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Description : If Honorable C-Note listened to Bollywood music before making 20 Min. And yeah, I used one saw lead for everything, there are no other presets.

Description : oh yeah, there´s more stuff. just some basic moomba drums.
any key, 110 BPM
enjoy :D

Description : yeah b

Description : yeah.

Description : yeah hi ripsquad inspired drums

Description : yeah yeah yeah like chris brown

Description : Yeah yeah yeah

Description : Yeah yeah yeah

Description : yeah idk

Description : I hope it is useful

Description : shred it yeah an old school shred it yeeaaah

Description : If you can’t pick up bass notes by ear, write me a message in the message I'll throw off the midi.
P.S. also throw off finished work on my loops

Description : so uhm.... yeah, I´m speechless. WHAT IS THAT? I can´t even imagine a melody on top of this 808 loop, but it sounds SO GOOD. If you can´t tell I´m really frustrated by this, because I can´t do anything to it that fits, even though I´d really like to. Please make something with this and leave a link in the comments while you´re at it.
g-minor key, 152 BPM
enjoy? >:S

Description : idek what this sound is but yeah no effects or anything

Description : yeah i cant work with it but maybee you can :)

Description : Yeah, yeah, it's metal trap in 2020. I said I was back, and then disappeared for a year.
I hope you enjoy it ^3^

Description : oh yeah! I forgot that, it´s kinda important, sorry!

Description : Just a sample of dreamy bells with some weird but vibing noise sound.
Don't forget to pitch it up/down to explore this sample in a new way!!
Harmonics: D G F#
Leave a link to your stuff in comments, I will listen!! Connect with me on IG(click profile picture)

Description : so yeah

Description : inspierd by oh yeah from beautiful thugger girls
made with a tonal shot
roddy ricch drake travis scott young thug

Description : drill hiphop rap acoustic keys
Share your music with me. Just leave a link.
Find me on Instagram. (Click on my profile picture)

Description : yeah yeah

Description : Yeah Aight

Description : yeah this hoe fire

Description : yeah this is fire guyz

Loops 1 - 25 of 342
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