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Description : Yeah, I made this
Doesn't really fit into any modern genre, but it sounds too nice
Cut the latter half and loop it and the ending won't sound abrupt
Perfect for an intro/chorus or outro for your project
Whatever y'all make, feel free to share it

Description : Lofi vibes yeah
Send me the finished result and DM for tag.

Description : yeah that's it

Description : eh so yeah check this out

Description : Yeah you know

Description : made with arcade
Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop
wanna collab?
contact me via Instagram or email (click profile pic for info)

Description : Yeah :O

Description : Not that heavy bass but....yeah...

Description : Trailer voice over be like: "The night is too dark for him to return to Gotham....."
yeah is that kind of dark beat haha

Description : This sounds reminiscent of some old song. But yeah I had two meltdowns before I made this loop. Hope y'all's lives are going better than mine right now.

Description : made using sytrus flute// show what you make below... oh yeah and put rc20 for best effect

Description : a perfect sauce for your melody

Description : If Honorable C-Note listened to Bollywood music before making 20 Min. And yeah, I used one saw lead for everything, there are no other presets.

Description : oh yeah, there´s more stuff. just some basic moomba drums.
any key, 110 BPM
enjoy :D

Description : yeah b

Description : yeah.

Description : yeah hi ripsquad inspired drums

Description : yeah yeah yeah like chris brown

Description : Yeah yeah yeah

Description : yeah idk

Description : I hope it is useful

Description : shred it yeah an old school shred it yeeaaah

Description : If you can’t pick up bass notes by ear, write me a message in the message I'll throw off the midi.
P.S. also throw off finished work on my loops

Description : so uhm.... yeah, I´m speechless. WHAT IS THAT? I can´t even imagine a melody on top of this 808 loop, but it sounds SO GOOD. If you can´t tell I´m really frustrated by this, because I can´t do anything to it that fits, even though I´d really like to. Please make something with this and leave a link in the comments while you´re at it.
g-minor key, 152 BPM
enjoy? >:S

Description : idek what this sound is but yeah no effects or anything

Loops 1 - 25 of 327
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