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Description : the basic element to the genre consisting the tr-909 and 707

Description : my own voice well it's kinda cringe per se
also pitch my vocal to 1200 cents down to get that classic house ting going on yeh

Description : so i replicated the spaghetti western guitar tone with a spring reverb and a tremolo with subtle chrous and it has some lofi feel to it cuz it's recorded on cassette tape lel

Description : Ibanez RG Direct imput in scarlett solo 3rd gen
boss d 1 and slight reverb

Description : gated reverb suitable to Soviet Post-punk and 80's music

Description : wonderful tines played on Yamaha motif xf8 and recorded on a JVC TD-R421 cassette deck then digitized
key is D major

Description : real bass
a simple bassline w my ibanez mikro

Description : basic j-house
serum and spire with small amount of ott

Description : early 2000s trap drum loop

Description : Now you got the sauce now make some "hyperpop" trap music lol

Description : very kewl melody
only used spire

Description : animeeeeeeee typpppppe melll lol

Description : make some cool jersseycore!!

Description : now you can make "nightcore"!!!!

Description : now you can make "nightcore"!!!! but without the bassline!!!

Description : parametric eq 2, softcliper, kilohearts compressor and wavshaper
dm on my ig if you want to collab

Description : get ahead of making makina music real quick

Description : ETERN1TY
this a crazy dark "hyperpop" melody made in serum and spire ive added a shi ton of granular effects on it and it turned out greaT!!!!

Description : ye ye some dp style ting

Description : epic weeb rap melody if you ask me

Description : a jplugg loop

Description : cybercore loop lol

Description : now you can sound like yungsterjack

Description : lol for that kind of songs bruh
time sig 3/4

Description : no generic bloatloops here buddy
touhou hardest bullethell game 10/10

Loops 1 - 25 of 77