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Description : Loop from the underworld, slow, for dark trap.
Description : vocal loop to accompany the not-so-typical trap drums I just uploaded.

(also has some heavy formant modulation)
Description : scratch loop
Description : I butchered some beautiful female vocals. Don't know why. Check back tomorrow for way better loops. I promise.
(I prepared about 90 loops today that I'm uploading FROM WORST TO BEST in the next few days)
Description : A loop which was sampled from my first "Studio A" recording of a recent instrument build called the Bias Machine. This instrument is intended for performance use, and is based on magnetic tape of any sort. It has a hand held playback and record head, with two inputs to record from, when recordable tape is used on the changeable tape mats. Playback head can be used with any sort of audio tape, which is sacrificed to be placed on the tape mat "atlars." Has a very turntable type of feel, especially when combined with effects. Composed along with the other "Thinking of You" loops, which are at 140 BPM, and are 3 bars long.
Description : scrachy 110bpm
Description : KEY: E-maj
TEMPO: 96bpm
messing around with sound design in Reaktor Form
Description : Created this for a chill hip hop beat.
Description : I made this using SoundForge and Native Instruments Traktor. Its a basic DJ scratch that works well with Boom Bap or West Coast Hip Hop. Works well with other BPMS.
Description : record scratch of a old hip hop styled kick, sounds good when layered over a drum loop
Description : 1990's Hip hop samples - East coast style
Description : 1990's Hip hop samples - East coast style
Description : Enjoy and use well :)
Description : Enjoy :)
Description : scratched hit
Description : !WARNING! Very Loud!!!

Made with Audacity
Description : I hope it's useful. Made in fl studio. It's a mechanical scratchy kinda thing for a track I'm currently working on...
Description : Made in fl studio. Title says it all. For a new track I'm making...hope it's useful for you out there as well. I've put it under hip hop because that's where I'm using it for....
Description : Middle Wevo Synth (Scratch)
Description : using the scratcher in FL Studio and learning FPC drum pad. just some experimenting around
Description : Some scratches I made I hope you find a use for it!
Description : spiffy dialog scratch from 'his practices are questionable at best' ...not bad for a turntable simulator
Description : tie it to a beat =
scrubadub fool
Description : it's not bad...
Description : f-f-f-fresh
Loops 1 - 25 of 110
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