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Description : Trap drums which include:

Description : This loop features deep house kicks and crisp claps with growing hats and percussive elements. This loop is the build into the full loop, Look out for the full loop. Enjoy.

Description : This loop features deep house kicks and crisp claps with growing hats and percussive elements. This loop is the drop loop, Look out for the build loop. Enjoy.

Description : chicago house style - variation 2 - claps n rims

Description : Simple drums with 2 step hihats and simple claps. Simple, but extremely effective

Description : No Kicks or 808
Only hihats, claps etc

Description : Only hihats, claps etc.
Lmk whuchu do with it in the comments

Description : Made with FL 20 and a lot of love!

Description : Vanilla Claps that can be used on any trap beat. Give it a go and LMK!!
baby j beats

Description : Staggered sounding drums with a knocking kick, claps, snares, and hi hats. Link what you cook up in the comments!

Description : Soft hitting 808 Drum pattern that woulds go hard with some claps.

Description : simple clap pattern made in soundtrap.
Drake, Tay K, Blocc Boy JB, NLE Choppa, NBA YoungBoy. Lil Baby, Da Baby, Baby J

Description : Claps and light Sticking/Rim that pans from left to right.

Description : Claps 95 Bpm

Description : Hey guys! Recently I listened to Hol!s new EP, and I was very inspired. If you haven't listened to it I would recommend doing so: HOL! - Chop Box EP.
After hearing it, I made drums like him: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hats, Rides, Claps, a heavily sidechained 808, and a Revolver Click to spice it up :)
Link your uses!

Description : DRUMS WITH 808 IN KEY C:

Description : Slow and groovy drums consisting of a kick, snares, claps, and an 808 in the key of A minor. Second 8 bars include hi-hats, but you can just use the first half and throw in your own if you prefer. Cook up a melody in this key, add these drums, and comment what you make! I listen to every one and give feedback.

Description : Bouncy drum loop consisting of a kick, claps, snares, and two different hi-hats for a trap groove. Throw it on your projects and comment what you cook up!

Description : Kick, hats, percs, claps

Description : Split this one up in 3 parts so you can arrange them how you like! This loop contains the hi-hats, snares, claps and the percs Leave your creations in the comments, I'd love to check them out :)

Description : Accompanying drums to my "Alive Flute" loop. Kicks, claps, open and closed hats, and snares. Has a nice bounce to it, comment what you cooked up.

Description : Trap Drums 130bpm

8 bars


Description : Wanted to get a bit creative with this drum loop... Kick, 808, hi hats, snares, and claps

Please drop a link in the comments of what you made with this! It would mean to world to me, i love seeing what you guys make.

Description : Send me the beats you make, would make my day.

Its a full drum beat with 808, kicks, claps, snares and everything else.

Description : claps a little in the beginning

Loops 1 - 25 of 293
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