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Description : This acapella is NOT FREE! If you want to use it non-commercially please add feat. mhyst in the title. If you want to use it commercially please contact me here or visit my website at
Description : Original vocal Acapella by 'I am Mordechai'. Emin, 100bpm. (Based on a poem by Mordechai Vanunu)
Original for reference:
HD file:
Happy music making.
Tags : 126 bpm | Pop | 5.23 MB | Male | Singing | Key : G#
Description : THIS ISN'T ROYALTY FREE ACAPELLA! If you decide to use this acapella you must name your project Foulds - Come Alive (Your Remix). Send your remixes to the best ones will get commercial release to spotify, itunes etc.
Key = Ab Major
Description : What's up producers! Ending the year with a new service! This acapella is a part of a free promo pack of acapellas (avail on my website!services/kzv2c) This will only be available for a limited time! This acapella is for non commercial use only and "Feat. Craig Blackmoore" must be present with the title of the song. Make sure you spell my name correctly. For custom vocals, check out the service on my website!
Description : Its a chill out song , i hope you like it , if you use this please send me a link to your work . shout out to Djkass , go check his work :)
Description : Shamoozey goes Country! Yeehaw y'all, still alive contrary to my belief. BPM 120. Chords C,F,G.
Description : Not sure if the clubbers will want to shake it momma with this one! Its about the "Death Penalty" and being burned alive from the inside out with Nitrogen Gas.. i done an acoustic guitar which you can hear on YT but i had to give this one a gold rapping to. The BPM is 130. Cheers!
Description : Just a little melody one could use in a dance mix or even a rap song depending on how you mix it.
Description : Free for NON-COMMERCIAL use. Please contact us to license commercially, more info on our profile. Please don't feature the company name in the title.
Description : You know I've got to feel alive
Don't deny me
Tell me I'm alive
Let my eyes see

Trust I am the man
Code inside me
Can you understand?
That my eyes see

Feel alive and
I want the light inside
Feel the burn you hide
Bear the might in stride
Description : If you use one of my vocal in your song, please add "Feat. Roxas" in the title.
For infos or have custom vocals, contact me on
Description : This was originally an exclusive type vocal for a was good, but was deleted when the user created a new account so I figure free for use now. It was one of my first vocals that was not heavily heavily processed and where I realized... I could possibly do a vocal with out playing a ton of games to spice it up (even tho I still play some) That said... that is the reason for alot of clipping and such... I have even less clue what I was doing then I do now. It could quite well be the first time I wrote my own lyrics also.
Description : This is a spoken word piece I wrote a few years back about the education system in America. I feel that it is still very relevant and I would love to hear what you all do with it. Feel free to use it in any way, just be sure to let me hear it.

Warning: Spoken Word does not always follow the same tempo throughout. It was recorded at 120 though.
Description : My short aphoristic poem.
The bpm is indefinite.
Find the right rhythm.
All the genres you imagine.

Lyrics Igor Pose
Description : if used please include feat. metaled in the title
Description : about coming alive
Description : Its A Track Ive Been Working On This Is Just The Hook
Description : This is my first upload here. I have decided to give it a try, I recorded this with a very standard tools, just using Microsoft's Audio Recorder, Not using Autotune or anything like that and I'm not pretty sure about the tempo.
Here's just a part of my songs that I wrote, I hope my voice didn't hurt anybody, it might sounds a little bit loud ;-/
Description : sung and written by me for a song i never used. has a filter over it. dead is sung like im dying as im singing it.
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