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Description : 117.600 BPM The Acapella to the first song i ever made with my friend Yas on the chorus... enjoy and comment your tracks
Description : Gotta fake it to make it, another original by the great Shamoozey.
Hands up, who ever faked it. The BPM 120. Not sure of the key, as it was winged. Please be so kind and get in touch if you want to use 'commercially', otherwise have fun and 'feat' Shamoozey in title, or i will find you.
Tags : 120 bpm | RnB | 6.12 MB | Female | Singing
Description : here is an acapella if you are going to do a project on it you have to have (Feat.Noemi) Thank you. Add your link id love to check em out
Description : This is a verse I recorded for a MadScrews beat by way of SubFreQuinox. This was a challenging track to write to so I don't how easy it will be to mix these vox but feel free to give it a crack.

Description : I did this verse a while back for a feature. It was a really interesting beat that made me fluctuate my speed by doing double or half-time in different spots. It would be a challenge for anybody that wanted to give it a go.
Description : hands up time to get on bad in the party !
Description : not sure about the tempo i just put 120bpm as with all of my accapellas sorry you will have to figure that part out
Description : an inspirational song with singer pallaso and rapper kage
Description : My latest vocoded acapella, definatley my happiest pella yet, I hope that you can find some use from it.

I got inspired to write this after hearing B0unc3s version of I'm raving, and some other hands up songs.
Description : reggaetton / reggae / soca
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