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Free Female Loops Samples Sounds

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Description : some faithful female choir
i know u will like it
by urs truly, DextDee

Description : Female Choir from The Walk

Description : Synth mallet, sub bass and female vocal combination with reverb effect.

Description : The female choir sound of my hip hop orchestra loop.

Description : this is a recording of a female laugh, not a kid but a cute chinese lady :D
enjoy, chop it up and use it as such

Description : Male and female choir mix made in FL studio

Description : laid back hard kicks with a female moan ooooooo :p

Description : from the project dedication, brass horns and violins with a single female choir

Description : male and female choir singing one, in different keys.

Description : small set of female choir! by yours truly, DextDee

Description : female screaming

Description : like a woman in pain musically

Description : Female robots singing- Well...I guess this is really a success story.

Description : Robot female voices singing this line.

Description : Bleak Horror Influenced Female Scream

Description : Octave pedal bass riff needs some floaty chords on top or maybe female vocals.

Description : Mainland Chinese female voice "This is big" (zhe shi da - 这是大)

Description : Mainland Chinese female voice "Don't die" (bu yao si - 不要死)

Description : Vocal phrase

Description : Vocal phrase

Description : Vocal phrase

Description : Female male vocal mirror

Description : Female vocal

Description :

Description : Sloppy :D ... but I like how the newly formed melody turned out. Gipsy guitar, jazzy piano and female opera voice together. Added a bit of fuzzy bass under that. and voila.

Loops 251 - 275 of 278
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