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Description : If I was in JohnnyGadget's Band no doubt we'd be doing some material along these lines....JohnnyGadget is brilliant with balls the size of his frontal lobes..I'm just a janitor sweeping around his performance on this one.

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  1. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Sun 3rd Jul 2011 - 8 years ago

    Hey Dave

    Funny with this track, I really dont like the vocal but lol, still could not stop myself listening to the whole piece and then going back to listen to it again...WEIRD....actually liked the track better after the second listen, adding to favs mate, not many tracks make go back for a second listen...Peace n Respect mate...Estefano....

  2. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Fri 27th May 2011 - 8 years ago

    I've been wanting to do something with those vocals since I first heard them, but never got around to it. Really like what you've with them.

    All The Best


  3. zappo
    zappo on Sat 4th Dec 2010 - 9 years ago

    hi Mate
    what a Great Track
    i Hear it early in the Morning and i awake
    Bravo.....Now I'm awake !
    cheers Detlef

  4. DonnieVyros
    DonnieVyros on Wed 28th Jan 2009 - 10 years ago

    Wire can be a live saver in backwater joints like these. Nothing's worse than a drunken good ole boy with an empty beer bottle. He'll typically does the primate thing and tries turing it into a tool (or weapon) and in frustration ends up hurling it up at the stage.

    I'm absolutely lovin the machine gun soundin riff that's on the percs (?). The Guitar on this kinda reminds me of the Stones and I think that's due to the vocals. With them being like a mix between Iggy Pop, The Ramones, and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Either that or my speakers have finally gone coo coo. Great mix mate. Later on!

  5. alividlife
    alividlife on Mon 1st Sep 2008 - 11 years ago

    Hey planet jazz, how do you get such a great bass sound?

    I know this is live... (right?)

    I really like! I like the vocs and the indie feel.
    It sounds like it peaks a bit.. but that adds to the indie feel.

    MY perpective.
    I write from two places in my gut.
    1. Do I want to write a John Lennon song?
    2. Do I want to write a Brian Wilson song?
    (Something I learned from sloan.)

    But this is the John Lennon type of song.

    I know I am a snot nosed brat. But I respect my elders!

    Favoritized and Downloadinated.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey mate thanks for your kind review...There's a couple of areas that effect my bass tone...Firstly I play with my fingers pretty much exclusively so I can get good dynamics with my right hand 80% of your tone happens right here..I also play a lot over the bridge pick-up (on a Jazz Bass)this lets me get heaps of attack..also my pup mix is about 90% Bridge.10% Neck...I only use passive pup's with the treble cranked full on...My strings are (Fretted Bass)D'Addario XL Pro Steels .045-.100 (Fretless)Ernie Ball Custom Gauge 5 String Flatwound .045-.130.....I play the fretless straight through Native Instruments Guitar rig then a compressor in my DAW (Ableton Live)...With my Jazz I first go through an Old Zoom 506 Bass pedal(which I have tweaked to my own herbs and spices) then direct into my interface and a compressor in my DAW....all my playing is live...in this fashion though occasionally I might over lay some Harmonics...I've also hand wound my Jazz's pickups so their super fat and juicy..I've got enough wire I think for about 100 pickups..so I'm set for life!...sometimes I might tweak the tone a bit post production but not very often...hope this answers your question mate..thanks for your interest...cheers planet :)

  6. 36Chambers
    36Chambers on Fri 8th Aug 2008 - 11 years ago

    Different, but good. Whoever is doing the vocals has an interesting (and good) vocal style. It reminds me of one of the bands' lead singer my band and I used to tour with, and he was a partier in the first order. Ahhhhh, the memories...

  7. Niclas199
    Niclas199 on Wed 6th Aug 2008 - 11 years ago

    Realy nice track :D The voice has that nirvana touch! :P Great work

  8. TraXnCtrl
    TraXnCtrl on Thu 31st Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    Hi Planet
    no matter what the genre or style you have a knack for making it your own.........well done

  9. Psychotropic_Circle
    Psychotropic_Circle on Fri 18th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    sorry David found this track very late.....and now had a listen to it
    a real beautiful punk live atmosphere,very powerful and expressive....pogo flavor in a club,screaming and diving into the audience like it was in the 80s......don´t know,if you had this in mind,but this sort of dirty stuff brings back a lot of memories......nearly forgotten but still alive...

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Haha...yeah Rob the funny thing about punk music is I quite like it..went to a few shows in London in the 70's and I always was amazed at the audience's complete disregard for the actual quality or content of the material that they were listening to...it didn't seem to matter,just being there and jumping up and down in drunken oblivion was the thing...Pretty good from the bands perspective..you could be totally off your face,play anything at all and still get a standing ovation....If only it were that simple!...cheers dave.

  10. MosReQuest
    MosReQuest on Tue 8th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    this is flippin awsome!
    nothings wrong with you! you got gift for music cause this is great! the production of it is great!

    Mos' ReQuest~

  11. mouko
    mouko on Mon 7th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    hey man whats wrong with me!!! listening to rock??? yeahh i want my hair longer, lots of sluts and drugs on a big limo and rock n' roll!!!! yeah man, lol
    real nice fu*** song, u r the best

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hehe...now what goes on in the back of limo's stays in the back of limo's.......I've only ever been in one...and it was strictly straights ville...cheers

  12. Soulfull
    Soulfull on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    What's wrong with you? Well...
    You've just made a brilliant song. You've just created a musical rocket for Johnny's lyrics to raech the sky, and ask the world What's wrong... Brilliant playing, each instruments sounds so neat, I'm just really impressed. Next time I'll see you... I might bow...LOL
    Mate, you Rock.
    Cheers S.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey mate..I'm glad you enjoyed the tune...I just couldn't resist Johnny's acapella..wish I could do that!...haha no bowing please..You know that scene in Monty Python's The Holy Grail..were Arthur's pretend riding retinue comes across some mud splattered peasants in a ditch..and asks directions?...that is my favourite line on the whole elitist class system ever!...cheers planet

  13. Sector7even
    Sector7even on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago


    this sound is very cool, very original.

    great job

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hi Gizz..Ha!..yeah it's a bit difficult not to sound unique with Johnny screaming his lungs out...I would imagine he might have had a small amount of Dutch courage to help him with the performance ;)cheers planet

  14. iDude
    iDude on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    I Love this crazy punk face down puking in the toliet song! Break some more beer bottles, scream at the neighbors... ahhh the cool comfort of water filled poreclain... Nothing like a good and proper Drinking Binge over some bitch of a girl friend complete with messed up friends dragging you down. Just becareful about being hit by the morning newspaper while passed out on the front lawn.

    Would love to see a copy of the lyrics for this crazy song!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hey mate!..I'm sure if you contacted Johnny he would supply you with the lyrics...we've all been there..talking into the big white telephone!...fortunately those days are long past for me!.....cheers planet

    SLAPJOHNSON on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    Kick my ass and call me Malcolm MClaren. Awesome good punk rocking song, great vocal performance for this genre. It just sound so rough and ready. This kicks you in the face and laugh as your teeth fall out. Great job and let's pogo! Cheers Slap...

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Boing..boing..I can't play and pogo at the same time...but I can look menacing and if required kick people in the (wherever)...You know I always fancied myself as a member of the Pistols..(but I would've had to have a hair cut and start a safety pin collection)....cheers planet

  16. Dougie
    Dougie on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    Wow...I don't even really like Rock generally as a genre...but i like this...it's fun, catchy and gets your head moving.....definitely a favourite!

    < < Favourited> >


    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hi Splish..that's great man..I suppose this really is punk rock..I was vacillating for awhile on what genre to pick.....thanks for the support...cheers planet

  17. ultrabase
    ultrabase on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    awsome track,reminds me of the COWS(experemental punk rock).
    nobody can play bass like sid(my punk icon).
    sid vicious forever,lol

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hehe..thanks UltraB... the Pistols are one of my favourite bands..a lot of people dismiss them and reckon they can't play..their one of the tightest units when they were at their peak....cheers planet

  18. helven
    helven on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    i had to have a look at this!
    i think you 2 are great togeather :D i want you to acually do a song now :D
    its a very funky song! im really likeing it. love what you did with the accapella.

    cant wait for another!

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Yeah mate that's definitely going to happen..and speaking of which well have to get together soon for a trans Tasman effort....cheers planet

  19. rei4real
    rei4real on Sat 5th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    I can see it!!!
    I can see Johnny and you perform, and I can see your smiling faces ...
    you really got the point with this composition, perfect execution ...
    of course dl+fav!!!

    peace, rei

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Hi Rei...you mind reader you!..I was really channelling a live sound and ambience on this one...rip up a T-shirt and join us on stage!...cheers planet

  20. blairrock957
    blairrock957 on Fri 4th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    Love it great melody. and LMBO. What's wrong with me? Great bass too. I like this a lot.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    Thanks mate... I'm glad you like the funny side of this when I first heard Johnny's acapella I just cracked up..and thought "got to do something with this"...cheers planet

  21. johnnygadget
    johnnygadget on Fri 4th Jul 2008 - 11 years ago

    freaking brilliant my man as impressive as a new pair of boots for christmas, as sweet as the bread pudding on the table, as nice as a holiday kiss on your forehead from your granny! this was impressive I loved the way you pitched it down to fit the changing tempo! after the blairrock comp is over let's do a collab for real! would love to go to the planet and back!
    "You Rock Bro!".......................WOW, J.G.

    Reply by Planetjazzbass

    That's a definite certainty mate!...you know it was interesting listening to the acapella by itself,I could here your breathing and intake of breath!..and imagined you holding forth somewhere in the old U.S. of A....I could hear you from here!...cheers planet

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