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Description : Staggered sounding drums with a knocking kick, claps, snares, and hi hats. Link what you cook up in the comments!

Description : Soft hitting 808 Drum pattern that woulds go hard with some claps.

Description : simple clap pattern made in soundtrap.
Drake, Tay K, Blocc Boy JB, NLE Choppa, NBA YoungBoy. Lil Baby, Da Baby, Baby J

Description : Claps and light Sticking/Rim that pans from left to right.

Description : KEY IS HARMONIC. Added a touch of tension in between which hits hard with claps :)
Let me know on Instagram if you'd be interested in a loop kit composed by me :)
Also DM me if your interested in custom loops.

Description : Claps 95 Bpm

Description : Hey guys! Recently I listened to Hol!s new EP, and I was very inspired. If you haven't listened to it I would recommend doing so: HOL! - Chop Box EP.
After hearing it, I made drums like him: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hats, Rides, Claps, a heavily sidechained 808, and a Revolver Click to spice it up :)
Link your uses!

Description : DRUMS WITH 808 IN KEY C:

Description : Probably my favorite. Here's one that has different claps. Sorry if I'm a bit lazy with uploading, I'm probably busy or I just don't post much.

Description : Slow and groovy drums consisting of a kick, snares, claps, and an 808 in the key of A minor. Second 8 bars include hi-hats, but you can just use the first half and throw in your own if you prefer. Cook up a melody in this key, add these drums, and comment what you make! I listen to every one and give feedback.

Description : Bouncy drum loop consisting of a kick, claps, snares, and two different hi-hats for a trap groove. Throw it on your projects and comment what you cook up!

Description : Kick, hats, percs, claps

Description : Split this one up in 3 parts so you can arrange them how you like! This loop contains the hi-hats, snares, claps and the percs Leave your creations in the comments, I'd love to check them out :)

Description : Accompanying drums to my "Alive Flute" loop. Kicks, claps, open and closed hats, and snares. Has a nice bounce to it, comment what you cooked up.

Description : Trap Drums 130bpm

8 bars


Description : Wanted to get a bit creative with this drum loop... Kick, 808, hi hats, snares, and claps

Please drop a link in the comments of what you made with this! It would mean to world to me, i love seeing what you guys make.

Description : Send me the beats you make, would make my day.

Its a full drum beat with 808, kicks, claps, snares and everything else.

Description : claps a little in the beginning

Description : Simple trap drum loop with hard kicks, claps, snares, etc.
Comment a beat or song you made with this!

Description : Sounds almost the same as my last one but it has diffrent snares, claps and 808s

Comment what you came up with.


Description : Some cool claps and snares

Description : throwaway hats and claps

Description : Trap drums, used almost all claps. First time posting a drum loop so feedback is, as always, appreciated.

Description : Tried something different. Mixed some Accoustic cymbals and claps with a generic trap kick and hihat. Do people even layer their drums like this anymore?

Made for a Vocaloid song I'm working on. This loop uses sounds from the KSHMR drumkit and some random trap kits I have.

Loops 1 - 25 of 291
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