15th Apr 2011 13:31 -  13 years ago
Tags :
Description : Greetings...Here is another country song I decided to put together. I called it "Made in the USA"....because it was! ha ha . This instrumental contains lead guitar and an electric rhythm guitar, as well as an acoustic guitar for added effect. Also the usual Bass guitar and drums...drums are loops. Also contains Pedal Steel, Mandolin and piano. So give it a listen and comment if you want to.

Comments (15)

If you have time take a listen and give Randall822 some feedback.

Rich_S 6th Jul 2014 15:10 -  9 years ago
Nice track!
LisMarie 30th Apr 2012 03:24 -  12 years ago
I would love to use this!
Randall822 replied 30th Apr 2012 - 12 years ago
Hi ya LizMarie,

Glad you liked this song. It has been out there awhile. You are welcome to put vocals to it. Just don't make it into an 'adult' dirty song like someone else recently tried to. lol

haven 19th Aug 2011 07:42 -  12 years ago
oh hello - this sounds wonderful to my ears - got it crankin on my ads 12s - great playin and super feel - i dont think i have ever heard any of yer stuff before - really terrific guitar chops and tone!!
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hello there Haven,

Thanks for listening and reviewing my a couple of my songs.

I play a mostly rock, country and some blues (some of it slide as I own/play a Dobro and an Emmons Pedal Steel).
If you look into my profile pics, you will see the instruments I personally own and play.

Thanks for the comments and I will review some of your songs as well in return.

Bassman910 29th Jul 2011 20:56 -  12 years ago
Man I really like this track did u play everything?
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi there Bassman910,

Thanks for listening and reviewing my song here.
To answer your question, No, I don't play drums....they are loops that I buy or make on my Korg keyboards.
The Mandolin was also a loop as I don't own nor play one.
I have a 1971 double neck Emmonds pedal steel that I use now and then.

Thanks again for your review. If you have any tracks up, I'll review them.
yampaja 16th Jul 2011 20:39 -  12 years ago
Nice playin on all your instruments. This is a happy track.
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hello there J.A.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and review one of my songs. Am glad you enjoyed it. I'll give you a review back.

Jeff05C 11th Jun 2011 18:44 -  12 years ago
Hot Damn, haven't two stepped since i was a teenager, but now I've got a hankerin. Great work all around. Let those Teli's rip, Teli's are like motorcycles. If you don't like em, then you just don't get it!

Killer track

Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi ya Jeff,

Thanks for the glowing review. I appreciate your listening and reviewing my latest tune. I love country music as that is where I started out.
In another week, I will be uploading another one. It will actually be two songs in one. Lots of slide guitar, and other instruments.

Hope you will get a chance to listen to it as well.
I was over at your site on here and gave you a review of your latest. Very nice indeed.

Thanks again,
Kikajon 6th Jun 2011 23:16 -  12 years ago
Well, just totally awesome. I love that single coil telecaster sound, the mandoline just made me happy. Excellent performace.
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hello there Kikajon,

Glad you were able to check out my latest country tune, and that you liked it.
I am working on another as actually country is where my musical roots began.

I appreciate your comments and will check out your page as well.

Thanks, Randy
Citemgr 19th May 2011 07:43 -  13 years ago
tight sweet music - well done!
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi there Citemgr,
Thnaks for your listening and reviewing my song. I appreciate your nice comments. I'll stop over at your page and see what you have up and give a review back.
Planetjazzbass 22nd Apr 2011 03:25 -  13 years ago
Hey you wound up the spring on the Country clock with this one!..YeeHar!..Super playing and the spread of the melody throughout the various instruments is great!....It's fantastic that you can pull out an authentic country upbeat groove just like stepping off the curb..good music never goes out of style and in a genre that doesn't get enough exposure around here this totally shines!.....Wether your rockin or flat out flat picking or sliding or finger styling or fiddling down..(phew!) rule! cheers Dave :)
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi ya Dave,

Thanks so much for the glowing review. I appreciate all your kind words. I love country music and I should do more, but I also like Rock and I try to do an equal amount, but it doesn't usually work.

Making an instrumental to last near 3 min. is tough. So you have to think about putting in other instruments to help out so the song doesn't get boring.
Looks like I did OK with this one. The Lead guitar is played at different points on the neck starting out in each section, to give it a different sound and pattern.

It was fun to do and I'll surely make more.
Thanks again,
DanielGtrman 18th Apr 2011 19:46 -  13 years ago expectations of any of your tracks are never dissapointing..and this one delivers!!!! yeeh--haaa!!
I have to confess to jamming along to this superb country tune and drooling with envy once again at yr pic of those telecasters. keep on producing/composing and playing quality tracks like these for us notch once again Randy..thanks for uploading...
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi ya DanielGtrman,

Good to hear from you again. Glad you enjoyed playing along with this tune. Just 3 basic chords and you can have a good time. lol
I appreciate your comments very much and I liked your review, since it makes me feel good that I can spur others on, and also to have fun with a song I do.

As for my guitars, I have several tele's if you'll look at my profile gallery. I have 9 guitars total and some other instruments in the pictures...including my 1971 Emmons pedal steel that I use.... in a different picture.

The 2 Buck Owens special edition guitars are not used...just for investment purposes. Worth about $2,000 each now. (I got them from Canada).

I love the Telecaster sound and that is why I own several, as not all have the same sound with differing pickups, de-tuners and palm pedal.

Thanks again...I'll do another country tune soon.
Vicen 16th Apr 2011 08:02 -  13 years ago
Wonderful from the beginning. Then you ride the Memphis sky. One of those wonderful songs, which only you can do ... Super Randy. Very good from start to finish. A gem.
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi there Vicen,
Thanks for your glowing review. I thought that you might enjoy the tune. I will have another song ready in a month or less. Just not sure what it will be...either Blues, or Rock this tume.
Thanks again and will review another of your songs as well.
theHumps 15th Apr 2011 20:53 -  13 years ago
The pedal steel sounds great and I'm glad to hear someone else play some mandolin here. This has a cool southern rock feel to it. The mix is great, as usual. Really enjoyed listening to this track, such high quality.

So are you working less now? I remember you saying before you were working countless hours each week. Hope you have more time to put into tracks like this!! Thanks Randy for putting this up and sharing your work, always a pleasure!

Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi there Wayne,

Thanks so much for the review and am glad you enjoyed the country song. The mandolin part wasn't speedy or anything, but filled in nicely.

As far as work...I am retired now finally. So I have more time to do whatever I want to. No more waking up at 4am.
So more time for music now and other things in life I have been missing out on.

Thanks again for your comments. I'll have another tune up in a month or less. (Rock or Blues)
Firebird 15th Apr 2011 19:14 -  13 years ago
This is really well done. The essence of country is completely captured in this one song. I can believe you've been playing a long time, man! Faved for sure.
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hello Firebird,

I appreciate your listening to my country song and taking the time to write a review as well. I'll be making more of them, and also of rock and blues.

Take care,
Filaofsoul 15th Apr 2011 16:20 -  13 years ago
My office is rocking right now!! All the instrumentation weaving and grooving just right!! Loved the Pedal Steel and Mandolin. Glad you back bro!! This was a rocking country tune 3 peat and FAVed!! Fila
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi ya Fila,
Great to hear from you. I am glad you enjoyed the country tune I put together. Took me about a month. I am too much of a perfectionist I guess just to put out a quickie. So that is partly the reason my songs aren't usually done in a faster time frame.

I want quality as best I can do as I know my songs will be floating around the Internet long after I am gone. :-)

I will check and see what you have up and give a review back as well...and to the others here that reviewed this song.

Take care now,
Randy (Retired power plant operator)
ImproveWithError 15th Apr 2011 14:50 -  13 years ago
Nice job Randall, as usual you did a superb job on this, everything meshes nicely. Keep it up, good to see a new song from you.
Randall822 replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi ImproveWithEerror,

Thanks for your review of my country tune. I always appreciate comments from folks. I hope to have another song up in about a month. So take care and thanks again,


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