T know U as one i the closest unseen friends and didn'T know your talking style , then , I had another comprehension,inception & had underestood U in another waY which had made me begin a LoOonG disscussion to U & ask whaT have U said ..buT according to U're Paulo Janela , I know U mean U've liked iT . but as U know , I don'T like Rammstein & having no guess about similarity to that Band , buT I should be glad if I've sounded such professional like proff & famous Bands . else & beside & as U quite know it,I've composed such parts several times and since several years before I come to looperman & be honored by knowing Xmafax .and obviouslY musicallY such cinematic membranophinX themes are called ''eastern taste '' I think (speciallY according to have percussive lines),like my other traX which U've liked them & had eastern taste .
    anyway , as I told & we talked , I'm glad to see U've liked this one more than some other trials of mine & have felt close to iT . best wishes as usual & take care my friend .

  11. VickyDan
    VickyDan on Thu 19th Sep 2013 - 8 years ago

    Bonjour Behnam ....

    Beyond all that has been said here, mainly about misanthropy, I only detain that the diverse side of the instrumental that you are bidding with a great talent .... You "tell" a very intense story with your innate sense for the universal language of music ....
    the passages solo guitar, are very much appreciated.

    Why did I take so long to discover this track? I do not know.
    Sorry for how late.
    Many things evolved at the moment .... but still take care of you ....


    Reply by deciBel

    Bonjour dear Dan ,& premièrement , Je m'excuse de latnecy en réponse . J'ai été dans une mission (Selon mon job) & then I had some problems abouT access to my accounT these 2 recentlY days which at last made me write an email for Shan ( Shan of looperman I mean ) & just rightnow Shan solved the problem for me & at last I can reply my comments .
    Dan , honestY ,I should say I'm a thin guy and reading U've written sorry for how late , made me these 2 days more & more thin & thin because of shame of latencY in replY when I couldn'T login to looperman as I told( in mission I couldn't connect to internet & just these 2,3ays I have seen your commenT) .as We both know , I have aloT and a loooooooooong way to learn & again as We both know , for sure U're as a master to me who certainlY has more musical expriences & knowledge & his deep insighT can help me aloT about my musiX .& no doubT U make me honoured for your attention & presence and worthy comment for my musical trials . as usual , your analysis ( like lovelY analysis of lovelY Mike Stoke in his comments ) is great & much interesting & makes me think more about my trials ,and worX as an encouragemenT for me .thnX & greatest appreciations wishes___Behnam

  12. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Thu 19th Sep 2013 - 8 years ago

    i love this "wall of sound" stuff. and yet you are able to make various elements emerge - tinkling bells, electric guitar riffs, etc. great transition to fast section. I would have developed the fast section more - was hoping you would give me a nice long solo! super mix, Benham! peace - Dan

    Reply by deciBel

    Hi Dan ,well as We talked in email too, my access problem solved today & atlast I'm here again . greatest appreciations of mine for your attntion and interesting commenT & shared idea . it's always great for me whenever I see someone has left a commenT which has a suggestion in its content (like your commenT) .thnak U very much Dan for presence and wishes.___Behnam

  13. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Tue 17th Sep 2013 - 8 years ago

    you already know from my email what I think of this one Behnam...and I see that your special approach to the music has the attention and good words from many of your friends here on Looperman....well done my friend....Ed

    Reply by deciBel

    ooww yes Ed , and U know your mastership idea means alot as a special idea for me . and regarding my friends , I should say I've been most lucky musician in looperman , who has found best & kindest friends here ..the humans whom I wish oneday can see them & appreciate them for various things they've learned me without they know , and for various kindness which
    has made me forget for awhile about my life's problems , beside them , and because of their knidness and personalities , and because of beautifull moments which I have felt while listening to their beautifull musiX.thanx again here too for everything .sincerelY.____Behnam

  14. FaridHumanoid
    FaridHumanoid on Wed 11th Sep 2013 - 8 years ago

    My dear friend.
    Excuse me for late comment.
    Any way U know I love it.
    A cinematic track by Dist Guitars in the way that I like.
    It is no many cinematic musics that played by this special instruments atmosphere.
    TanX for made this one.

    Reply by deciBel

    Thank U buddy for attention & commenT .untold U know I'm so glad to see your positive idea & as U know I'm back after 3 weeX to site so appologY for latencY in replY Farid,good friend . best wishes.______Behnam

  15. Evisma
    Evisma on Sat 31st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    I truly wish this one was downloadable. The middle is a mindblower! Love the lead guitar as well.


    Reply by deciBel

    Evan , my friend , I'm so glad to see your possitive idea abouT iT , and man , for sure it's downloadable for U & U can have iT .Evan , almosT 80% of these 23 comments before U are my friends who We have email swap & I used to send all my traX which are noT downloadable for my friends .even there are friends whom U may don't see their comment buT I'm glad to send them my trials & ask their worthwhile idea about my trials . and no doubT when someone let me sing in my moherhood language on his track , there's no track of mine which he/she can't have iT .& for sure I'll be honoured to can send any trials of mine which my unseen friends like them to them .even if U were noT this new unseen friend whom I think is almost as old as myself too , there was no track of mine which someone like to have it & he/she can't have it ( this is something like a self rule for me ).. take a look to comments & my answers in any of these links below & U'll underestand me better :
    I mean Colleague Adiere & Noelle Comments...or in this one too:
    or last coment i this one :
    Best wishes Evan. & thnx for your presence , attention & commenT .

  16. FastFunghi
    FastFunghi on Wed 28th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Wow. Just wow.

    Reply by deciBel

    : ) .
    glad to see at lasT U have choosed an avatar colleague FastFunghi .and thnX alot for listening to this trial & cool commenT .____Behnam

  17. Mosestone
    Mosestone on Mon 26th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    What A pleasure to tune in to your vibe and beautiful works, greatly original and out the box from the mundane commercialism we get here at most 'what have I not heard before !! movie score like the Matrix meets PinkFloyd !! Sensational Brilliance at play here. I salute your Genious :)

    Reply by deciBel

    dear Mosestone2211 , I'm so glad to read your kind words in commenT & generous analysis . your beautifull explanation roots in your beautifull perception & is worthy of greatest appreciations by me and I wish this trial of mine can deserve your energizer(for me)words.greatestrespects,peace._____Behnam

  18. DouglasS
    DouglasS on Sun 25th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago


    I found this very enjoyable. The atmospheric background is serene and the guitar leads speak to the tone. Your drum breaks definitely add excitement. This song has just an overall great sound.

    Thanks for sharing,


    Reply by deciBel

    deat Doug , Hello & I'm glad to see your possitive idea about this trial ( track ) of mine . thank U very much for presence ,throughbred & carefull analysis and worthwhile attention & commenT . greatest appreciations & respects .________Behnam

  19. dellaa
    dellaa on Sun 25th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    So relaxing and the sounds are so nice... Everything match up perfectly great job!

    Reply by deciBel

    well,seems frist I should say a warm '' Wellcome '' to our new colleague . and about your commenT , I'm gracefull fro your attention & commenT & shared perception for yours about it with me & us in your wishes.___Behnam

  20. Jowe
    Jowe on Sat 24th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Hey Ben :D
    How are you?!

    It's been a super long time but I'm finally back. I'm in love with this track, it's so unique and beautiful ! Just. AWESOME. Keep it up and never stop doing music.

    Have a nice day,

    Reply by deciBel

    hey ! glad U've back . Jowe looperman misses talented & humbled musician like U ,while they are absenT.
    & abouT this trial of mine , I'm glad to see your worthwhile positive idea & thnx for your presence & attention my friend .
    take care ._____B

  21. Tonality
    Tonality on Wed 14th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    dear Behnam , I just wanted to say since you have sent it by mail to me and i have listened it more and more , I have felt in love with this more and more and more and more . god bless you mate .

    Reply by deciBel

    dear Friend '' M '' , glad if U've liked iT & my appreciations if U've listened iT again & again. for sure such positive ideas would be as an encouragemenT for me .best wishes.__Behnam

  22. BrandonMichelle
    BrandonMichelle on Wed 7th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Dear Behnam,
    Your trial is so much more than a great soundtrack for television. So much more than a cool song for C.S.I Miami or N.C.I. As you have heard before you posses the skills of a great composer. Misanthropy Cycles is the best self expression I have ever heard. You bring the listener in with your every note. Its almost as if I could feel your pain, anger, your disappointment with man kind. But something you must always remember first and fore most. Love yourself my friend. Because you are a beautiful, intelligent, and rare human being.

    Respectfully, I kiss you on the cheek, brilliance again.

    Brandon Michelle

    Reply by deciBel

    BrandY brilliance perception of yours abouT this trial makes me honoured .. & I wish can deserve your kind words .
    and U may don'T know how I am glad to see I've been able to swindle U ( hahahahaha) to think such wrong abouT me
    BrandY hahahaha...kiss kiss dear friend & take a better care than last week to yourself Miss Michelle .
    the same best wishes U know..._____B

  23. brillbilly
    brillbilly on Mon 5th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Behnam,your music speaks your inner pain.!

    This piece of music is pure art! deep so full of provoking thoughts.!

    Behnam our world is not what most think it is,we humans are indoctrinated in to a system that trys to turn us in to nothing more that sheep.!

    I follow no part in any religion,i follow no saviour,i worship no false idols,so i have more time for understanding what it can be like to be a free thinking human.

    My body is my computer,my inner soul is my hard drive, and i have to accumilate knowledge in this physical world.!

    From what i understand
    Mankind has been manipulated to hate and to fear,but the real monster's are very few in number.!

    Also mankind has been de-tunned so he feels out of touch with the natural cycles.!

    Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953.
    The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings.

    A=432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe.

    Music based on 432 Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.

    There is a theory that the change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.

    He used it to make people think and feel a certain manner, and to make them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. Then around 1940 the United States introduced 440 Hz worldwide, and finally in 1953 it became the ISO 16-standard.

    What is 440 Hz?

    440 Hz is the unnatural standard tuning frequency, removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones that has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man.

    In a paper entitled ‘Musical Cult Control’, Dr. Leonard Horowitz writes: “The music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.”

    Mucic when looked in to in a more ancient way has so much more power than most would believe.

    Your music holds power dear friend!

    Reply by deciBel

    Chris may I lie & saY :
    '' there's no any inner pain in me '' ?
    my ever gentle friend. thnX aot for everything .
    your presence & attention , worthy expressive
    description abouT 440hz wich made me remember
    the matter of '' 70cm Band ''after a while.
    ..also thnX aloT for Fav Mark Chris ...
    & beyond them all your shared perception in your commenT
    which makes me think , learn & share my perception
    with U thoughtfull & throughbred good friend .
    & the resT in mail ...
    take a good care man...the same best wishes U know..

  24. DJShemZee
    DJShemZee on Mon 5th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    This is a brilliant piece of music...a fusion of many genres that stand together in harmony ...your guitar sound & playing is brilliant

    Reply by deciBel

    Ivan thnX aloT for presence , attention & shared perception by commenTing my friend.the same best wishes U know ...______B

  25. doudei
    doudei on Sun 4th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    brilliant composition, you already know how much i enjoy this one. definitely does the trick for me and takes me away, then boom! misanthropy! :(

    Reply by deciBel

    Savino brilianT is your attention & heartY explanation
    my friend,which is worthY of greatest appreciation for me.
    take care.___B

  26. johnnyproducing
    johnnyproducing on Sun 4th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Love this track, the switches are amazing and the atmosphere too. It sounds very professional. Keep on like this and you might get a label :)

    Reply by deciBel

    thnx alot my friend for attention to my musical trials tallented Johnny, I was listening to '' dreaming walking '' by U & it was brilianT speciallY for such a young man like U! glad to see your possitive idea about this trial of wishes.___Behnam

  27. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Sun 4th Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Amazingly powerful track my friend! I especially like the industrial sounding beats in places! The guitar playing is excellent, and brings a human feel to this track! You've done it again my friend!

    Reply by deciBel

    so glad to read your kind words Patrick , & speciallY glad to see U think membranophonic part is good enough cause I had some doubT about it cause it was first attempT of mine on industrial beats .thnx for helping me by your shared idea & presence & worthy attention my friend .best wishes.____Behnam

  28. Tonality
    Tonality on Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    WOW! what a jack of all trades you are in guitar decibel ! you should be a very professional musician inevitable , how can I supply your album ?

    Reply by deciBel

    thnx alot for your thaughts abouT me . buT no man & this is second time U ask me this question today!
    I am not a serious musician , not professional for sure .
    ..have no album & not supposed to have in future too .
    buT if U may like my trials which are not downloadable ,I'm gracefull & no problem , U can send an email for me & I can send them for U to have them .best wishes.

  29. Samina
    Samina on Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - 8 years ago


    Thanks beyond words for sending me the track. I am glad I can listen to it now cause I still cannot play it in Looperman.

    I like the soft dangling sound at the beginning of the track (or the introduction (=intro) as put in other comments by crucethus, mrwolf14, and theHumps. [ in one of your replies you mentioned we should agree on some common terms for our comments, something like the right professional discourse for music, I really liked this idea]. So would you help me develop this discourse in my comments if you realize I have used the wrong or unsuitable term or word?
    at some points I felt as if a sci-fi film is going to start.

    Behnam, if I had not known who has made this music, from second 13 and on I could say to myself “ Oh Mina, this might be decibel, it is decible’s taste” from 2:20 on I would have doubted if this was decibel or not. From the third minute you come back and then leave the track at 4: 54. All in all I liked the "MisanthropY Cycles".
    Thank you very much for sharing another music or as you call them “trial” with us.

    Wish peace for the world

    Wish you all the best


    Reply by deciBel

    thnx Mina for beautifull analyze, & all kind thaughts & words in your comment . never mind abouT true or false usage of music theorY , I am a selfthaughT who has never had any teacher for music even as long as U've had teacher ..I underestood the concepT of your commenT so U can be sure all here will underestand U ..any way merci baraye tavajjohet be sarsedahaye man . greatest appreciations & my usual best wishes for U , for our motherhood countrY & all tallented musician of Iran & that word which We have it as a square in our citY =the '' libertY '' . ____B

  30. Samina
    Samina on Sat 3rd Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Dear Behnam
    Hope you are doing fine.

    Behnam jaan I could not manage to listen to the track although I tried several times. I would really like to listen to this track.
    Regarding the contentious title "MisanthropY Cycles" ... You know I am a tortoise who spends most of her time in her shell and avoid communicating cause the outside world is so mysterious and dark even darker than my shell. However I would like to share this feeling with you and our loopermates and I admit and believe that there ARE brilliant HUMANS who care for HUMANITY. A beam of hope. No matter how few is their number they are there for me, for us ... for us to see light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps me myself am a source of misanthropy in the world now that it exists and felt by human ... me not an exception ... hope we can contribute to a bit of change to bring about light, see misanthropy is replaced by philanthropy.
    I hope these devils disappear from the face of the earth so that we can breathe and blossom and grow in our country Our "sarzamin". They are living on our blood and deprive us of all we deserve. How on earth we are going to bear this S. H. Nasrollah for the upcoming years?

    Wish I could play the track. I will try again later Behnam.
    Take care.

    Kind regards

    Reply by deciBel

    Mina glad to see U here my friend & I senT the track to your mail if U have problem for playing here .buT I checked & it works in looperman .
    and regarding your worthwhile shared thaughts & perception in commenT,Mina every year microsofT upgrades its productions by every respects .. in all dimensions ...
    now tablets don'T need those several cabels which our old PC
    worked with them.. . & laptops have a batterY & doesn'T need to always be connect to plug and socket connection by cable all the times ....buT We , humans( as producer of human ), or hypothetical God of hollyshrine booX(as creator of human) , still product the same human which needs the same requirements & still hasn't somethng like batterY to can charge him/her for several days without food , without water , even without WC...
    I think if ''Bill Gates'' was producting us , for sure the problem of WC was solved so far for humans & at least wasn't needed to human add 250kg( & this is minimum in last designings if U may know )to the weight of every spacecrafTs just cause our astronauts need W.C in their space travelinG too when each kg consumes alot of fuel to can take us to the moon for example ...!and iif there was not these requirements , humans had conquered the Mars for sure so far so easY ...this is the matter of Misanthropy .
    & I mean , I want to run away from myself even when I remember we all are great mines of requiremenTs...who must be charged by food & water & W.C & psychological requirements which U know..thnx alot Mina for worthwhie friendlY words & sharing your perception & thaughT with me & us here &me; & this sound ( sound has sprit I think ) appreciate U for that.
    & regarding Khomeini , Khamenie , this iranian copy of that terrorist hasan nasrollah , I think , the next generation after us have more literacy & & knowledge & so Islam of these animals won'T work ...buT U must take a better care dear turtle while writing comments cause Islamic god used to utilize Bombs as U know & your shell is a good mess for bombinG ! haha...movazeb bash bache jun , boro dame khuneye khodetun bazi kon _____Behnam

  31. crucethus
    crucethus on Fri 2nd Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Love the guitar work, Love that wah wah pedal! The intro is spectacular and I love how the song moves and changes. Be careful in what you look for in humans. If you expect darkness, you will get darkness, if you expect light, you will receive light. Knowing is all the battle. We know some Humans crave power and control above anything else, and those are the ones who gives us trouble in all ofsociety, government and religion. Follow reason and logic and you will prevail my friend, even though it can be frustrating at times! You must achieve Inner peace before you can explore external peace.

    Reply by deciBel

    thnX aloT Steve , glad to see your possitive idea abouT guitar & this trial .
    & beyond music thnx for attention to the title & your perception shared in comment & friendlY attempT to may make my mood better by your words . Steve ,if one daY U felT MisanthropY in yourseid , U'll justifY me abouT this sentence :
    '' each Human,beyond & before every thing in his/her life is
    a mine of requiremnets & neccesitY..needs & dependencies ''

    Steve every year microsofT upgrades its productions by every respects .. in all dimensions ...
    now tablets don'T need those several cabels which our old PC
    worked with them.. . & laptops have a batterY & doesn'T need to always be connect to plug and socket connection by cable all the times ....buT We , humans( as producer of human ), or hypothetical God of hollyshrine booX(as creator of human) , still product the same human which needs the same requirements & still hasn't somethng like batterY to can charge him/her for several days without food , without water , even without WC...
    I think if Bill gates was producting us , for sure the problem of WC was solved so far for humans & at least wasn't needed to human add 250kg( & this is minimum in last designings if U may know )to the weight of every spacecrafTs just cause our astronauts need W.C in their space travelinG too when each kg consumes alot of fuel to can take us to the moon for example ...!and iif there was not these requirements , humans had conquered the Mars for sure so far so easY ...
    this is the matter of Misanthropy Steve.
    & I mean , I want to run away from myself even when I remember we all are great mines of requiremenTs...who must be charged by food & water & W.C & psychological requirements which U know..thnx alot Steve for worthwhie friendlY words & sharing your perception & thaughT with me & us here &me; & this sound ( sound has sprit I think ) appreciate U for that.take care_____Behnam

  32. Ishimizu
    Ishimizu on Thu 1st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    hmm... misanthropy is a rather interesting word... it can mean anything from the simple conclusion that humans behave like parasites to outright and open hate towards each and every human, ushually including the misanthropist him-/herself, therefor pendeling between cold precise logic and illogical burning feelings... a strong, yet highly negative word.
    this trial has that somewhat foggy, yet somewhat sardonically happy feel that gets broken by the (awesome sounding) guitare, creating a mood of underlying, supressed feelings that then explode to the outside just to get locked-in and hidden again.
    I can't listen to such music for long since it resonates with feelings of my own I'd rather bury and forget - yet exactly this is the reason why you made me respect you even more with this trial of yours Behnam.

    so far~

    Reply by deciBel

    ja so far Simon ...hahaha...
    so lovelY it was to see your avatar my cool & cold friend .
    hhaha...Simon while composing this trial I was thinking U could help ma about making some better membranophonic parT , U defenietlY are skillfull in making wild beats , althoughT U usuallY try on diffferetnT genres , buT would be glad if U can try on its beat ( I'll send it to U )personalY ...thnx for attention , perception U shared whith me & us & presence .& the rest in my notification ..

  33. Sherris
    Sherris on Thu 1st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    aaahh...Diako when you play like this I remember the first day We met eachother before me and Radin marry and you still had your music band when you were younger and as usual handsome and polite and me & Shermine were wondering how someone in Iran too can sings such good plays such marvelous!aaahhh...yuupppp ! it was your magical long fingers and your pecularity db were elusive from humans those days too and sure you will be single in this way forver ...hehehehe...
    well , Mr.Zandi , would you allow me download this track or
    you want hurt me and tell my husband should call you and please ? ! can I seriusly ask you why you don't allow download and each time some one should please you to allow download ?
    ( p.s : be joone mamanam mizanam zire gerye az daste to va oon refighet ke to ro az man bishtar doost dare .)

    Reply by deciBel

    I'll send iT your mail .not needed to write remembrance here Sherris , please .

  34. MStokes
    MStokes on Thu 1st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    music of horror misanthropy and experience -
    fields of blades
    harvests of diminished humanity
    gun food for Khomeini
    lives cut down forever
    or split in half lives
    or spit into cells and damaged
    within an inch of being free
    which is the cruelest thing?

    tear them up, brother

    Reply by deciBel

    Mike , khomeini morde va ma zende hastim .
    ma mibarim , va ta ruzike man zende hastam babate un gerye nemikonam . midunam ke khundi chi neveshtam , amma We'll talk in mail my brother .

  35. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Thu 1st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Those bells are cool and also slightly disturbing. This is some very far out and creative stuff - certainly cinematic. I'm actually not sure the guitar soloing fits, partly because the tone doesn't fit the other sounds. And I'm a guitarist myself. Very dense, tribal groove transition around 2:10 that I wasn't expecting. But then the return on 3:10 to the previous stuff I find it a bit strange. It feels like that 1 minute of tribal stuff was too short and probably needed to be at least twice as long. Instead, I guess you way of having more of it was to go back to it at the end. More in that middle section would probably make it better.

    Reply by deciBel

    thnx alot for your carefully attention which is worthy of greatest appreciations for me ,as U've analyzed it right bell was a notable point for making that theme , in fact this idiophonic line by shrill sound behind intrvals of those 3 lines pad works as condimenT by riding on intervals to make desirable atmospher of expressinG the matter .regardinG your idea abouT 2';10'' , according to my tendency to A Tonality & dodecaphonic music , in that momenT,note has bend to begin from minus 189 syntonic comma of didymus to come to main tonalotY which in this process there'll be 2.1 comma played in 0.37 seconds ( buT in 2.1 time = 1seconds & 0.14 )note found dissonance interval toward tonic note ,which is noT something False for sure , buT something which U don'T use to hear .it's like we could play guitar in octave of Countre Bass ( it mean sol changes to Fa which Cellon is written on it in music as U know & then again goes to Do which counterBass is written on that )buT I know it's something unsusual for cnsonance listeners.if U are jminded to underestand what my calculations says U can listen another bending process of mine in my previous uploaded trial : to underestand what has happend behind that music .
    & regardinG your idea abouT membranophonic parT I'm agree with U ...buT there was an apathetic sensation in me about iT ( also about that 1seconds & 0.14 )which made me quarter to my beloved phrase '' never mind '' instead of trying to make it longer .
    else & beside my colleague , density of my guitar was according to sigma of lines behind which made the same atmosphere in intro parT & functionallY follows density of sound waves = this formul if U may know :
    & this time I'm not agree cause according to my job , I live with numbers even as sex parthner .
    thnx aloT for your carefully attention Mr guitarist , and would be worthy of greatest respecT if let's use scientific phrases instead of '' fit '' which I don'T thnk if it's a Scientific word in music theorY which is build by numbers .
    dear Mr.guitarist, commenting withouT respect and talking as a master talks with his studenT in comment , needs more calculation I think . as a guitarist who has been played by his guitars more than 21 years ,I've underestood our guitars work , cause our number ( human's numbers and calculations )has worked to can build iT.appology+thnX=respectfully.___Behnam

  36. mrwolf14
    mrwolf14 on Thu 1st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Hi Behnam,
    I simply love the intro: the rest of the song is very good, but the first 2 minutes are simply excellent!
    The tone of your guitar is beautiful: tight and compressed at the right point. The first thing a guitarist needs is a good tone, and you have it my friend.
    Ciao, Domenico

    Reply by deciBel

    Domenico wish all is well , thnx for your presence & attention , regardinG your idea abouT first 2 min I'm gracefull to see
    U've felT the same with me , all in all membranophonic movemneT doesn'T convince(your usual word is this word!) me
    just atwharT some times an apathetic sensation says me what difference does it make when I'm suposed to never publish them seriouslY ..else & atwharT again I'm more agree with comment after U in which our dear colleague noticed a true matter which my subjective apathY made me ignore thaT & qarter to my beloved phrase ''never mind ''..I mean to saY I
    like just movement( A' )in form ( A_B_A'_B)of trial .both movements ( B = membranophone lines need to be wilder buT I had no idea ).personalY I think this trial was a serious one , buT I was noT serious abouT iT enough ...any way ..never mind , best wishes.___B

  37. theHumps
    theHumps on Thu 1st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Those guitar licks are so effective and sweet in the intro of the song, great build up. I appreciate you sending me the track, after a few more listens I can really appreciate the creativity and thought that went into the track. Great job constructing this one, stirring and thought provoking. Always enjoy listening in, thanks for sharing!


    Reply by deciBel

    hey , good nighT Wayne ,thnx for your presence & attention the way this time I allowed for download & U are the onlY one who recceived it by me .wyane just the part before first membranophonic intro doesn'T convince me ! also this time I test such saddenlY stop in the end of the same first membranophonic lines which I'm not sure about that , We'll talk in mail & for sure your idea can be instructive for me abouT it . best wishes & thnx again for sharing your perception about it with me & us.____Behnam

  38. janis71
    janis71 on Thu 1st Aug 2013 - 8 years ago

    Dear Behnam,
    I haven't got the skills to speak accurately about music, so I just searched for quotations by Nietzsche that, to me, really match what I felt when listening carefully to this piece of yours .

    "Life without music is simply a mistake, a tiredness, an exile."
    "Remember to forget ."
    "Become what you are . Make what you alone can make ."
    "Will releases ."
    "What does not destroy me makes me stronger ."
    "Monkeys cannot be at the origin of man . They are much too kind ."
    "It is difficult to live among humans because it is difficult to hold one's tongue ."
    "Man needs the worst part of himself if he wants to reach the best one ."

    Do take care, deary .
    Thx a lot ...

    Reply by deciBel

    Carole I think :
    '' life without any of its dimension can happen , buT human has been hypothetical god's mistake ...god's ( if there can be as any god as a theorY & rtificial Constraint ) kiddinG with his angels... ''
    '' life forgets to remember Us ''

    '' those were Nietzsche sntences ?...tell him I am who I am , noT a what ...someone who doesn't need to Nietzsche advices for who I'm honoured to be... I think it was better if he had told these words towars his mirror abouT his insularism & machism ideas which such quality of illogism & & primitivism makes me remember Islam's stupid beliefs &compleXes; & thaughts abouT woman's sexualitY Carole ''

    '' what is a ( will ) Carole ? what is called (releasinG )?''

    '' I've exprienced so that what does not destroY me ,may even kill my father,brother,sister,wife ,child ...''

    '' regarding Khomeini , khamenei , Ahmadi nejad,this new phootocopy of hasan nasollah who is supposed to be Iran's presidenT & monkeY , I have no word ... ok Nietzsche can goes on his tirade...hahahaha ''

    '' it's difficult to live among humans , cause we all are requirement mines Carole...''

    ''not about a man or woman it is , human needs to all dimensions of his/her existance ''

    oh oh !
    what an angrY mail I'll recceive right now ! hahahaha....

    but beyond phylosophical point of view , & beyond kidding , there's somewhere calls relativism , in which I prefer to stand & tell U thnx aloT for so much time & all your lovely worthwhile thaught to tell em something which U thaughT would be better & instructive for me ....just to know , for me Carole has so much more respecT than Nietzsche ...I know her abiT ..& she thinks much better than that death man .
    buT this sharing of our thaughts , is best part of our music exchanges which makes me think , makes me learn , have discussion & forget a while abouT the title of this trial ...
    Carole U think life is trial ? or error ?
    or your god's error & trial on human ?
    we'll talk there in mail...

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-"LIRA" upright piano (MADE IN USSR in 1973)
-"KAY" upright bass (MADE IN GERMANY somwhere in 1950th)
-TAMA Imperial Star + Pearl OMAR HAKIM snare + Various Ziljian cymbals.

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lemme tell you about story of the music...
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