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Tags : 125 bpm | Rap | 255.99 KB | Male | Rapping
Description : Sync with my beat same name on loops page
Tags : 96 bpm | Rap | 955.41 KB | Male | Rapping
Description : Feat. the bro. Contact for licensing.
Description : Pretty old but I figured maybe some of you guys want hear it.
Checkout my songs
SoundCloud: MulaOfficial
My instagram: @mulaoff
or just look on my profile
Description : Order
1. Jazahna
2. Emerald Envyy
3. RockWitit
4. Tae
Please put REMIX in title if used. For commercial use, collabs,more exclusive vocal work contact me by visiting My Profile or Rhealentertainment AT gmail . com .
All social media profiles are K19HadToDoiT

This vocal is BMI registered and protected.Do NOT release this vocal in labels or digital music stores without a negotiation!!
If you want to use this vocal COMMERCIALLY contact me to NEGOCIATE A VALUE.
Description : this is a verse off of a song. that has a tech feel. dont know the bpm
Description : Acapella version of my song On soundcloud.com @ Johnny JC
Description : Demo track on my tracks page
Description : an acapella about opiod addiction, this is my personal copy written work. feel free to edit the acapella and post on my page if you like
Description : 2 SPANISH BARSSSSS
Tags : 196 bpm | Rap | 4.51 MB | Male | Rapping | Key : G#
Description : For personal use only.
For commercial use, spotify, or profit use CONTACT ME!!

Soundcloud: Cole The VII
Email: TheMusicVII @gmail.com

G# Minor
196 bpm or half time at 98 bpm
Description : Contains some random rapping with a small line of singing do let me know if you used this :)
Description : .
Original: soundcloud.com/alibastar/alibastar-son-v-letnyuyu-noch

Send your remixes on email or VK:
email: ali_safarelli@mail. ru
vk: vk.com/alibastar
Description : From my track Maniac on my track page. Beat loops also uploaded.
Description : Extended vocals from the original with rap. There is a back beat with vocals on my track page and also a split beat loop same name.
Tags : 150 bpm | Rap | 6.86 MB | Male | Rapping | Key : B
Description : Free for personal use only.
For commercial use, spotify, or profit use CONTACT ME!!

Soundcloud: Cole The VII
Email: TheMusicVII @gmail.com

B Major
Description : Just playin around with a fun rap track..beat and reference track on my Page
Description : Original: soundcloud.com/alibastar/alibastar-eshche-odin-shans

Send your remixes on my email or VK:
email: boonmadeit@gmail .com
vk: vk.com/bun_prod
Tags : 176 bpm | Rap | 6.87 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Original: soundcloud.com/kingbawww/prod-by-lil-bling-5

Send your remixes on my email or VK:
email: boonmadeit@gmail .com
vk: vk.com/bun_prod
Description : Write to me by e-mail for getting Wav-version of acapella. Send me an e-mail your remixes (check e-mail in profile).
Description : Rap from my song Lie To Me (which you can find on spotify, iTunes etc) hit me up on all my socials @TheNameIsIsh
Description : Description :
1.You can use this vocal
in your, non-comercial song.
2.Follow me on Soundcloud & Instagram
3.If you are interested in a comercial Release of your remix version?

Please send your remix to me,
If I like it,
i will grant you a licence!
which has a small negotiable fee.
4.Please Do not upload to Youtube, unlesss
The Credits are as such:
GadManDubs - Random Freestyle 1 [your name - Remix]
Thanks much love
cant wait to hear your version!
Tags : 93 bpm | Hip Hop | 3.11 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : 1. You may use our acapellas and samples only for NON COMMERCIAL purpose.
2. All our Songs are registrated with SENA and BUMA/STEMRA
3. All our music and acapella's are registrated with YouTube/Soundcloud Content ID System. You Wanna upload your remix online? THEN YOU WILL AGREE WE HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO MONETIZE YOUR REMIX.
4.Credit your remix like this: SYNC DIVERSITY - Zig Zag (YOUR REMIX).
5. Please check our profile for a detailed explanation to avoid copyright strikes
Description : Cold hearted
Description : This might make a banging hip hop/rap hook.
Left the main vocals dry . There are 4 different ones. Let me know if you need them all.
Description : When All We Do is Fight
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