11th Nov 2013 01:23 -  10 years ago
Tags : 174 bpm
Drum And Bass
5.22 MB
Has Lyrics
Key : D
Usage : ShAiDawn did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : This Pop female Drum and Bass track puts a positive spin on the age old experience of breaking up.

Available to remix & post on soundcloud. Please send a direct message to for any official release or label requests. This acapella is not royalty free. Must include "ShAi Dawn - Go On (Remix by...)" in the song title. All rights reserved. A MEGA thank you to everyone who has used my voice to create something new and wonderful.

Comments (72)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

diamantenova13 19th Apr 2024 05:45 -  1 month ago
emblade 10th Aug 2021 02:34 -  2 years ago
maxifunkilus 14th Nov 2020 13:29 -  3 years ago
Hey thanks so much for this awesome acapella! Check it out, I made a Dnb track with it :)
CyberneticNoiseMACH 2nd Apr 2020 02:44 -  4 years ago
CyberneticNoiseMACH 1st Apr 2020 11:33 -  4 years ago
I have used your vocals for a remix that contained no vocals. It just so happened to be 174 bpm. As soon as I upload it I will link it.
Eurikon 27th Oct 2019 13:29 -  4 years ago
Hi there, i used your vocals in a non-commercial demo video for an opensource software collaboration.
The video with the track is here:
KayHonor 11th Oct 2019 08:50 -  4 years ago
Hello! ! Nice vocal
Thank you very much...
Kei HM
bryanlen 17th Jun 2019 21:35 -  4 years ago
How is it ? I tried to mix a different flavor to it.
Rajasandhu 10th Jun 2018 12:10 -  5 years ago
hope u like my remix just new in music making
mertbalkas 23rd May 2018 10:40 -  6 years ago
Hey, here is my approach. It is metal!
zcarm 6th Mar 2018 14:49 -  6 years ago
Hi, what a wonderful lovely voice. That the style I like !

Here is my version.

Please dont beat me, if it does not sound toooo modern. I am old school, so I folled the notes !

Thank you !
Technicalbrain8 14th May 2017 22:19 -  7 years ago
MCSkillSet 11th Dec 2016 03:25 -  7 years ago
Hey ShAiDawn,

Thanks for posting your inspiring lyrics!

Here's a fresh Jungle track ft. you!

PranaBass 21st Aug 2016 20:33 -  7 years ago
Beautiful voice! Just made my mix much smoother! I think you'll like it:

thanks a bunch!
RZL 1st Aug 2016 10:47 -  7 years ago

So was working on a melodic thing. And i thought, i need some female vocals, something about breakup or something... And i came across this little gem.

Top vocals, top lyrics. Hope i've done them justice. Will keep updated on progress.
Accelerant 22nd Jan 2016 19:42 -  8 years ago
If you ever wondered how your acapella fits to a drum n bass song, check this out. This is my work on your acapella.
Based4few 31st Oct 2015 15:19 -  8 years ago
Hi, I've used this 'Go On' acapella in this track:

hamdyyemad 25th Sep 2015 22:13 -  8 years ago
Hi i did a mix i hope you gonna like it
if you like it leave a comment
lingasprotege 12th Sep 2015 07:50 -  8 years ago
hey there. i am a music producer from south africa. i would be very glad if we can possibly work currently working on a project. please contact me.
Niojovisky 28th Aug 2015 03:38 -  8 years ago
marcoliv 19th Jun 2015 22:00 -  8 years ago
yeawing 11th May 2015 23:46 -  9 years ago

Hi! I've just grab few instruments and "got on the plane" with ShAiDawn. No changes or modifications in the vocal line. Just added my expression to it on instrumental layer. Material is raw - no mixing or mastering, etc. so be gentle on me in your comments. Sorry in advance for any imperfections in harmony.
I do not work with vocals and it's my 1st try on that kind of stuff.

Cheers & thanks ShAiDawn for the inspiration,
cwrage77 6th May 2015 16:41 -  9 years ago
Really new at this... Thank you for your voice!

This is what came out...

AngeloIlPoeta 28th Jan 2015 01:59 -  9 years ago

I had a little fun with this Acapella -

You can hear the result on soundcloud :
chokeoncupcakes 20th Jan 2015 02:48 -  9 years ago
DoctaLove1 5th Sep 2014 02:23 -  9 years ago
Hey there! Your vocals were awesome for my DnB song ;) Thanks.
Also, I credited you.
blickfang 19th Aug 2014 17:39 -  9 years ago
Hi ShAiDawn

You can hear what I did with part of this accapella at

I would be very interested in doing some work with you! :-)
amorbid 6th Jul 2014 04:28 -  9 years ago
if u need sponsors kindly contact me @
Grexzor 13th Jun 2014 13:57 -  9 years ago
dasdasd 27th May 2014 20:21 -  10 years ago
AlvanProject 14th May 2014 00:42 -  10 years ago
Hi ShaiDawn! your acapella is so cool! Can I use it on my new EDM track ? See you later!

Alvan Project
AnduuXDD 13th May 2014 07:27 -  10 years ago
Great vocals, here's my remix (:

Hope you guys have a listen(:
Minismee 26th Apr 2014 15:43 -  10 years ago
Amazing vocals, heres the remix i did using your vocals :)
gamajun 21st Apr 2014 20:22 -  10 years ago
SHVR 19th Apr 2014 09:45 -  10 years ago
ColdraynPL 13th Apr 2014 14:55 -  10 years ago
Hi, it is my version with your vocal. Thank you for upload. :)
pagezero 30th Mar 2014 12:59 -  10 years ago
Hi Shaidawn,
This my version of your great vocals. Hope you like it!

4ndu 29th Mar 2014 21:30 -  10 years ago
Hey! Nice acapella! Used it in my track, check it out here:

It would be great if I got some feedback aswell! :)
Teinitys 22nd Mar 2014 20:39 -  10 years ago
I'm a starting producer and I made a Liquid DNB track with these vocals. Go listen and comment! Thanks!
Brewal 6th Mar 2014 15:52 -  10 years ago
hyster1a 12th Feb 2014 19:03 -  10 years ago
i like your voice and i made this weeks ago, never finished and i dont think i ever will.. so anyway i decided to share:

joemarler96 1st Feb 2014 22:53 -  10 years ago
Hey, ive been working on a song using vocals samples from your amazing voice.. and ive finally finished a drum and bass song. I hope you dont mind but ive transposed the vocals so they fit in with the tune.. give it a listen if you get chance :D
omarkoehl 10th Jan 2014 06:02 -  10 years ago
thsnks for these awesome vocals!loved them alot so i put them to a tune: big ups!!!
Madejsan 3rd Jan 2014 20:04 -  10 years ago
Check out my track featuring your vocal.
tboneuk 2nd Jan 2014 01:15 -  10 years ago
Wonderful vocals. Here is a link to my acoustic version
Juniordance 28th Dec 2013 00:12 -  10 years ago
José Roberto is Chief The Victory
Juniordance 28th Dec 2013 00:11 -  10 years ago
Hehehehe produced your song Go on
Juniordance 28th Dec 2013 00:09 -  10 years ago
José Roberto producd your sond One moment
Juniordance 27th Dec 2013 21:53 -  10 years ago
(for you) Hey look your song produced by José Roberto
jan746 18th Dec 2013 07:26 -  10 years ago
I've made a slow synthesizer version (75 bpm).
If you want I can upload the same track without a beat.
I'm terrible with beats and certainly DnB is not what I'm good at. Maybe you can speed it up and create a DnB beat to it.

Anyway, it is a bit simplistic in use of instruments. Got to be honest here, but still somewhat nice to listen to (I hope).
Here's the link:

DesignedImpression 15th Dec 2013 08:46 -  10 years ago
Topic is great, well written. I like the different pieces put together. Was working on an instrumental and tried your pella and its interesting I thought. Could be an option. Wanted to let you know and hear what you think. Thank you for sharing your work, Peace.
Demolka 10th Dec 2013 07:12 -  10 years ago
Hello:) I have done Drum&Bass; track with your acapella. You voice is amazing, THANK YOU:) this is the link to the track:
Flamingosgoha 8th Dec 2013 18:39 -  10 years ago

you have been flamingofied XD check it out leave a comment XD
TerminusVex 4th Dec 2013 12:46 -  10 years ago
Amazing acapella - as I've been getting back into producing house, I can attest to the difficulty of finding really great vocals.


And, here is:

Enzotic 1st Dec 2013 03:33 -  10 years ago
Had some free time and made a track with your vocals. Thanks!
blop86 30th Nov 2013 12:46 -  10 years ago
AssadB 30th Nov 2013 05:41 -  10 years ago
Diwey 29th Nov 2013 06:45 -  10 years ago

I used a part of your Vocal:

Great voc!
daveshepard 25th Nov 2013 23:28 -  10 years ago
FREE DOWNLOAD Mp3 - 320 Kbps
Dave Shepard - Go ON (Feat. ShaiDawn)

THETWISTEDTWINS1 23rd Nov 2013 17:02 -  10 years ago
theufu 23rd Nov 2013 05:49 -  10 years ago

Still not finished as of 11-22-13, but taking shape. To the artist, tell me what you think. If you like it let me know, I can send you the music once its finished.
SonikProiect1 17th Nov 2013 15:59 -  10 years ago
I Made a Electro Disco song and used a part of your Vocal:

Enzotic 16th Nov 2013 18:04 -  10 years ago
Wow, this sounds great!
daveshepard 16th Nov 2013 11:33 -  10 years ago
i'm a composer producer,I made a track using a part of your acapella I'd like to include it in my new album out in December 1.But I can not post the link here for you to listen it.Pleasecan you contact me at this email address
If you like you can tell me the terms of use
Thx Dave
daveshepard 13th Nov 2013 22:45 -  10 years ago
Hello i'd like to use your track for a commercial project
please contact me
ShAiDawn replied 16th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago
Hi Dave,
I'm D J S. I co-wrote and produced ShAi's acapellas. Can you message ShAi's profile with more info on your commercial project?

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Put my name GadManDubs , in your song title
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Description : Not really sure if this is DnB, the muzic track said it was. :-)
9th Mar 2020 02:20 -  4 years ago
Description : all genre allowed
24th Feb 2022 02:46 -  2 years ago
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5th Apr 2021 17:16 -  3 years ago
Description : If you want to upload this to apple music and spotify and make money, hit me up on Instagram for approval.
(I don't want any money, I just want to authorise it)

IG name on looperman profile. if you wana collab

comment what you've done too.
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Description : James Bond flavoured song
First chord is Amin. Contact me if you like to have the MIDI.