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Description : heavy japanese trap loop, made on fl studio

show me ya beats
Description : Sequenced Japanese Koto like made with a FM synth.
Description : if you use this, pleas send me your work:)
Description : KILL A HOMIE MUSIC
Description : FL Studio program 12.4
Plugin: Hypersonic v.2;
Treatment: Fruity Parametric EQ 2 / Fruity Reeverb 2;
Keith Ape Type Melody, Japanese Type Melody, trap, rap, trap melody.
Description : Japanese Mountain Synth
Description : Japanese Mountain Banjo
Description : Japanese Mountain Bass
Description : Japanese Mountain Atmosphere
Description : Sounds from a futuristic Japanese air terminal.
Description : Send what you've made in the comments!
Description : Send what you've made in the comments!
Description : Japanese Koto
Description : Made with Kontakt 5... Share if you use it please !
Description : Messed around with Nexus and found this sound
Description : Percussion composed of ensemble of djembe and japanese percussion in particular. Do not hesitate to comment I answer all comments !
Description : it sounds like a japanese theme, no?
Description : idk what to say
Description : I used the similar musical material of my Loop "Slow Mood in D-Minor for guitar", but did a few changes with the melody and rhythm because the Japanese Shamisen has a different sound than the guitar. It is more dry and the melodies sound shorter and have a kind of drum effect. I used also another sound for the base line with Taisho Koto. So it becomes a mix of an ethnic plugged instrument and the Japanese Harp Taisho Koto which I have used before in differnt loops. There is no Category for the Shamisen, so I used Harp which would fit best.
Description : This loop is made for my KOTO loops as a drum accompaniment. The Taiko Drum is a powerful Japanese Drum which would fit to the Koto loops in 120 bpm. You can use it for "KOTO Melody" "TAISHO KOTO Melody" and "TAISHO KOTO Chord Sequence".
Description : I really like this one. Made in soundation.
Description : Enjoyyy
Description : I use this in my newest rap production.
Description : I love oriental sounds haha.
Description : I made this second loop with the sound improved MuseScore Notation Program. Also made a few changes. I have used Taisho Koto which provides a more pleasant sound than Koto and Harp. I wanted the Koto more dominating therefore I added the Harp only in the first 4 bars. it sounds softer. The last 4 bars the melody is only with Koto and the Harp is only for basic root notes and little accompaniment. The Key is C and the scale is Japanese pentatonic. More details you find in the other 2 Koto loops.
This new improved loop is a bit faster than the first one 120 bpm.
You can compare the difference to the first Loop:
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