make music not drama
  • From : Canada
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About Me

got 2 kids that pooh, I mean ALOT! these kids wont stop.considered my user name to be "diaper-sniper".now it is just before the oldest is potty trained so he takes off his own diaper at night..then he waves at me with "chocolate fingers"
...why do you think I look this

Instruments I play

...ummmm, kind of emarassing my pants..
I dont have any musical talent to speak of.

Software I Use

STOLEN STUFF!!! just kidding [sorry monkey man]
flexi-music wave editor

Hardware I Use

Dell-inspiron laptop


Listening To Right Now

third road home-sweet the open road
khalid kasim
point break spy-jazzman trips [check this track!]
and of course-willie nelson-blue eyes crying in the of the best songs ever

last but not hand lukes "plastic jeasus" Im gonna remix that song before I die for,,no..I really am.

10 Favourite Albums

ac/dc...gone shooting
propellerheads [back in the day]
joe walsh-funk 49
van halen

anthony robbins-"you can do it and if someone says different you tell them I will come over with these huge freakin teeth and bite them...bite them bad"[*RAGING*]

My Influences / Fav Artists

that guy that stood over me in the sandbox with lolly-pops ummmm..lets see....lately rei4real with rock trax...[thanks rei] tiesto-benny-...ernG[disco]lol thanks buddy

My Music Sounds Like

all over the place..the dishwasher when my kid put elmo in it...

In My Other Life I ...