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Description : Redid the Amen.

Description : Recreated the amen breakbeat in ableton. Use for whatever you like

Description : Cool Amen Break for you know, breaks in your dubstep songs or what not.

Description : Cool Amen Break for you know, breaks in your dubstep songs or what not.

Description : made with fl studio

Description : idk
im tired

Description : a breakcore-ish loop

Description : send link if you use. good fit for dubstep, dnb and more

Description : another amen :3

Description : i'm pretty proud of this break

Description : amen break classic

Description : Yep, Perfect for Jungle.

Description : Amen Perfomance

Baby-C Corporation

Description : Basically Endorsing Kontakt's Medusa Library at this point...

Description : Ryan Deshawn - Really want some better choir sounds. Gonna have to start messing with Kontakt more. Never really messed with it that much but I know it has some great choir and orchestra sounds.

Description : Started with the Amen Break, Sliced it, Pushed it through Supercharger GT, then an EQ, in to Ohmicide then to LexPlate and out through Slate Digital's Virtual Tape Machine. To fatten it up and I tracked an section in DrumR with a subby kick and neutral hats n snare.

Description : Just an Amen break sampled into Slicex (FL Studio) and made a little laggy. Hope you enjoy it!

Description : Jesus Saves... Amen...

Description : Classic Amen Break with a bit of modifications.

Description : The Golden break that inspired people to create what we now know as drum and bass, bigbeat, jungle, and other sub-generes. Enjoy.

Description : Amen.

Description : The famous Amen Break. Good for jungle. You can use it commercially or non-commercially so ye have funz mane. 160BPM

Description : Amen Style loop 175 BPM

Please share your creations, nice one.

Description : .....

Description : 174 BPM. A punchy kick with a powerful snare.

Loops 1 - 25 of 90
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