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Description : how low can you go?

accapella is not for commercial use you can email
Description : On the good ship, Go Shirly Temple!
So, Shamoozey emits some hot air with 'Color Bay'. 112 BPM.
for your delight. Have fun and be sure to post
a link to your participation in this lollipop adventure! Hey, its the weekend, so l-ighten up braus!
Tags : 110 bpm | Pop | 9.49 MB | Autotune | Male | Singing
Description : Must say Ft. Michael Mayo and now I have a PRODUCER Mailing list for exclusive acapellas that I plan to release a week before looperman or won't be on looperman! Join here https://goo.gl/kzRtLa
Tags : 102 bpm | Ethnic | 1.34 MB | Male | Singing
Description : 'buongiorno amore' another original by Shamoozey. BPM102.
Its wake-up call for the Italians who are gonna love or really hate this acapella!
The great one got his diaphramo blood fired up for this, life a black stallione.
Feat. Shamoozey in TITLE please. Contact Shamoozey if you wish to go
the commercialiano route. Makimee offa i cannota refusa!
Description : This track is for ALL the Pokemon Fans and Pokemon Goplayers out there. Im a 90's kid so it was only right. Id love to hear what YOU guys and girls make of this. Links to MY ORIGINAL track is below. Please feel free to utilize this as a reference.

Official YOUTUBE Lyric Video:

Soundcloud Track:
Description : Romance,Dance, Happy Acapella. holla at me for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY.
Description : Good news guys --- I now have hassle free licensing available. Very affordable for anyone looking to sell their creation. $5.99 for 1 year or 1500 sales. Which ever comes first.
http://delshonharris.wix.com/rarcharm (for licensing)

Twerk It acapella. J.Caliente, JC da Kidd, and Big Kwas. Basically the Rewind vocals remixed with a ft. from Big Kwas (Watch Her) acapella. ****Make sure you check out the song in my tracks list to get an idea of how the vocals should (in most cases) line up with the beat. Now go out there and make me proud lol!!!****
Tags : 128 bpm | House | 3.69 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Here's another original Shamoozey acapella wrapper called "let it go". Might suit the "House" genre with a 128 BPM. I will also be singing this at a later time but for now here's a little spoken word/rap.
Remember, take a deep breather (inhale) and... let it gooooooo!
Description : Spoken Word Poem. Deep spiritual stuff, the cry for freedom from slavery and bondage in the past and present. Add more fx, use only the lines u need. Not for commercial use. God bless - BD
Play https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/167346
Tags : 6 bpm | Hip Hop | 1.25 MB | Male | Rapping
Description : Rapping about a sick relationship. ***** Sorry i don't know the correct tempo or bpm. **** My name is spelled this way: "Point Reazon" ******* TWITTER: @pointREAZON **** SOUNDCLOUD: www.SOUNDCLOUD.com/POINTREAZON **** Facebook: Point Reazon & point reazon. ******** All my acapellas on Looperman are free to use but if you want extra/new verses or collab you'll have to pay for that. ******** Put my name in the credits/title (Thanks)
Description : Letting someone take the fall and go to prison for something a group of people did.

Everybody's up n of the G thing
Everybody knows what it means
When you flash green
Amphetamine their spleen
Oh it hurts, oh my spleen
Oh why you gotta be so mean?

Everyone is being where they been
Everyone understands just what they're seeing
Everyone is a going and agreeing

Though nobody wanted to be the one to do it themselves
They all agreed to put you on the shelf

Box you

F&9k you on the street corner outside
Leave you alone with no ride
Description : Here's the acappella to a track I recorded yesterday. It's a song I wrote for my Mom. I will post the track on looperman later today. Hope you enjoy it! If you decide to use whichever part of this file in your project, go for it! All I'm asking for is that you put (ft. Charlie Rose) in the title of your song & send me the final result :D
I eventually want to release a mixtape with all the remix people do with my acapellas so go for it people it's open season!
Description : Looperman has been oh so good to me and I'm giving back. Here's the acapella for my last track 'Don't Let It Go To Your Head' that you will find here: https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/155098 The track is a dubstep track but this instrumental can be used on RnB, Hip Hop, House, etc... No limits!
You can use this acapella in whichever project as long as you credit me (ft. Charlie Rose) and send me the final result!
Description : Vocals by me. Would go good with trap or even dubstep.
Please please please if you use them put Feat. Craig Blackmoore in the title and send me a copy so i can check it out and promo it! Non commercial use only. Contact me if u wanna make sme sort of a deal.
Description : Just felt like singing and recorded this on my phone. The hook is actually someone else's, but the verse is good to go if you want to use it commercially. If you decide to use this, here's what I ask:

1. Include, "feat. Antranita" in the title
2. Let me know that you used it.
3. Send me a copy or make it where I can download it

Well, that's it. Let me know what you think. Hollaaaaaaa
Tags : 90 bpm | RnB | 707.25 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Nothing like a good straight Acapella!! Bloodboy is played out. Must go now, my love is waiting!!
Description : They go great together. This would make a good chorus to a dubstep track. What do you think?

Make sure you give me a link to your song, so I can check it out and promo it, and credit me, Craig Blackmoore, somewhere.
Description : Here's a little hook I have with a bridge. Was gonna make a track, but didn't know where to go with it. Hope you like it! Be sure to post a link to the track on this page.

You guys should feel free to use it, a long as you say "Feat. Farisha"
Description : Inspired by Shortbusmusic's "Get On The Bus" backing track.


I just felt like putting it in the Metal genre cuz it felt that way with the muzic, but go ahead and make a country track if you'd like :-)

If you drive I'm sure you've had one or two of these moments hehe.

Non-commercial please include "Feat. Patricia Edwards" and leave link here.

Commercial please contact me.

Description : Another strange one with limited apeal i should think i have had this one rolling around my head for a few years after reading a book about a man sentenced to life in prison, i have a few to clear out of my head then i will start doing some more mainstream stuff, once again please feel free to just use the words if you want, i would like to hear your efforts if you should have a go thanks for listening Lee
Description : basically i go in detail on how i put cats to sleep if they really want it, you feel me?
Description : This was a project i worked on with a Producer who was making a club track...in the end i did not like how the song was coming out so it was another incomplete track..there are 2 verse's on there and they would go real good with some kind of club track in mind..I think this one has some real potential...
Description : "I go to the disco" is an acapella style electro.
The tempo is 120 bpm.
If you want to work with me on this track let me know.
Good luck.


Description : honestly i hav no idea wat the tempo is. i was goin by ear. lol. nuthing is set.. if sumthing is made with this in mind then ill change it 4 the music.. i got lucky and got this on the 2nd go.. lol but leave reviews.. yes i no the sound quality isnt the greatest but ill try to get that better 4 a serious track..
Description : These are the vocals from my song You Are. I will using the original for a record label, but if any remixes I get are good enough quality then I will send it in as well as a bonus track to let the label hear my vocals to a different style of music. So it doesn't matter what style of music it is, let me hear your best. I get a lot of dance, house, and techno remixes with my other acapellas, so I welcome those again. But I would love to hear some similar to the style of music I originally put these vocals to. If your not sure what style that is, then go listen to my original and then build off of that. Thanks and I don't mind if you upload your mix anywhere, just as long as you give me credit for writing and singing the vocals as well as allow me to hear and download it.
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