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Description : Unique percussive fx inspired by South American and Worldly music as well as hip hop

Description : Cloudy puffy pad

Description : Ambient hip-hop / Trap synth fx. Short soft and bubbly. One of my personal favorite synth loops.

Description : Experimental Synth Fx with a Harp like strum

Description : Plucky hip hop synth

Description : Drum and Bass / Dubstep / Industrial Fx for added texture

Description : Lo-fi wonky analog synth pad

Description : Dark glitchy industrial hip hop bass

Description : Lo-fi Analog fx for texture

Description : Rising abrasive analog effect

Description : Lo-fi boom bap percussion / analog fx

Description : Arabic / West Coast like Brockhampton inspired flute

Description : Lo-fi chill Vibes

Description : Dubstep Bass synth

Description : Wonky experimental synth fx that ended up reminding me of the taunt sound from the egg thief in the first Spyro video game. I hope I'm not the only one who hears it. Random ik.

Description : Static / Chirping sounding atmosphere fx

Description : Energetic psychedelic trap flute

Description : Atmos / Pad / Foley that reminds me o the sound of a train from afar

Description : Beeping fx loop

Description : Horror Movie Soundtrack inspired piano synth stabs for most genres but particularly has a Trap vibe

Description : Horror inspired distorted trap synth

Description : A twangy detuned synth

Description : Punchy bassline

Description : Video game inspired bass synth

Description : Trap and Phonk inspired banjo melody

Loops 1 - 25 of 151