29th Jun 2015 00:48 - 9 years ago
Description : So a new track for everyone. Im pretty impressed by this one, and would even place it higher than one of my best tracks, Angel And A Demon. However, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should put vocals to it. I have some in mjnd, but idk if itd be better to leave as is and keep it instrumental or not. Take a listen and let me know! Also, let me know if anything is too loud, still working on my mastering.

Comments (85)

If you have time take a listen and give Emolyte some feedback.

picklebee 14th Jun 2024 23:39 - 1 month ago
Raz777 29th Jun 2022 11:03 - 2 years ago
Sounds good!
titghjd 8th Mar 2022 18:43 - 2 years ago
sick bro
djnprod 3rd Jul 2021 13:11 - 3 years ago
very nice
PatriciaEdwards 17th May 2020 04:55 - 4 years ago
Love the build up as the song goes on.
I can imagine this on a big screen.
The voices fit well and add more "darkness" to this.
Very nice!
VasilMilenkov 13th May 2020 12:40 - 4 years ago
It is really proffesional. Thank you !
AceBorn1 8th Jan 2020 21:58 - 4 years ago
I try twicw times and happens some error. but this music is so magic do give up. Thanks!
eugeneaz 2nd Jul 2019 06:40 - 5 years ago
Amazing! this music is very appealing.
MEMOVALUE 27th Oct 2018 21:48 - 5 years ago
Awsome rly good
harrisonrg777 9th May 2018 05:35 - 6 years ago
very good
shameer420 9th Mar 2018 13:16 - 6 years ago
JohnnyHunter 18th Oct 2017 18:23 - 6 years ago
Just to be clear I wont be making any money from it.
JohnnyHunter 18th Oct 2017 18:22 - 6 years ago
You mind if I use this for a conspiracy video?
JohnnyHunter 17th Oct 2017 21:02 - 6 years ago
Wow! Bloody awesome! Cheers!
whiplashtv 7th Mar 2017 16:34 - 7 years ago
I wanted to let you know that I've included this song in my segment intro titled "Get you there". This is part of my new documentary titled "Triathlon Now" about the triathlon community of Orange County.

I've added a link to the song on the YouTube sample and will gladly add you to the credits of the film. Please let me know how you would like the spelling of your name.

roro974 5th Nov 2016 17:55 - 7 years ago
So nice
whiplashtv 17th Aug 2016 03:22 - 7 years ago
I make MMA videos. This is sure to be featured on my next. I will credit you and provide a comment link here. Thanks
Darksorshero18 10th Aug 2016 23:22 - 7 years ago
Sounds great!
WSI2016 7th Aug 2016 15:08 - 7 years ago
Wonderful music with strong impact in all elements!
Kevin102 22nd May 2016 15:03 - 8 years ago
Awesome track!
guckooguy 17th May 2016 07:36 - 8 years ago
This is super nice!
jarek3x 22nd Feb 2016 13:43 - 8 years ago
itsXseven 15th Feb 2016 17:50 - 8 years ago
My ears were delighted! In my personal opinion, I'd of dropped the volume for that final note. Once everything dies off and it's the only thing there, it feels a little sharp. Other than that it's like an Italian made pizza, good work!

Maybe some more punchy orchestral drums on the next project you do like this. It'll feel a little more aggressive. Everything feels like it's where it needs to be otherwise!
jo5hua 18th Jan 2016 21:39 - 8 years ago
3rdNippleMusic 16th Jan 2016 09:56 - 8 years ago
lol, niiice
oyisixx 5th Nov 2015 14:35 - 8 years ago
amazing! love the cinematic choir!
vocsso 18th Oct 2015 08:18 - 8 years ago
got talented
bradatat 10th Oct 2015 20:18 - 8 years ago
aashish0003 11th Sep 2015 09:54 - 8 years ago
hanginghighguy 5th Sep 2015 04:58 - 8 years ago
sick track can't wait to hear it with vocals
Milochka 2nd Sep 2015 23:03 - 8 years ago
Mooi gedaan! Complimenten!
IamLess 31st Aug 2015 01:37 - 8 years ago
Lovin this.
drummer24 29th Aug 2015 13:35 - 8 years ago
wow nice work :D
dark0tomis 26th Aug 2015 13:07 - 8 years ago
superb piece, keep up the good work
jacave 20th Aug 2015 17:30 - 8 years ago
super i like de song
eSessions 19th Aug 2015 21:06 - 8 years ago
great build up
alek107 18th Aug 2015 21:25 - 8 years ago
hotrod603 12th Aug 2015 20:03 - 8 years ago
Digging it. Might use it as entrance music for one of my wrestlers.
TrEX 6th Aug 2015 08:14 - 8 years ago
Very nicely done! What did you use to master this track?
wiloff 3rd Aug 2015 19:37 - 8 years ago
muy bueno me gusto mucho
Blaqsmith5 3rd Aug 2015 19:36 - 8 years ago
love this track great movie feeling i would love to use it
danlangridgesound 3rd Aug 2015 11:50 - 8 years ago
uranoxp 27th Jul 2015 01:55 - 8 years ago
Good track
GhostGuitar 24th Jul 2015 08:57 - 8 years ago
andrew5812 21st Jul 2015 17:29 - 8 years ago
gr8 for fire fight theme. Well done!
skrzatmarcin 15th Jul 2015 17:45 - 9 years ago
Very good, could be bitbetter without stron beats..
vetteve 14th Jul 2015 20:19 - 9 years ago
SO EPIC, very good song.
joecramer 13th Jul 2015 22:40 - 9 years ago

Nice one for sure.

I am not sure but i think this high fluet sound is just a little to loud but realy only a little .......

Everything sounds like it should be and gives this track a real cinematic feeling. So if you wanna have a cool cinematic track, you could stop and all is good! :)

I can imagine some vocals to this one but they sound dark angry and would change this track to a kind of trap rap .... i am not sure if that would be something good :) but maybe it would be a real cool and good made trap song, who knows ...... just give your vocals a try

stay tuned
Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks Joe, I wanted the high flute big and apparent, but it may be just a little too much and will take a closer listen. I imagine the vocals being dark as well, and may give them a shot. Thanks for stopping by :)
ScottB55 12th Jul 2015 20:47 - 9 years ago
Hey Eyedye,

You did a fine job with this track. I think some vocals would be nice, I'd like to hear them. If in doubt, just make two versions.

Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks Scott :)
Darklighter 12th Jul 2015 18:40 - 9 years ago
WOW i was listening to it and then all of a sudden it just got super epic! nice work
Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
That was the plan hah!
owenwebster201 12th Jul 2015 15:47 - 9 years ago
Amazing track
Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks man
seoyose 12th Jul 2015 03:56 - 9 years ago
Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
val66rock 11th Jul 2015 06:27 - 9 years ago
Fantastic !!!
Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
humantorch92 11th Jul 2015 05:02 - 9 years ago
This is awesome!
Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you!
FruitLukes 9th Jul 2015 06:35 - 9 years ago
Great Track - Emotional!
Emolyte replied 13th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
BradoSanz 9th Jul 2015 04:12 - 9 years ago
What sound libraries do you use for the strings? I like them a lot. They sound organic - which I suspect they are.

Emolyte replied 9th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Most were from Movie Score libraries that MAGIX made that I bought for projects like this
mattgod82 9th Jul 2015 01:19 - 9 years ago
This is a really cool track.
Emolyte replied 9th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks for listening :)
JAweGuy 8th Jul 2015 12:36 - 9 years ago
I really enjoyed it, but I'm intrigued by this! Were sound libraries used or is this based on loops? Mainly wondering for the strings as I'm addicted to string instruments :)

Anyway, excellent work.
Emolyte replied 9th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
It was all used from multiple sound libraries, I just mixed them all together :)
crucethus 8th Jul 2015 04:32 - 9 years ago
I would try vocals. This has shades of Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" from "Carmina Burana" which Enigma (michael Cretu) so Brillianty used for "The Gravity of Love". That song may give you some guidance.
But ultimately this is very good.
Emolyte replied 9th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
I do hear very small similar things, and I now know what the epic song used in so many things is called haha. Thanks for listening
STW1997 8th Jul 2015 03:20 - 9 years ago
this is pretty rad, really well done.
Emolyte replied 9th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks man
streetvision 8th Jul 2015 02:07 - 9 years ago
dope sound
Emolyte replied 8th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you
freiluftdoku 7th Jul 2015 11:17 - 9 years ago
great, like!
Emolyte replied 8th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Good :)
DJVodkka 7th Jul 2015 05:33 - 9 years ago
Fucken LOVE this! xx
Emolyte replied 7th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you!
taylegall 7th Jul 2015 02:30 - 9 years ago
This is awesome!
Emolyte replied 7th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
So are you!
83chacal 6th Jul 2015 21:29 - 9 years ago
Emolyte replied 7th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
geoffvt 6th Jul 2015 21:28 - 9 years ago
This is an epic track THANK you for all the hard work that went into this and for posting it here just love it
Emolyte replied 7th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks for stopping by :)
Rocketdogrc 6th Jul 2015 05:12 - 9 years ago
I like it just as it is
Emolyte replied 7th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Ill keep that in mind :)
HeroForMyPC 5th Jul 2015 23:03 - 9 years ago
Action filled sequence
Emolyte replied 7th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thats what I was going for haha
Petejp 3rd Jul 2015 05:24 - 9 years ago
Emolyte replied 5th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
AztiraTheSiren 2nd Jul 2015 22:47 - 9 years ago
really impressive!
Emolyte replied 5th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks :)
Tumbleweed 1st Jul 2015 20:41 - 9 years ago
really like the intro and the build up to the big power that follows...really epic...carries the dramatic yet suspenseful vibe really effectively...I began to appreciate orchestral music (and the use of string sections) quite early on in my listening exerience so its always seemed impressive to did it really well on this one EYEDYE...usually the cellos can carry enough bass without anything else but I noted E.Rs comment on bass...It might be a bit challenging to fit in with the low strings but if you give it a shot, maybe try a very low subby type bass with a short sustain so it doesnt wash into that frequency range above 100hz or so too much...I think your low strings/cellos? are centered somewhere around 160 but my ears aren`t as trustworthy as they used to be.....I like it as it is though & really enjoyed the listen...a very impressive bit of musical work...I wouldn`t want to discourage you taking a shot at vocal additions but its stands well on its own too....well done...Ed
Emolyte replied 5th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Hello Tumble, good to hear from you :) Im glad you really enjoyed this one. I also usually carry the bass with strings alone, but I may just add an actual bass really low underlaying, just to give it that very final 'full" feel. Im not sure honestly where they are centered at though. Thanks again for stoppin :)
tigerpride2 1st Jul 2015 20:23 - 9 years ago
Very impressive!
Emolyte replied 5th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you :)
rawhollow 1st Jul 2015 19:56 - 9 years ago
Emolyte replied 5th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Orlando51 1st Jul 2015 17:05 - 9 years ago
Great work of high quality! I'm not sure about additional vocals. Personally I would leave it as it is, yet you never know until you try...:)

Emolyte replied 5th Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks Orlando!
liaostella 1st Jul 2015 00:17 - 9 years ago
Amazing track!
Emolyte replied 1st Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you!
Hermida 30th Jun 2015 22:39 - 9 years ago
Nice version! congratulations man sounds perfects!
Emolyte replied 1st Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Glad you listened!
ValveDriver 30th Jun 2015 07:32 - 9 years ago
Eyedye, hello.

This is a quality piece. Mostly. I would suggest bringing the volume down just a touch. I sounds like I can hear some clipping throughout the whole piece. Super easy fix, though.

As far as everything else goes, excellent work. I would absolutely vote against additional vocals. The choral work that's in it now is powerful enough to carry it through. Adding anything else would completely take away from that power, and end up minimizing the rest of the track.

If you don't mind me asking, what are you using for the choral samples? Is that a Soundiron product?

Take care.
Emolyte replied 1st Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks for the input Valve! And everything I make and use (Save the loops used from here) is done through Magix Music Maker.
TheLonelyHunt3r 30th Jun 2015 07:15 - 9 years ago
FlareFlare17 30th Jun 2015 07:07 - 9 years ago
Just absolute fantastic work my friend
Emolyte replied 1st Jul 2015 - 9 years ago
Much appreciated :)
BradoSanz 30th Jun 2015 05:57 - 9 years ago
I'm listening to this and it's very good but one thing that seemed to be missing was the presence of a a bass. I think you could definitely up the power of this already-great song (I love the orchestral/choir stuff) by adding some low-end punch :P

Emolyte replied 30th Jun 2015 - 9 years ago
Ill see what I can do ER! Thanks for the listen
Danke 29th Jun 2015 17:48 - 9 years ago
Excellent track ED!

The long intro is tensioned and than the music is like a soundtrack from a historical movie...
I vote no to sing...:-)

Hats off, Danke
Emolyte replied 29th Jun 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks for your time danke! I appreciate you stopping by :)
alexdonnalma 29th Jun 2015 03:11 - 9 years ago
Emolyte replied 29th Jun 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you!
centralsdev 29th Jun 2015 01:10 - 9 years ago
can i ask if it normal for this to have a way higher +db then other tracks? normaly when i listen to tracks or other sound or music i can put my headphones volume at 43 and it wont disturb. on headphones.
Emolyte replied 29th Jun 2015 - 9 years ago
I normally mix mine down at a higher db, just as a personal preference.
DijamMusic 29th Jun 2015 01:10 - 9 years ago
Hello mate,
I love this track mate. It’s just a brilliant track…….favs it goes
Well done
Emolyte replied 29th Jun 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks man, it means a lot :)
silverman 29th Jun 2015 01:06 - 9 years ago
I can't fault it.
Sounds fantastic.
Will it be better with vocals?
Impossible to say without comparing it with and without really but the vocalist will have to be bloody good.
Emolyte replied 29th Jun 2015 - 9 years ago
Thank you :) and the vocalist would be me, but its hard to say if im actually "good" or not hahah.

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Description : Every instrument is performed and recorder live. Piano, double bass, drums, strings.

Two first singles of my upcoming horror jazz LP are out on the most of streaming platforms. Go give me couple of spins!

Vocal for this track needed, contact me (all of the contact info is in my profile).

Let me know what you think about this tune. Tnx.
18th Oct 2018 19:59 - 5 years ago
Description : Just send me the link where you use that, please
Anyway, I'm looking for artists, especially doing melodic techno, deep house etc... to work in my music label called Chick Records
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9th Aug 2018 20:36 - 5 years ago
Description : There are a lot of talented people :
Ft Ankit Sharda for the mantra,
Ft Xelaplus for the choirs,
Ft jjweekz for the voice effect,
Drums :
AcidPro on darbuka
Danke on big cymbals
Loopfreak on indian percussions
Anubis on big drums

Tell me what this track made to you ^^'
Thank you.
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Description : Description : Description : Ambient/Cinematic - Melody I love you, you are the essence of my soul to share to the world! No sample loops, all custom impro. lol

Version with saxophone track.

Regular version here: ../tracks/detail/194300
Enjoy :)
17th Jun 2015 19:26 - 9 years ago
Description : Dark, slow, ambient, cinematic jazz with funereal piano turning into something much funkier, psychedelic and beautiful in the second half. Out of the darkness and into the light, you could say. Instruments: electric guitar + bass, lots of synth sounds, including a horn, double bass, another big legato bass, pizzicato strings, two types of piano, a heavily delayed slide guitar instrument, zither, synth arp, one brushy drum loop, kettle drum rolls and 4 programmed acoustic drum kits. This is quite a special track for me and is only the second I've put in the cinematic genre. The more you listen, the more it changes (it even has key changes) and the last three minutes are really quite far out and should probably be longer. Best track I've made for a few months. Interesting thoughts and reflections appreciated. Free sex for the best reviews...
14th Feb 2020 20:31 - 4 years ago
Description : My cinematic masterpiece Convo! :-) This song is great for action scenes and building suspense.

"Who Goin be the hero?"

This song and others from the album are available for licensing and using in videos, tv, and film.

For More OR HQ download visit
26th Jan 2016 12:11 - 8 years ago
Description : A song I wrote with the music of denyjanuary.

Not entirely sure which genre it would fit under, so I chose cinematic.
21st Jan 2017 21:56 - 7 years ago
Love what you do and do what you love.

Made out of Looperman Loops!
Made in 2 Hours!
I was bored and was thinking about a epic movie u got it a full Cinematic Movie Soundtrack...Say what u think..........A NEED FEEDBAK ! A know...its just mixing loops together but it was really , really big fun to make this!

28th Feb 2014 04:18 - 10 years ago
Description : This is my first time uploading a track here. I want to first give credit where credit is due. Here are the looperman artists I used loops from for this track:
xelaplus -legato choir
danke -battle drums
3rdnipplemusic -nv-tribal toms -70
anubis -battle loop
xray731- live-drumline loop
danke - 120- i-think-so
onevizun -the-world-at-hand-drumline
alexisescalona- back-to-the-studio-synth-1

I had a lot of fun putting this song together. I'm grateful to be a part of this community and I hope you guys enjoy what I put together with this one and more to come in the future!

I'm still an amateur, so I welcome any and all constructive criticism!

Feel free to download for projects and such. I plan on redoing this song and adding some more length to it so be on the lookout for an extended version :)
21st May 2018 15:01 - 6 years ago
Description : Claude Barbotte: Hammond. Alex Richard: bass Laurent Schwaar: guitars. Laurent Wirz: drums. With excellent loops from Planetjazzbass, Slapjohnson and Megapaul.