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Description : Simple beat with nice hihat. No crash cymbals. No variations. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.

Description : Simple as possible but real played. Live sound. No crash cymbals. Recorded from my electronic drum kit. Angus Young sure knows what to play with this beat!

Description : Simple beat with ghost notes. No variations, no crash cymbals. Real played.

Description : This one without a crash at the beginning.

Description : Beefy metal drums made from one shot samples. Some of the tuning may be off, don't know.

Description : Loops by YTMBeats & Pandorux

All loops have no copyright and can therefore be freely used.

Description : Simple beat with ghost notes on the snare. Only the groove, nothing else, even crash cymbals or open hihat. Real played.

Description : A basic rock beat with Crash and Splash Cymbals played on an acoustic drum kit with sample replaced kick. High-hats on 8ths mixed open and closed. Snare on 2 and 4 with ghosts. Slightly Syncopated Kick Drum

Description : HH, OH, Clap, Snap, Sub Bass (as kick) Crash Cym. Made in FL 11.

Description : A cool Bigroom Buildup/Riser containing a self-made snare, a crash, 2 percs, an up synth, and the pryda snare

Description : Same groove as Hyper Basic Half Time Shuffle but with little variations, accents and crash cymbal.

Description : Dubstep drums that Xilent uses.
Contains Kick,Snare,Crash and Hats

Description : some classic drums with a hard sidechain on crash

Description : Genre: House/ Deep House/ EDM
Instrument: Roland TR-909 Electronic Drums
Phrasing: Intro, Verse, Chorus/Drop

Description : This is another drum kit I finished up. Hope you all can use it! If you do can you please link me the song or project you used it in! thnx.
Just the crash cymbals.

Description : 808 with a crash

Description : This is just a kick drum and crash for stops and endings. It does loop over 2 bars @ 130.

Description : I lost a friend in a car crash yesterday. These bells will change your world

Description : Recorded live on Pro Tools HD and looped on Ableton Live 9.

BPM: 150

Description : Drums recorded live in my studio using Pro Tools HD and looped on Ableton Live 9.

BPM: 150

Description : A weird, drum-like loop of effected synths in a 'beep,boop,beep,boop,beeb-boo-bee-boo,beep,boop' pattern with an effected cymbal at the end.
Yes, the cymbal does do a little crash and suddenly stop. I made it do that on purpose for added effect. If you don't like it, don't use it. :)

Description : Kick/Snare, Hats, Crash cymbals and chants.

Description : Enjoy :)

Description : Gutter Rainbow Drum Loop With NO Crash

Description : Made with bass tones and an 808, salty snares and pounding kicks. Timpani used for additional flavor.

Loops 76 - 100 of 193